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TTT The Terrarian Times: #15!

by Mr. Mystery at 10:10 PM
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......Welcome, fellow Terrarians, to another issue of The Terrarian Times!
......I'm Mr. Mystery and I help organize and lead this project and its team members. The Terrarian Times is a community project to show off awesome fan-made creativity and to keep you up-to-date with Terrarian news!
......So, without further ado, The Terrarian Times:


[IMG] Table of Contents

  • Community Quotes
  • Community News
  • Community Features
  • Real Analysis
  • Comics
  • Random User Interview
  • Closing Notes
  • EXTRA EXTRA: 1.2 modding plans and interviews with well-known modders!

[IMG] Community Quotes



"This whole thread just shows that clothes only bring problems in life. What ever happened to the days where we ran around naked, spearing zebras with pointy sticks and not caring who saw our junk?" - Minthany Huggs

"Leave this thread now, do not post here again." - Tunnel King

"I don't know...

PC Map Feature: Terrastice

by ahamling27 at 12:14 PM
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So, we haven't had one of these in a long time and I can't promise that we'll see another one soon, but today we have another Terraria Map Feature brought to you by Curse.com and TerrariaOnline.com! Today we are featuring the brand new custom map, Terrastice by Curse.com member Lohaf.


First off, I just gotta say, this map is brutal at the beginning. It's a consequence of starting with a fresh character and having the world set to hardmode. Once you find some armor and heart crystals, it's not so bad and you can pretty much explore at will. Until this happens:


And you will die a lot, but that's ok, and I'll explain why. The premise of the map is that you are a prisoner and you are set to be executed at dawn. Through some trickery involving NPCs and the day/night cycle (and I'm not going to spoil it for you either) dawn comes and you somehow survive. You won't survive for long, but that's not really part of the story, just the brutal nature of the map. Thankfully, close to your starting point is a bed, and it's very smartly centered on the map.

When you die, you spawn back at the bed and thanks to it's central...

Official 1.2 Conversion Status Update

by MrRudi at 11:36 AM
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Many of you have asked for it, and here it is: a massive status update post in regards to where we are with the porting of the 1.2 PC update to consoles. We will roughly sketch the progress of implementing the new content and mechanics and answer some questions that have popped up in the last weeks! Please note when responding to this post that we can not and will not elaborate on possible completion / release dates other than the “early 2014” that 505 Games has announced.

In general we are happy that the progress of porting this massive update to consoles is going smoothly, we have not encountered many problems or seemingly impossible-to-port content. First thing to mention (since we got a lot of questions about it) is that we will not be releasing any more intermediate partial 1.2 updates until the full update is done (no more “waves” of content). There are so many relations and dependencies between the various content in the update that this would simply overcomplicate the port process and delay the full release which we think is more important than some more teaser content. Second thing would probably be: “are we going to miss out on anything on consoles?”, and the answer is yes...you will not get the 10 additional inventory slots that were introduced on PC, but so far that is all.

General progress made in 2013:
- all new wall types (80) are added
- all new tile sets (106) are added
- mini map has been adjusted to display colors for new bricks, ores and walls
- new clouds are added
- Rain event is...

PC A bit of an update...

by Cenx at 4:05 PM
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Good afternoon Terrarians!

First things first, I would like to welcome Yoraiz0r and Solsund to the team! They will be programming alongside Redigit for the future updates of Terraria!

Prior to the big 1.3 Lunar update that Redigit has been talking about for sometime now, the team will be spending some time on optimizations, bug fixes, and some fancy new quality of life additions to the game that will be released in the 1.2.3 update.

Also, several Walmarts have started carrying an awesome Terraria poster that Crowno made!
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The Terrarian Times Giveaway Raffle - 14 Copies of Terraria, 5 Terraria Soundtracks!

by Mr. Mystery at 7:20 PM
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Hey, guys!
I, Mr. Mystery, your most mysterious project leader of the Terrarian Times, would like to offer you the chance to get your hands on an extra copy of Terraria -perhaps to give away to a friend, or maybe an enemy- and to also get the chance to win a copy of the Terraria soundtrack on Bandcamp --- For absolutely free!
For this raffle, we are giving away 14 copies of the game itself and 5 copies of the soundtrack!

Here is how it's going to work:
  • To enter, all you have to do is post in this thread saying that you want either the game or the soundtrack or both, and the reason you want it!
  • How will we pick? Through a fancy website called Random.org!
  • In two weeks (18th of January), the raffle will be closed and any posts past that point will not be accepted. I will enter the amount of posts on the thread into Random.org and the winners will be chosen this way! I will PM the winners, and if I do not get a response in a couple of days, I will re-raffle the numbers and choose another winner.
  • Note: These keys are for PC ONLY!
  • Note: I'm not sure if the Soundtrack keys are for the 1.1 soundtrack or the 1.2 soundtrack... Either way, you get to listen to awesome music!
  • Another note (and this should go without being said): Entering multiple times is not allowed
So, that's it! If you want a shot at winning, then go ahead and post.
Good luck, fellow Terrarians!
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Alright, everyone! The raffle has started. Good luck!