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PC Terraria 1.3 Spoilers

by Kane at 9:13 PM
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Some exciting 1.3 Spoilers!

Bringing NPCs to Life
Terraria NPCs have always been helpful – and witty – but limited in what they could do. 1.3 brings a number of NPC animation changes that are intended to help bring them to life and make them feel more like an interactive part of your world. While we were at it, we decided to go ahead and give our crew of NPCs a visual "makeover".

Oh, and we’ve also improved their AI – for example, you won’t have to deal with the Merchant standing in front of your chests/piggy banks anymore (seriously, what was he doing there anyway)?

Worldgen Changes & Minibiomes
Terraria 1.3 will introduce some subtle – yet exciting – changes at the Worldgen level. First and foremost, starting areas will be cleaned up and smarter. In addition, a handful of Mini-Biomes have been added for intrepid explorers to discover.

Armor Changes

Terrarians have always been a little “stretchy” in the torso – and quite visibly so when running! We’ve taken care of that by putting that spring in their step. The end result is that your character will look much more natural as he/she runs around in their world!

More Spoilers:

The Crimson is getting a bit of attention in this update.

When smart cursor is enabled stairs will place automatically.

Concept sketch by Crowno. You will see these guys in one of the new events...

Something Yorai has been working on...I will let you speculate.


Important Terraria Online Lives On!

by Kane at 8:57 PM
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I just wanted to personally reassure you guys and girls that Terraria Online is going to stay open.

I can't promise any new updates to Xenforo as that seems to be an issue that we are dealing with right now. But I will keep pushing the issue with Curse and hope to have some future updates for you guys and girls soon.

I just wanted to congratulate the new Terraria.org Forum Launch that happen today! Another great site to join and another core source of news as well. Will also make sure we cross post news from Terraria.org to Terraria Online and keep you guys updated.

Will also be looking into bring a few more Moderators to our staff team. I would love to hear your suggestions about this a bit more.

I also launched my own Project called Stardale it's like between Terraria and Minecraft Modded but with a full explorable universe and when I say Universe I mean space that you actually fly around and explore. Big Thanks to people Like Andrew, And all the Minecraft Mod Developers and old school Games like Elite for inspiring us to make the game of our dreams. There is also going be Multiplayer, Single Player and Multiplayer Dedicated Servers that you can run that can hold 100's if not 1000's of players.

So you guys tell us what you like to see from Terraria Online. How should we go with Moderators. Any sections that need to be changed or revamped on the forums? Any major rule changes that are causing problems. We would love to hear your feedback on making Terraria Online better.

Official Cenx did not bounce.

by Cenx at 12:56 PM
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Good day Terrarians!

We always love community feedback when it comes to the development for Terraria. As we have been getting massacred in Redigit's new project we thought it would be fun to add several new death messages to the game!

This is where you come in! We would like to know what death messages you would like to see in the game. Please give the situation for the message and the message itself. We will be picking randomly as we see fit and will give credit in the changelog to the ones we end up using!


Official The New Official Terraria Website is Live!

by Loki ISP at 8:06 PM
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Logo Color.png
Good day, Terrarians!
Re-Logic is very excited to announce that the new Terraria.org is now live! This was essentially a full rebuild from the ground up, and – much as the 1.2 update redefined the in-game experience for our fans – we hope that this will provide a more immersive and integrated community portal moving forward. Parallel to this will be our own set of forums, and you can find out more in regards to that on the front page of Terraria.org starting today.

We are confident that the substantial changes will be immediately obvious and sincerely hope that the community appreciates the hours of hard work that our amazing duo of Skiphs and Crowno put in. We are quite proud of the new face of our web presence – which we feel is worthy of the Terraria name!

In the past, Terraria.org was used primarily for providing basic information about the game and as the place to obtain the official Terrara Server software. Moving forward, not only do we plan to continue to provide that information on...

Official Terraria lands on Windows Phone TODAY!

by 505Games at 11:50 AM
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Great News Terrarians!
Terraria, including the Hardmode update that recently hit iOS and Android devices, is now available for Windows Phone with Xbox LIVE enabled features!

As part of this exciting update, Terraria joined forces with Team17’s Worms™. The Worm pet is triggered by suspicious looking apples, which players receive when they kill enemy worms of any kind. Although the Worm pet doesn’t have the ability to attack, they do accompany players into boss battles as can be seen in the recently unveiled screenshots. Worms™ is the original laugh-out-loud turn-based strategy sensation from Team17, originally launched in 1995. With millions of players and fans around the world, the game has spawned versions for almost all platforms! Worms™ 3 is out now on iOS, Mac and Android.

To download Terraria on mobile, please visit:

For more information on Worms™ 3 please visit: http://www.facebook.com/WormsTeam17
For more information...