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Official 1.2 Update Issues on Console: Patch Update Thread #3

by 505Games at 11:58 AM
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Hi Everyone!

To keep everyone posted on the patch status:

We have encountered 2 bugs in the patch at the last inch of the last mile this week. These issues have been confirmed as what's called a "non-issue" but unfortunately we are unable to make the submission window this week. However, since those issues were the only remaining holds, we are all set to go back into certification/submission towards the end of next week (the next available window).

We should have patch notes for you all to dig through next week and there will be a new post made with that info here in the community.

Thanks for being patient! :)

Creation Compendium 15#

by AyeAye12 at 6:41 AM
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Hello, and welcome to Creation Compedium 15#!
I am back after my exams, and can safely tell you that I have now gained position of the french fries' friar in McDonalds. I essentially bless the potatoes before their fiery death.

Remember, this month post entries to QuackersDelta's profile. He has taken up the benevolent task of helping me out with this feature, like he did last month, and deserves many hugs as well as many of your creations.

But before we see these creations, the Prompt Pool!







(hark our first GIF?!)



PC That one new thing we haven't been talking about...

by Redigit at 4:22 PM
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Good day Terrarians!

As many of you know the PC development team has been hard at work on the new 1.2.4 update! So far we have shown you fishing and several new mounts, today we will be showing you that one new thing we have been teasing.

At this point the update is finished we are just working on polishing and testing to ensure the quality of the update. We anticipate this taking no longer than 2 weeks with the current state of the game.

For those of you curious about the much hyped up Lunar Update; The graphics team is currently working on assets for the Lunar Event. Once 1.2.4 is bug free and released we will get to work on the programming side of things.

Official Regarding The 1.2 Console Update Issues

by 505Games at 2:06 PM
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Hello Terrarians,

We apologize for any issues that may have arisen from this weeks console update. Rest assured, it is an absolute priority for both Engine and 505 Games to push out a new patch to correct this as soon as we possibly can.

The patch for these issues is in the works and we hope to have a release date ASAP. However, we are doing our best to not rush it out in an effort to give us an opportunity to address as many issues as possible without causing further issues.

If you experience any bugs, glitches, or issues with Terraria for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, or the PlayStation Vita, it is extremely important that you report issues directly to us via our support team: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/Terraria

Posting bugs and issues in the forums or on social media may get lost in the massive amount of messages we receive each day, and we want to make sure we get all the necessary information to improve your experience.

Thank you all for your patience as we work hard to address these issues.

- 505 Games

<Loki Edit: Adding important note from 505 later in the thread>


Official Console "1.2" Update Feedback Thread

by Loki ISP at 1:47 PM
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So, after months of anxious waiting, our console Terrarians are finally enjoying the spoils of Terraria 1.2 (plus a few extra goodies)!

As we have with the PC updates, we are setting up a feedback thread...and this is it.

Please utilize this thread to provide feedback on the update - tweaks, ideas for the guide, love for the devs, etc.

As with all feedback threads (and threads in general), please be respectful of the fellow posters and constructive in the feedback. Personal attacks and overt rudeness will not be tolerated. This is just a pre-emptive warning on that front.

If you are experiencing bugs, please note that there is a section for Bug Reports which would be the best place to report them (be sure to prefix your report with which console you are on).

505 has also provided this for Bug Reports:

In sure some bug reports will occur here...but just note the above guidance to improve your chances of resolution.


Just a recommendation: if your world does not load or loads wrong...dont delete, dont save, leave it till the fix is out, that might save it


That's it - fire away! :)