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PC Duke Fishron and The Aquarian Horde!

by Cenx at 4:12 PM
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Greetings Terrarians!

As we escape the icy grip of Winter’s cold months and look forward to a Spring of hope and life, we wanted to bring to your attention an imminent threat...lurking in the shadows. For you see, though the horrors of the Pumpkin and Frost Moons now lay safely behind us, an even greater evil awaits those adventurers brave enough to take up arms and fight for the very survival of Terraria.

Without further ado, we wish to give an advance “sneak peek” into some specifics around the close of the “Lunar Trilogy” – and the game’s main story arc itself – the Rise of Fishron!

This will be the final major update to Terraria’s core gameplay, including the addition of a final boss worthy of Terraria and the community that has supported it over the years.

A few quick tidbits to whet your appetite:

Utilizing the new fishing gameplay mechanic will allow the player to interact with a number of new items and creatures – and when certain prerequisites are met, summon the Conch of Fish!

Once the CoF has been defeated, the Ocean Biome will be transformed as the ancient and hidden enemy of all life on Terraria rises from the briny deep – the Aquarian Horde!

The Aquarian Horde, utilizing the power of the Tidal Moon, will seek to destroy all that the player has created! A combination Invasion and penultimate Moon Event, players must fend off the advances of the Aquarians – keeping NPCs alive and buildings intact – until the final showdown is revealed.

Utilizing your skill, wits, and a handful of amazing new gear, you will work towards the ultimate showdown with Terraria’s Ultimate Evil….



Duke Fishron – the Drowner of Souls and Quencher of Life Itself - will clearly represent a challenge worthy of even the most skilled Terrarian warrior.

Empowered by the rising Tidal Moon, Duke Fishron will wield a litany of devastating attacks against the player – including Bubble Bombs and the dreaded...

PC Cenriel and Beeman

by Redigit at 4:34 PM
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Good Day Terrarians!

Just wanted to give you a small spoiler as we push towards the final stages of the 1.2.4 update. We have decided that rather than push everything into 1 large update we are going to release a smaller update prior to tackling the beast that is the Lunar update. Feel free to speculate! ;)


Official Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

by 505Games at 6:04 PM
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Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

Check out these new mobile features, but only available for a limited time:
Accumulate rainbows that drop from the sky to unlock new items
Summon o'Fyffe, the Leprechaun pet to add your collection
Unlock the new “pot of gold” crafting item to add to your inventory

Get Terraria on mobile!



by QuackersDelta at 1:31 PM
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Ladies, gentlemen, members of all ages!
Welcome to the 14th Creation Compendium, with me, QuackersDelta.
We've got a plethora of amazing creations over the past month (ish?)! All of them are impressive, and there should be a big round of applause for all them already!
Before I go further into the Creations, please remember the schedule that me and AyeAye will be going through. We will be changing every month. As such, Creation Compendium #15 will be done by AyeAye.
As such, please post your CC#15 submissions to AyeAye's profile. Thank you!
And of course, our prompts for the month!
-White Chocolate
-Cherry Blossoms
And now, without further ado, the creations!
By 8Blazer
A simplistic piece, about one's usual reaction to a giant worm charging at you.
By 39honza39
An intricate build, mixing in the jungle and temple in a more open, spacious way.
By Ideafix
A more oriental build, taking advantage of dynasty furniture and animal cages!

Official Ahoy! Re-Logic to Partner with Quadro Delta to Publish Pixel Piracy!

by Cenx at 5:28 PM
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Good afternoon, Terrarians!

The past year since we returned (It’s been a year, wow, time flies when you are having fun!) has been an exciting ride indeed! Everyone on the Re-Logic team hopes that you have enjoyed the updates we have/are/will continue to bring to Terraria as well as our greater role in the community. We certainly have enjoyed all of it, and cannot thank each of you enough for your continued support of all of us!

With that said, we would like to announce an exciting development: we will be partnering with Quadro Delta - Vitali Kirpu and Alexander Poysky - moving forward as the publisher of the in-development RTS/Sandbox Pirate Simulation, Pixel Piracy!

This is a big step in the evolution of Re-Logic, allowing us to leverage our experience and talents to partner with other indie developers in order to help insure their success.

Rest assured that the development of Terraria – and other future Re-Logic projects – will continue as planned. In fact, you can even expect some crossover content (Terraria in Pixel Piracy and vice versa)!

We hope everyone will take some time to check out Pixel Piracy – then let us know what you think and how it could be made even better! Vitali is a fantastic dev, and is very open to constructive community feedback – we hope and expect the Terrarian community will welcome him with open arms.

You can find more information on Pixel Piracy via the links below – including where to purchase the game if you desire. We have created a thread here on TO for the game HERE where we would love your...