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Today there was some exciting news posted by Loki.​
As you may recall, we have hinted at a series of Terraria-based toys being in-development for a while within the Terraria Animated Series. Just in time for the Holiday Season, we would like to announce that the first wave of these toys will be available starting next week - and provide everyone with some further details around what we will have to offer as well as when and where you can buy them. First off, we’d like to share some thoughts from Redigit as well as Jazwares.​
“We’ve listened to our fans and are excited to be working with Jazwares Inc. to bring them these Terraria products in the fall. Soon everyone will be able to collect all their favourite characters from the Terraria biomes,” said Andrew “Redigit” Spinks, President, Re-Logic and Creator of Terraria.​
“We are excited to be partnering with Re-Logic to launch the Terraria toy line. Our goal is to engage and connect with gamers and teens to bring them their favourite virtual characters from the Terrarian world,” said Laura Zebersky, EVP of Global Sales and Licensing, Jazwares Inc.”​​
Below, you will find a comprehensive list of all that is currently available or coming soon. We will be adding to this page moving forward (we will let the Community know as we do) as new items become available. All of the available toys shown below can be purchased in Toys R’ Us stores and on Amazon (other locations may be added over time, and we will list these as they come on line) or by clicking any of the images in each toy section below – which will take you directly to an online store page for purchase. (NOTE: this feature is not currently active, but will be added ASAP)​
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505 Games Had posted the following update:

Good afternoon, everyone!

As we noted in our earlier Pre-Thanksgiving update preview, we are poised to deliver an awesome Thanksgiving-themed update for our Mobile Terrarians. We know people have been justifiably excited about this and have desired a specific launch date. Well, we wanted to take a quick minute to answer those requests with that launch date: this Thursday, November 6th!

Here is a quick teaser description of what is coming as well as a screen shot of the Thanksgiving boss, Turkor the Ungrateful (in case you missed it earlier this week).


In the spirit of Thanksgiving this holiday season, we’re unleashing the terrifying Turkor the Ungrateful turkey boss for players to battle in Terraria. Turkor is ready to turn the tables and make you the main dish during this festive celebration. This incredible cornucopia of new game content is available for a limited time only – until Nov 30th. The Thanksgiving update will launch on Thu, Nov 6th (on App Store, Google Play and Amazon).

Along with our mobile Terraria developers, CodeGlue, we sincerely hope our Mobile Terrarians enjoy this Thanksgiving update, and we look forward to bringing you even more news on the console and mobile Terraria fronts in the weeks and months to come!

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Looks like the plan is to release this during the USA Thanksgiving. For most of you outside the USA that is Thursday, November 27.

"We are pleased to announce that - barring unforeseen delays - our plan is to deliver an equally pleasing Thanksgiving treat to our XBox One & PS4 fans by releasing Terraria for both of the Next Gen consoles before the end of November!"

Since a lot of people were upset with the box-art it looks like its being revamped!

I moved this down as we found out PS4 tends to advertise PS3 Thumbnails in their store but in case you wanted to still see it Terraria was showing up for PS4 Store Thumbnails.

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A Mobile Terraria Thanksgiving Feast​
Thanksgiving is here!
If you search well, you might find yourself a new little friend...but beware not to stuff his face too much, for once he turns up his nose, there is no going back!
- The Merchant just received a shipment of Turkey feathers, which can be used to spawn your very own Turkey pet
- Be careful of the Cursed Stuffing - and whatever you do, keep it away from your Turkey lest you awaken Turkor the Ungrateful!
- Though if you are brave enough to engage and defeat Turkor, you will obtain the Horn of Plenty - a bottomless regular healing potion

In addition, we are adding a handful of fixes and tweaks. These include:
·Water Candle now works even if you're not holding it.
·Now holding the buy button will keep on buying until you let go of the screen. (Same as crafting)
·If you reached maximum health of 400 HP (10 golden hearts) the game increases difficulty, mainly higher spawn chance & more mobs.
·Wraith AI had a bug where it was stuck flying on a certain height - this has been fixed

Update on Playstation 4 and XBox One Development​
We are pleased to announce that - barring unforeseen delays - our plan is to deliver an equally pleasing Thanksgiving treat to our XBox One & PS4 fans by releasing Terraria for both of the Next Gen consoles before the end of November!

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"Coming with the 1.3 update, we are introducing brand new liquid mechanics that are more smooth and natural-looking than the previous "blocky" liquids in Terraria.This pair of videos show a "before and after" to showcase these fantastic changes!"



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