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PS Vita Pocketgamer Game of the Year nominee

by MrRudi at 2:43 AM
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Yes indeed, fellow Terrarians! Just heard that Terraria for Playstation Vita is nominated for Vita Game of the Year by Pocketgamer! We face some heavy competition from the excellent Vita version of Spelunky and the most excellent Tearaway (among others), so do as a community should: go vote! (please?) :D


PC Upside Down Slope Challenge!

by Redigit at 9:08 PM
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As many of you know last night I added upside down slopes to the game! Today Cenx proposed a challenge to the testers to see what they could build in a quick manner to show off the potentials of upside down slopes.... Special thanks to Rudoboy (Broken Castle), Aeroblop (waterfalls), and Suika (Death Laser) for their participation!

Rudoboy - half tiles upward.png Aero Slopes.png SuweekaDeathLaser2.png

TTT Terrarian Times: Ask Us Anything!

by Mr. Mystery at 1:42 PM
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Greetings and salutations, Terrarians!

As you know, The Terrarian Times (TTT for short) has been the newspaper of record here on TO since its inception by TheEimas long ago. Since his departure, a new and energetic team of committed Terrarian journalists has picked up the torch – both continuing and building upon this legacy.

From the amazing comics to community news to spoiler synopses to “real analysis”, the staff at TTT goes out of its way to bring the community the news and commentary of the day. That said...I’m sure we have all wondered, just who are the people behind the paper? What makes them tick, why are they so involved, and what – exactly – did they have for breakfast this morning???

Well, this is your chance to get insightful answers to those burning questions and more! The staff at TTT is hosting an “Ask Us Anything” event here on TO. For those unfamiliar with AMA/AUA, it is much as it says: ask us any question you want, and we the staff of TTT will answer it. No topics are out of bounds – though please do try to keep it clean and respectful. :)

When the event begins, here is how it will work. Simply post your question in this thread, along with whether you are asking the entire team or specific member(s) of the team that question. We, the TTT team, will then select questions and answer them in the post below this one.

That’s it. To help you in your question making, here is the current TTT staff list participating in the AUA:
Mr. Mystery
Dark Fire Wolf

The event will run from January 29th to Feburary 5th.

So, get your hard hitting questions ready!

The Laureate's Quill [4th edition] (A writing contest with up to $180 in prizes!)

by Garneac at 10:46 PM
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.........He was a celebrated author, having won the Laureate’s Quill three years running (which, to be fair, wasn’t all that impressive a feat, since barely anyone showed up at the Office of Terrarian Culture to submit entries). The Quills were very nice to look at—real harpy feathers, encased in gold and flecked with ruby chips—but he couldn't help but feel a little irritated that the stories and poetry of the revitalized city weren't being met with the appropriate recognition.
.........So one afternoon, in the comfort of his flat overlooking the chatter and smells and bright colours of the market square, he decided it would fall to him to help his fellow citizens appreciate the written word.
.........Yes, he thought, nodding with supreme satisfaction, the little shits will learn to love reading and writing.

~ * ~

.........My fellow Terrarians (ha!), it’s about time all you literary phenoms had your chance in the spotlight.
.........This here is a writing contest. It’s my sincere hope that I’ll be able to make this a regular event, but we’ll just see how this works out first.
.........You'll find below links to all the entries so far. Check them out, leave some comments for their authors—hey, maybe even submit an entry of your own!

Stories (29)

PC Hardmode Balance Suggestions

by Redigit at 3:42 PM
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Good day Terrarians,
I have decided that I will be taking at look at hardmode and rebalancing a lot of things. If you have any suggestions or gripes, now is the time to voice them!


Not vanity items
Not building suggestions
Not item suggestions
Not general discussion.
Not what you had for breakfast

In order to keep this thread clean so that the dev team can make maximum use of it with minimal off topic spam to sift through first, we will be periodically pruning the thread of posts unrelated to HM Balance.

In addition, we would like to keep this thread for rebalancing suggestions ONLY....so if you would like to discuss suggestions that have already been made, do so via the thread linked below.



Finally, a free spoiler for everyone...
For those of you who may have missed it, you can now dye wings as well as wear them in the social slot. DyedWings.png