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Official Terraria is coming to PS4 and Xbox One!

by 505Games at 12:44 PM
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As we ramp up for E3 next week, we wanted to leak some information to you all that we know you will be super excited to hear:

Terraria is going Next Gen!

At E3, we will be showing off Terraria on PS4 behind closed doors, with cross-play and cross-save to PS Vita!

All of the 1.2 content will be packed into our Terraria Next Gen releases alongside some brand new functionality!

The PS4 and Xbox One versions are slated for release later in 2014.

Look out for more Terraria news and maybe some sneak-peak screens next week!

Creation Compendium #16

by QuackersDelta at 5:08 PM
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Ladies, gentlemen, unstable nuclear reactors of all power levels!
Welcome to Creation Compendium #16!

I'm your host (for this month, at least), QuackersDelta, here to give you the Terraria Community's hard work, dedication, and creativity in a neat, formatted package. We've got some great creations to get through, so let's first go over submissions and prompts!

First off, remember that any submissions for Creation Compendium should go to AyeAye12. Now, let's get to prompts, and then the creations!

And without further ado, our lovely creations!
An interesting creation sewn onto cloth, a technique rarely seen in community fanworks.
Orangemm's depiction of his own character in Terraria, Sequoia. She's morally correct and everything!
A mesmerizing gif of Vampire Knives doing what they do best.

Official The Patch is Out!

by 505Games at 12:05 PM
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Good morning Terrarians!

In case you haven't had a chance to jump into the Terraria universe this morning, the patch for the 1.2 issues has been released for:
  • Xbox 360 (Global)
  • PS3 SCEE & SCEA (Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, Sony Computer Entertainment America)
  • PS Vita SCEE & SCEA (Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, Sony Computer Entertainment America)
We are aware of an extremely rare issue where the game will fail to generate a world. Rebooting the console and reattempting should work as a workaround. There are a few more issues that have been addressed since this patch was sent for certification and will be included in a future patch. And, as always, please report any issues directly to us via: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/TerrariaBugs

Get Digging!


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PC Changelog

by Redigit at 4:23 PM
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Good day Terrarians!

The bug fix patch is now available! Thank you again for reporting your bugs and being so detailed! If a bug you reported is not found on this list it either means that the bug you reported is not actually a bug and is working as intended or, the bug you reported will be addressed in a future update.

Now that 1.2.4 is fully out of the way... The Lunar Update is now officially underway! We have a lot of really cool graphics ready for the programmers to start adding and a lot of fun ideas for events, items, and other cool things!

For those of you wanting to know more about console: 505 is working on the bug patch and will announce information as it becomes available.

Thank you guys again for your continued support and awesomeness! Dedicated Server Software
Terraria Changelog

  • Pumpkin Dressers now properly take Pumpkins to craft.
  • Spooky Wood Dresser is now obtainable.
  • Fixed a bug where Ebonwood Clock would require wood rather than Ebonwood.
  • Fixed a bug where the Sapphire Staff would require Silver Ore instead of Silver Bars.
  • All summoning weapons now cost 10 Mana to use. This will allow them to get the Mythical prefix....

PC 1.2.4 Changelog

by Redigit at 2:58 PM
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1.2.4 is now live!
As many of you know we decided to pull several of the mechanics and features from the Lunar Update and do them in a smaller update to minimize the wait for a patch. Now that this is out of the way we will be putting our full attention on the Lunar. Lazure has already been hard at work creating assets for the event and Crowno has a pretty awesome idea for the final boss of the event.
In celebration of the update and the upcoming 3 year anniversary of Terraria we will be putting the game on sale for 75% off starting Friday and ending Sunday.
Information about 1.2 Console Bug Patch

1.2.4 Changelog
Features and Mechanics:
  • You can now get quests from the Angler NPC for cool rewards. Each time you complete a quest, the rewards progressively get better.
  • You can now use critters as bait for fishing....