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505 Games has posted some information regarding Mobile Terraria.

Hello everyone-

So, we are hard at work on the Mobile 1.2.3-4 content update now that the promised fixes and initial rebalancing are in your hands - still planned for an October launch.

Along that road, we have news that will affect the small percentage of Terrarians that are still playing on older iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch (iOS devices). We wanted to take some time to share what's going on, why, and our plan here in advance so that you can have time to adjust/ask questions/etc.

There are some behind-the-scenes things for newer devices as well, so even if you aren't on an older device, it is important that you read on.

The Update
It’s been more than two years since Terraria launched on the App Store and during this time, we have continued to add new features and content to the game regularly. More new content = bigger worlds = larger save files.

Essentially then, it all comes down to cloud saving and file sizes. If you’re using an iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch (with iOS 7 or lower), the supported cloud saving system will not work any longer once the new 1.2.3-4 update arrives. If we just push the update down, it will immediately break old cloud saves for all of those devices, meaning you would lose your world/characters and the ability to cloud save any further. We know how important those files are to Terraria players!

The Options
This creates a tough situation, leaving two paths forward each with their pros and cons. Unfortunately, this call has to be made for everyone and cannot be selected individually.
  • Do not release the new content to older devices
    • This keeps existing cloud saves and the ability to cloud save intact for those players
    • Of course, this means that these players will not get all of the new content
    • However, do note that as Terraria continues to update, the RAM requirements will rise as well (because Terraria has to fully load into RAM...
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Terraria is currently on sale for 75% off at the Humble Store.

This will get you a Steam Version so you can add it to your collections if you don't already have it.

Have a safe and wonderful weekend.
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Looks like we got a 1.3.1 spoiler, from the @Terraria_Logic official twitter account today. The tweet can be found here. Enjoy!

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Video Description: Thanks to your continued support we have grown to the point of being able to sit on the couch and see our game on TV! It is a very surreal and amazing feeling, thank you guys so much!
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(Mobile News from 505Games, originally posted here.)
Good Morning Terrarians!

We are sharing some exciting news this morning - namely that the previously-announced "Fixes" build will be live for iOS, Google Play, and Amazon within the next 24-48 hours! We are working as hard as we can to get all three up as soon as possible - so check your device often to see when it arrives for you!

In fact, we would like to note that it is already live on Amazon: AMAZON STORE PAGE

For those new to mobile, here are the links to the other versions as well:

iOS - Google Play - Windows Phone

Unfortunately, Windows Phone will be a delayed for several weeks due to some system overhauls related to the Windows 10 rollout. Rest assured we have not forgotten about you WP users though!


If you need a reminder of the changelog and what all is contained within this update that is full of cool fixes and rebalancing (we even updated the credits), please check out our earlier post, linked below:



We sincerely hope that you will thoroughly enjoy these changes - made with assistance and advice from our close partners at Re-Logic. Up next: Terraria...