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Nice little Image too from Twitter :)

Bug thanks to @Yrimir for apparently helping out make the 1.3 Trailer.

More from information:
In an age of Darkness & a time of Evil...when the world needed a Hero...they got - you. With an array of new weapons, functionality, facelifts, and features at your disposal - will you be up to the challenges posed by the new foes in your path...as well as some old enemies that have learned some new tricks? In a week's time, all shall be made clear!

We are roughly a week away from an update that the entire team has worked on tirelessly for months - and is now immensely proud to bring to our fans. We hope you have as much fun exploring all that 1.3 has to offer as we did in making it.

We do want to give our Mac and Linux Terrarians a quick update as well. Based upon current status and planning, the plan is that Mac/Linux will launch shortly after 1.3 - aiming for a launch within the month of July. This is being done to ensure the most stable Mac/Linux builds possible so that everyone has the best experience that we can provide.

Of course, we will do everything possible to make this time window as small as we can. We absolutely want the Terraria 1.3 goodness in the hands of our Mac and Linux folks ASAP! Stay tuned

See you next week!

Source: Twitter / terraria.org
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Steams monster summer sale starts today and ends on the 22nd of June 2015. 1000's of great games will be on sale and our favorite game in these parts you might of remembered that goes by the name of Terraria is once again on sale. What a wonderful time to grab a extra copy for a friend or a family member.


Click here to visit the steam store!

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Hello console and mobile Terrarians! We have some exciting news to share with you today. Before we get to that, we would like to share a short story; if you can indulge us for a few minutes. If you really cannot wait to read the news, click HERE to go straight there.

Shakespeare once wrote “the course of true love never did run smooth” and although it’s admittedly a fairly obtuse reference, the same can often be said of videogame development and publishing. Well, maybe less often said, of course, but equally true nonetheless! So where’s all this going, you might ask? In the course of any great work, it’s important to take stock of your journey to this point, your current location, and the paths ahead toward your desired destination. A large part of that self-reflection is taking stock of areas of success – and places where you could stand to perform better. As we enter the next phase of console/mobile developments, today felt like a perfect opportunity to share some of that with you.

505 Games and Re-Logic have been partnering on the expansion of Terraria “beyond PC” for a few years now, and throughout that time we’ve been delighted by the way the fanbase has grown and expanded to take in new platforms, new territories, and -most importantly - excited new fans. From the outset we’ve been driven to expand the reach of the fantastic gaming experience that is Terraria to an ever-wider group of gamers and thereafter delivering as much of the ever-evolving PC content to the console and mobile fanbase as quickly and completely as possible. In addition, we felt it important to embrace the philosophy that Re-Logic follows on the PC side of Terraria – and so we have and will always keep these updates free of charge. This is the fantastic and successful side of our work to-date: expanding the Terraria universe while staying true to the spirit and culture it stands for.

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Looks like 505 Games filled for Terraria to be rated for the Wii U for from the European Ratings Board. Terraria now has a PEGI Rating of 12.

This is not 100% confirmed but speculations are firming up that Terraria will be seeing light on The Wii U in the future.