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PC Terraria in the Latest Humble Bundle!

by Loki ISP at 10:49 AM
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Good morning Terrarians!

We wanted to take a few moments to share with everyone that - for the first time ever - Terraria is included as a part of the latest Humble Bundle: the Humble Jumbo Bundle 2. This is a fantastic set of games, and we are quite excited to be included!

For those of you that might be unaware, Humble Bundles are packages of games sold online where you, the purchaser, determine the price you pay. In addition, a portion of the proceeds may go to charity (your choice). Humble Jumbo Bundle 2 is supporting the American Red Cross as well as the Child's Play Charity.

Once you select how much you want to pay, you may then choose how you want to divide up your payment (between the devs and charity) - we would sincerely ask that you give at least some decent amount of your payment to these awesome charities.

Please note that in order to get Terraria as a part of the package, you have to choose to pay more than the most recent average amount.

This Humble Bundle will run for approximately the next two weeks, and we encourage all of our fans to check it out today - this is a great chance to pick up some fantastic games at an affordable price while possibly giving back to charity!


Thanks, as always, to you all for your continued support. We know you are hungry for news around 1.3 and the other ongoing projects/updates. We hope to be able to bring you information on those fronts in the near future.


iOS Hardmode Update Release Delayed

by 505Games at 1:51 PM
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Dear Terrarians,

Late yesterday evening, our QA discovered an issue with the Terraria Hardmode update for iOS. This bug is significant enough for us to make the decision to delay the release slightly while we work to fix the issue.

We want to provide the best gaming experience we can and feel that this bug needs to be addressed for that to happen.

Starting immediately, we will be spending our time addressing this bug and making minor polishing improvements with the goal of releasing the update at the same time as the Android version. While we do not have a solid date at this time, we hope to have one for everyone very shortly.

We apologize for the delay and thanks for your patience.

Official Hardmode Release for Mobile Devices Nearly Complete!

by 505Games at 12:03 PM
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Great News On-The-Go Terrarians!

The release date for Hardmode on Terraria iOS is set for:
Thursday, August 14th!


Please read the thread linked below for an important update on the timing of the iOS launch:



We hope to have more news, and hopefully a release date to announce for the other platforms very shortly! Stay tuned here and on our Twitter page @505_Games for the latest!


Additionally, we just posted some new screenshots in the thread listed below:



Official 2015 Terraria Calendar!

by Cenx at 4:54 PM
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Good day Terrarians!

I am happy to announce that the Terraria 2015 calendar is available on Amazon! Thank you Suika Ibuki for your amazing art!


For 2016 would you like to see high res, pixelated, or both?

Official Xbox Live Deals With Gold: Xbox Terraria 67% Off!

by Loki ISP at 1:38 PM
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Good afternoon, Terrarians!

As originally noted by observant community member Chrisf1020, the Xbox version of Terraria is currently on sale for $4.94 for Xbox Live Gold Members - a 67% discount!


Link to the sale page below:

These appear to be weekly sales - though Chris' advice to not wait and get it today (just in case, right?) is sound. ;)

Finally, please stop by Chrisf1020's page and give him a HUGE thank you for finding this for the community!!! :)