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Some new 1.3 Spoilers that was posted yesterday!

Greetings everyone!

All of us on the Terraria development team hope and trust that each of you had a pleasant a restful holiday season. While we took some time to spend with friends and family as well, we have also been hard at work on the 1.3 update. It is our desire that 1.3 live up to everyone's expectations and leave an epic, lasting impact on the game.

It's been a while since we shared some substantial spoilers - so to make up for that gap, you will find a larger-than-usual list of stuff from 1.3 to whet your appetite. Hope you enjoy them!

One of our areas of focus with Terraria 1.3 is an interface upgrade. Clearly, this is a core part of the game experience with which players will constantly interact - so we have taken great care to make the interface more clear, pleasing to the eye, and to enhance it's level of interactivity. Below are a few examples of these efforts:


Player Interface Upgrades - Icons & Text


We have upgraded how icons appear/work: things in your inventory will now have their edges lighten up once the cursor is over them.

In addition, a lot of buttons such as reforging, opening the crafting grid, PVP, and teams got a visual update -we even added a 5th pink team!


We also noted that a lot of in-game text is currently hard to read due to how it blends in with the backgrounds - so we've gone on a bordering spree and are making sure everything has the right amount of clarity and contrast to it is easier to to view and read (even item stack amounts).

(Please Note: This is a work in process and may not reflect the final version.)


Player Interface Upgrades - Inventory & Shopping


On the interactivity end of the spectrum, we have made great strides. In...
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Cenx Today has leaked out another spoiler of the 1.3 Update coming sometime in 2015! This time we get a sneak peak of the renovated Generation Loading Bar. There might be more to this the meets the eye but feel free to speculate!


Source: Terraria.org
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We just want to wish everyone a Wonderful Holiday and New Years!

We hope that you will be with friends and or loved ones and relaxing this Holiday Season. 2014 was a great year and we hope 2015 is even a better year!

For better or worse will still be here come 2015 and years to come!

Get Terraria For Android for Free!

Get Terraria for $2 from Steam![​IMG]
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Terraria is on sale for the PS4 & Vita Including the Standard and Limited Edition Bundles!


- Terraria Limited Time Bundle (PS4 | PS Vita)
$4.50 - Terraria Standard (PS4)
$4.50 - Terriara Standard (PS Vita)

Prices are $8 and $6 if you don't have PS Plus!

Reasons to own PS Plus if you own a Playstation 4, 3, or PS Vita!

Sale Ends December 22 2014!
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505Games just posted a new updated for Console users and it looks like its even a Christmas themed one!

Good Evening everyone!

We hope you are all enjoying a fantastic holiday season so far - and for those Terrarians playing either 1.2 on Mobile (don't worry Amazon and WP fans - yours is coming soon), next gen console Terraria, or our original PS3/360 versions, we hope you have been having a blast with Terraria!

Fresh on the heels of Mobile 1.2 and today's fix for some of the Android issues, we are quite pleased to bring a nice early present to our console fans: a quick update with some fixes, desired features, and a handful of festive goodies sure to keep you warm on even the coldest of days. These should go live within the next few days - with Xbox and Playstation being first and Vita coming a bit later (but still within a week). If anything happens to delay things, we will let you know.

We look forward to continuing to bring our console users further updates in the months to come.

Without further ado, here is what's heading your way:

• XB1 zoom in/out functionality added
• PS4 cross-play to PS3 and PS Vita fixed

• Christmas presents now stack
• Christmas presents can be placed
• Candy Cane blocks now (auto)stack when obtaining them from a present

• Christmas Tree + decorations (Santa)
• Tree topper 4 (from presents)
• Wallpaper (painter)
• Vanity items (from presents)
• Pine Tree Block [building block]
• Christmas Pudding [consumable]
• Sugar Cookie [consumable]
• Gingerbread Cookie [consumable]
• Eggnog [consumable]
• Red Ryder [weapon] (also drops musket balls)
• Candy Cane Sword [weapon]
• Candy Cane Pickaxe [tool]
• Candy Cane Hook [item]
• Fruitcake Chakrum [weapon]
• Hand Warmer [accessory]
• Toolbox [accessory]
• Holly [furniture]
• Star Anise [weapon]
• Pine Door [furniture\pine tree block x 6]
• Pine Chair [furniture\pine tree block x 4]
• Pine Table [furniture\pine tree block x 8]
• Dog whistle

Thanks for...