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Our friends at 505 games as an update for us!

Hello Mobile Terrarians!

Great news for iOS and Android (Google Play) users! We have good amount of fixes (below) going live today - these should make their way to your devices over the next 24h-48h! Thanks so much for your patience and help with identifying many of these bugs/issues!

Amazon users: We've been working with Amazon to fix a Heap memory issue that was in the game and causing it to crash frequently. Progress has been made here...and we are sending our latest ideas up to them for their reaction. Hang in there - we know it is frustrating, but we are going to get this fixed up...steady progress is happening, though we know you obviously cannot see that.

Windows Phone users: We have identified the reason for the crashes - or at least the general area. The game is being flagged with STATUS_HEAP_CORRUPTION because the RtlFreeHeap function has detected a problem. The bad news is that - in general - heap corruptions are not easy to debug because the actual cause of the corruption may be long gone by the time that the corruption is detected. We have been and are working directly with engineers at Microsoft to debug the heap corruption - but it is a difficult process.

This is compounded by some of the changes that take place between the version that goes into certification and the final Retail Release - which is likely why this occurs to you guys and not for anyone in QA or Certification.
All that said, the good news is that we have our latest attempt to sort these issues ready for Microsoft to check over again. No promises it will work, of course - this has been a really tricky one to solve - but here's hoping this one works!

Thanks again for your patience and support!

  • Fix for Discount card not working
  • Fix for Skins produce Iron Pickaxe when removed in the wall.
  • Fix for Beetle armor: Set bonus reads "Minion damage +"
  • Fix for Pre-Hardmode Crimson does...
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This year marks the 5th year that Terraria has been featured in the Steam Winter/Holiday Sale. There's no need to wait for a flash sale this time - all sale prices are constant throughout the sale this year.

The Official Soundtrack is also on sale for 66% off at US$3.39.

The sale ends January 4th at 10am PST. Windows/Mac/Linux versions only.

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Hot from the press by 505 Games:


Hello Terrarians!

We are happy to announce that update has been approved on the Sony consoles (PS3, PS4, and Vita) and the update will start to roll out today! For PS4, if you are a European user, you should have the update already and US players can expect it in the next few hours.

PS3 and Vita should arrive as the system allows/releases them over the next ~48 hours.

Microsoft users (Xbox 360 and Xbox One) we haven't forgotten about you! The update is at the end of the submission process with a couple of last minute touches pending. We hope to have some good news for you soon!​
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Greetings fellow Terrarians! Today we have two videos to feature that comes from Curse's 'Union for Gamers' YouTube partnership program. MrTheEpicNinja, as he's known on YouTube, put together some nice videos, the first being a Top 5 Pre-Hardmode Weapons video and the second explaining how to get the highest defensive loadout. A big thanks to MrTheEpicNinja for sharing these with us and as always, if you have videos you think should be featured, you can PM me here on TerrariaOnline.

If you have a YouTube channel and would like to partner with Union for Gamers, head over to our site and see what we're all about. Enjoy the game!
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You can get your copy today from the Nintendo e-Shop Here!


Here are the FAQ's from 505 Games:

Terraria 3DS Launch Day FAQ (open)

Terraria 3DS launch FAQ

What content is included?
Terraria 3DS includes all the content from 1.2 with the exception of Dyes which are excluded on technical grounds*. To make up for that, we’ve added Minecarts, Fishing and a few 1.3 UI options like the ability to quick stack to a chest. The 3DS version also features a completely overhauled interface, making full use of the two screens. You can cycle the bottom screen between an intuitive touch to build interface; a world map; or as a quick-select inventory bar. It’s the most intuitive Terraria has ever been on console, and we’ve included a few surprises for the Nintendo fanbase.

Will there be variable world sizes?
At launch, there is a single world size of 1750x900. You can save up to three Worlds and three Characters per console. This is as large as the original 3DS can handle. We are investigating the possibility of introducing larger worlds as a New 3DS-exclusive feature in future, but for launch we felt it was important to start everyone off on a level playing field.

Any other technical stuff I should be aware of?
This game plays in 2D ONLY. This is for a couple of reasons: the way the graphics layers work on 3DS was not conducive to a really exciting 3D effect; and the technical overheard required to run the game in 3D would have meant compromises in terms of world size and other gameplay-damaging areas. The game runs on ALL models of 3DS (original, XL and New) and also 2DS. The framerate on original 3DS is 30fps, whereas the New gets a boost to 60FPS.

Any other New 3DS benefits?
For launch, we wanted a single version that could be enjoyed by all players. There are...