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The teams at Re-Logic and Engine Software would like to take a few moments to provide the entire Terraria Community with a major announcement. As we hinted earlier in our quite vague "teaser", we will be collaborating on a new project that is not Terraria 2, nor anything else that we had discussed before.

Well, the time has come to provide our first major reveal around this project. So, without further ado, we present to Terrarians everywhere the first look at...


Expanding upon the immensely popular action-sandbox title Terraria, exploring what might have been, and approaching gameplay in a new direction; Terraria: Otherworld represents a novel take on the Terraria experience.

Set in an alternate dimension within the Terraria universe, Terraria: Otherworld places the player in a life-and-death struggle to restore a once-pristine world – now overrun by a malevolent force that has corrupted nature itself – to its original splendor. Along with a rag-tag band of survivors, will you be able to successfully harness the power of an array of weaponry, magic, defenses, and even the world itself to thwart the designs of this unseen evil?

Combining the experience of sandbox gameplay with role-playing and strategy elements, Terraria: Otherworld explores the Terraria experience in an innovative and unique way - providing a fresh approach to the “open world” genre.

To further pique your interest, we put together a brief teaser trailer video based on early Alpha footage.


Terraria: Otherworld is in development for PC & Mac platforms. We are considering PS4 and Xbox One versions, but a final decision has not been made in that regard. We have set up a "Coming Soon" page for Terraria: Otherworld where everyone can stay abreast of the latest and greatest news as the project progresses. We also plan to launch a full site and community for Terraria:...​
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Here is some press News today about new Terraria Toys coming soon.

NEW YORK, Feb. 15, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Jazwares™, a leader in the toy and media marketplace, today announced the launch of a new toy line based on the award-winning, action-adventure sandbox video game, Terraria. Allowing fans to take the fun from the virtual world to the real world, the robust new line brings the game to life and includes figures, role play, plush, adventure sets and electronics. The Terraria collection is on display at the 2015 North American International Toy Fair® from February 14-17, 2015 in the Jazwares booth, #2719.

"Jazwares is extremely excited to launch the Terraria toy line. The brand is surging, and we have worked closely with the game's creators to capture its creativity and fun," said Laura Zebersky, EVP – Chief Commercial Officer, Jazwares. "The new line connects us with fans of the video game, bringing them a unique play experience where they can dig, fight and build in their own Terrarian world."

From adventure sets and role play to action figures and electronics, the Terraria collection offers something for fans of all ages - whether they want to engage in their own adventure or simply collect their favorite characters from the game. Among the key highlights:

  • Multi-Level Biome Set: Offering more than 50 pieces, standing over 18" tall with three levels of play and including an exclusive Molten Armor figure, this adventure set provides fans with a fully-interactive environment in which to play out their very own adventures. Interchangeable Biome Packs (sold separately) provide substantial options for customization and variety of play.
  • Core Figure Assortment: Perfect for any fan or collector, this figure set features articulated action figures representing iconic characters from the Terraria universe. Each figure also comes equipped with a handful of accessories that will conveniently fit all of the available characters in the...
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Terraria is once again on sale. Today she is down to 70% for Valentine's Day!


Make sure you also check out all the other great sales at steam right here!
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Good day Terrarians!
In late 2014, we saw a number of updates for Terraria on Console and Mobile – including Mobile 1.2 and the addition of the expanded Holiday/Xmas content to our console versions. At the time, we also made the commitment to everyone that we would be looking to provide more frequent updates heading into 2015 – including one that we had planned to have live in “Early 2015”.

Well, we are quite pleased to announce to everyone that we intend to stick to that commitment, and that starts now: The Frost Moon is coming to Console Terraria (all platforms) over the next 2-3 weeks!


For those of you familiar with the PC version of Terraria, the Frost Moon is the second of the two “Moon Invasion” events in the game (and demonstrably harder than the Pumpkin Moon which we added to Console last year). This event will test the mettle and ingenuity of even the most hardy Terrarian warriors as they make their best attempts to hold off a terrifying horde of frozen monstrosities in search of challenge and loot.

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New/changed mechanics/bugfixes:
- Any sand block can be used to create glass
- Changed any wood recipe tooltip ('Any wood' instead of enumerating all wood types)
- Fixed allow obtaining the disco ball from merchant and jungle wall from Dryad
- NPCs will now seek shelter during Solar Eclipse events
- Between 15 and 31 dec, xmas themed zombies, slimes and bunnies will spawn
- +1 Music track for the Frost Moon Event
- Items which regenerate health per hit now have a cap of 2 hearts per second.
- Properly convert mannequins with console exclusive armor and vanity items in games from pre-christmas saves
- Recover Dragon Mask, George’s tuxedo shirt and Fabulous slippers on mannequins in christmas saves
- Added new trophy decarations
- Added Frost moon event

New items:

- Christmas Tree Sword [weapon]
- Festive Wings [accessory]
- Razorpine [weapon]
- Christmas Hook [item]
- Chain Gun [weapon]
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Some new 1.3 Spoilers that was posted yesterday!

Greetings everyone!

All of us on the Terraria development team hope and trust that each of you had a pleasant a restful holiday season. While we took some time to spend with friends and family as well, we have also been hard at work on the 1.3 update. It is our desire that 1.3 live up to everyone's expectations and leave an epic, lasting impact on the game.

It's been a while since we shared some substantial spoilers - so to make up for that gap, you will find a larger-than-usual list of stuff from 1.3 to whet your appetite. Hope you enjoy them!

One of our areas of focus with Terraria 1.3 is an interface upgrade. Clearly, this is a core part of the game experience with which players will constantly interact - so we have taken great care to make the interface more clear, pleasing to the eye, and to enhance it's level of interactivity. Below are a few examples of these efforts:


Player Interface Upgrades - Icons & Text


We have upgraded how icons appear/work: things in your inventory will now have their edges lighten up once the cursor is over them.

In addition, a lot of buttons such as reforging, opening the crafting grid, PVP, and teams got a visual update -we even added a 5th pink team!


We also noted that a lot of in-game text is currently hard to read due to how it blends in with the backgrounds - so we've gone on a bordering spree and are making sure everything has the right amount of clarity and contrast to it is easier to to view and read (even item stack amounts).

(Please Note: This is a work in process and may not reflect the final version.)


Player Interface Upgrades - Inventory & Shopping


On the interactivity end of the spectrum, we have made great strides. In...