Terraria Online

PC Daily Deal!

by Cenx at 4:38 PM
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For the next 20 hours Terraria will be on sale for 80% off on Steam! That is $1.99 for a single copy or $5.99 for a 4 pack! If you have any friends on the fence about the game now is definitely the time to pick it up for cheap before 1.3 hits! (Yes I know we put the game on sale all the time but this is the lowest we have ever done and we probably won't have another sale for a while!)

For those of you patiently waiting for a spoiler...I don't really even know what to pick. I will say that we have one of the guys looking into a highly requested feature for the game. If it is implemented it will make a lot of people very happy!

Click here if you want to buy a copy of Terraria.

Official Exclusive Announcement: Hardmode Coming to Terraria Mobile!

by 505Games at 11:36 PM
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Terrarians, we hear ya and are really excited to be announcing that Hardmode will be coming to mobile and tablet devices! It’s something we’ve been working on behind the scenes for a long time now, so we can’t wait to debut our biggest update across a range of iOS and Android devices at E3. Look out for more news and sneak-peaks into Terraria over the coming week!

(Edit by Loki: Here is an image to whet your appetite, courtesy of 505 Games' Twitter account)


Official A tiny 1.3 teaser

by Crowno at 1:42 PM
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Good afternoon, Terrarians!

We feel that we should give a life sign about 1.3 for you guys, but we really don't want to spoil too much. As probably mentioned before, much stuff from 1.3 (mostly sprites) were already done some months ago,but we are of course making much more and everything is being progressively added to the game.

We've been discussing some concepts and ideas for the main event (the foretold "Lunar"), and the programmers have been adding a big ammount of things from a side event that will also be present on the next update. Don't expect it to be just a single thing!

And for those who are hunger for a more solid spoiler... I was messing around with some sprite concepts for the main event and decided to show them. Check them bellow:[IMG]

And I didn't even mentioned the Bo... oh nothing, you guys will see that. And probably scream in despair.

That's it for now but we hope to maintain you guys informed of the progress. Thank you so much for all the support!


Official Terraria is coming to PS4 and Xbox One!

by 505Games at 12:44 PM
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As we ramp up for E3 next week, we wanted to leak some information to you all that we know you will be super excited to hear:

Terraria is going Next Gen!

At E3, we will be showing off Terraria on PS4 behind closed doors, with cross-play and cross-save to PS Vita!

All of the 1.2 content will be packed into our Terraria Next Gen releases alongside some brand new functionality!

The PS4 and Xbox One versions are slated for release later in 2014.

Look out for more Terraria news and maybe some sneak-peak screens next week!

Creation Compendium #16

by QuackersDelta at 5:08 PM
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Ladies, gentlemen, unstable nuclear reactors of all power levels!
Welcome to Creation Compendium #16!

I'm your host (for this month, at least), QuackersDelta, here to give you the Terraria Community's hard work, dedication, and creativity in a neat, formatted package. We've got some great creations to get through, so let's first go over submissions and prompts!

First off, remember that any submissions for Creation Compendium should go to AyeAye12. Now, let's get to prompts, and then the creations!

And without further ado, our lovely creations!
An interesting creation sewn onto cloth, a technique rarely seen in community fanworks.
Orangemm's depiction of his own character in Terraria, Sequoia. She's morally correct and everything!
A mesmerizing gif of Vampire Knives doing what they do best.