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Console News from 505Games, originally posted here.

Good Day, Terrarians!

Hot on the heels of our official Terraria on Nintendo reveal last week, we wanted to give you an update on our plans for the rest of the console platforms – and then to ask you, the community, for your invaluable input on a change we are looking to make as a part of these updates. So, without further ado, off we go:



Through a variety of issues, we wound up in a situation where the previously-launched “Additions” update did not wind up containing the entirety of Terraria 1.2.3 content. At the same time, we had started work on the next round of content – and, unfortunately, launching post-1.2.3 content into versions of the game that do not already have the full 1.2.3 update would cause all kinds of issues – for us and for you guys!

So, that leaves us at a crossroads of sorts – and here is what we have decided to do:

We will release the content below as one update – currently planned for the 4th Quarter of 2015 (Oct-Dec), though we will provide a more exact date as soon as possible
  • The remainder of the 1.2.3 content
  • Terraria 1.2.4, in its entirety, including (but not limited to):
  • Minecarts
  • Fishing
  • Duke Fishron
  • And much much more!

So, that – coupled with the recent mobile announcements – will mean that all of the existing Terraria console/mobile platforms will be up to the 1.2.4 level by the end of 2015! Nintendo being the exception, as it doesn’t launch until after the new year.

Beyond that, we have started looking into the 1.3 source code, and will share any plans there just as soon as we have them together.


505Games is also looking for input from...
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505 Games and Re-Logic are proud to be able to finally - and officially - confirm that Terraria will indeed be coming to the Nintendo Wii U and 3DS platforms! This represents a massive opportunity to bring Terraria to a whole new set of gamers whom may have never seen Terraria before - as well as a chance to explore what might be possible in the game with dual screen functionality. We hope you share in our excitement around the potential here!

Of course, we are well aware that there have been a number of rumors and leaked information around this from various sources - so, the way we figure it, we owe you a bit more to help make this announcement even more newsworthy! Also please note that any "release dates" given out were not official.

Let's start with some never before seen pictures of the packaging - and we will hope to bring you some screenshots that show off some of the new functionality in the weeks to come:



To close out our announcement, let's give you what you are all wondering - an estimate on release timing! Of course, you will have all seen various published dates based upon the earlier rumors/leaks. For the most part, these are guesses or estimates. We are sharing here today that the expected launch for Terraria on Wii U and 3DS will take place in early 2016!

We have a few more surprises in store for this coming Holiday season, but we will save those for another time. Join us in celebrating this move that will finally bring Terraria to all of the major gaming platforms!

Source: Terraria.org
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For a short time, Terraria is conducting an Open Beta for the Mac/Linux version of Terraria!

Details HERE. Please read this post on Terraria Community Forums (TCF) for answers to your questions!

THE ONLY GAME CHANGE HERE IS TO ADD MAC/LINUX SUPPORT! NO CHANGES TO GAMEPLAY WERE MADE FOR PC/Windows. The version change is simply to bring the Windows/OSX/Linux versions to the same level, from here on out.

Please do not leave feedback for Mac/Linux issues here. The developers have set up a Social Group on TCF to provide feedback on the beta. Anything you post here on TerrariaOnline may well be missed.
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Good afternoon everyone!

The team remains hard at work chasing bugs to squash and things to tweak within the 1.3 update. As always, your feedback is invaluable there - so keep it coming (but remember to keep it mature and respectful of everyone :) )!

Without further ado, here is the changelog for

  • Solar Flare armor set Dash ability now only consumes flares when it hits an enemy, and any hit enemy will result in a Solar Radiance explosion!
  • Party Girl's spawning chance has been increased
  • You can now take Camera Mode pictures of wiring if you hold a mechanical item while taking the pictures
  • Fixed certain issues with the Stardust Dragon's damage and rebalanced him to be more in line with other minions
  • You can now hide the Moon Charm and Neptune Shell's effects...or put them in vanity!
  • The final boss' attacks now use their own cooldown for immunity due to how naughty some of our players have been. ;)

  • Potentially fixed lag issues when using Steam multiplayer
  • Potentially fixed invasions not trigerring when they should (Martian Probes)
  • Fixed Money Trough turning 'Quick Stack to All Chests' button invisible
  • Fixed Javelins drawing behind doors on all cases
  • Fixed Keys of Light / Night not working through autopause
  • Fixed nearby crafting stations not updating when you open inventory in autopause
  • Fixed 'allow mounting' check not taking player's velocity into account (mounting into ceiling exploit)
  • Fixed breathing meter appearing when hanging on to a ceiling that has water in it
  • Fixed content files not being compressed
  • Fixed Umbrella art not being consistent
  • Fixed Solar Eruption item stray pixel
  • Fixed...
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[again, courtesy of Cenx]

Good evening Terrarians, is now live! Now that 1.3 is in a good place the Terraria team will be taking a much needed break while Skiphs continues to chip away at the Mac/Linux port. Thanks again for your on going support and patience, you guys rock. <3

  • Added Celestial Sigil, a summoning item for the final boss. (craftable)
  • Moonbite duration has been reduced by 1 second in expert mode and 3 seconds in normal mode.
  • Living leaf walls now count as safe for housing!
  • Buffed Phantasm a bit. (it really was bugged!)
  • Martian drone rarity lowered in Sky Biome (Still higher than original)
  • Martian Drone now shows up on Rare Creature Finder.
  • Vortex and Nebula weapons have been rebalanced to fit some bug fixes they went through.
  • Portal gun bolt speed quadrupled so you can no longer travel faster than your bolt.
  • Eater of Worlds expert mode Vile Spit damage has been reduced.
  • Damage from spikes now checks for immunity separately from other effects.
New config options:
  • Added Config.json setting "ReverseUpDownForArmorSetBonuses", off by default, if you set it on: stardust and vortex armors will use the UP key instead of DOWN key to trigger set bonuses

  • Fixed Quickstack to all chests not updating recipes list.
  • Fixed "Distorted" debuff freezing players in place rather than changing their movement pattern.
  • Fixed Cute Fishron and Unicorn mounts not having their tooltips.
  • Fixed and earlier versions of worlds not loading successfully under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed issue where you could use items when hovering between the item slots on the bottom row of the...