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Creation Compendium 17#

by AyeAye12 at 8:07 AM
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Hello, all, and welcome to the 17th edition of the Creation Compendium!
Remember, CC 18# entires go to QuackersDelta.
As always, an abundance of entries to enjoy, but first...


-Roadkill (Suggested by Baconfry)

And now, our creations!








PC An update on things.

by Cenx at 3:57 PM
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Good afternoon Terrarians!

It has been a while since we gave any update on the things we have been working on so I felt it was a good time to get you guys up to speed on things! I will try and keep it short and to the point...
  • As many of you know we have been working on a new forum as well as a revamped website for Terraria! Crowno and Skiphs have done an amazing job with both of these things! The website is done and the forums are getting very close! We anticipate it being done within the next 2 months. (Trying to throw out a safe timeline.)
  • Yoraiz0r has started looking into Steamworks to get achievements added to the game. Once he has added the first one successfully this will be put on hold until the end of the update. This will give us time to think of the achievements we want and get all the assets needed for them. *There is always a chance for disaster so this is not me making a promise for achievements!*
  • All of the assets are done for one of the new events and most of the tedious programming has been finished. All that is left for this is programming the boss, setting values, and setting the drops.
  • Crowno made a pretty awesome concept for the Lunar Boss that we are going to go with rather than using the falling moon idea.
  • Oh and Skiphs has been working on this for the last few days...

*Again, there is always a chance for disaster. We are not promising or guaranteeing that we will release this. It is our intentions to do so but we will not release it unless it plays how it should.*

At this point there is no way I could give a release date or even start to suggest one. Redigit is getting Yoraiz0r and Solsund ready to take over when he moves on to his next game so he has taken more of a managerial approach on this update. We will keep you posted on the status of the update as we move forward so you are not...

Official Terraria: The Animated Series- Episode 1!

by Cenx at 12:57 PM
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Good afternoon Terrarians!

I am super excited to show you all Episode 1 of the new Terraria Animated series! Jazwares has teamed up with Element Animations to create this awesome sneak preview for the new Terraria toys that will be releasing later this year. There will be more information following that released shortly. :p

Hope you guys enjoy!

PC Daily Deal!

by Cenx at 4:38 PM
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For the next 20 hours Terraria will be on sale for 80% off on Steam! That is $1.99 for a single copy or $5.99 for a 4 pack! If you have any friends on the fence about the game now is definitely the time to pick it up for cheap before 1.3 hits! (Yes I know we put the game on sale all the time but this is the lowest we have ever done and we probably won't have another sale for a while!)

For those of you patiently waiting for a spoiler...I don't really even know what to pick. I will say that we have one of the guys looking into a highly requested feature for the game. If it is implemented it will make a lot of people very happy!

Click here if you want to buy a copy of Terraria.

Official Exclusive Announcement: Hardmode Coming to Terraria Mobile!

by 505Games at 11:36 PM
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Terrarians, we hear ya and are really excited to be announcing that Hardmode will be coming to mobile and tablet devices! It’s something we’ve been working on behind the scenes for a long time now, so we can’t wait to debut our biggest update across a range of iOS and Android devices at E3. Look out for more news and sneak-peaks into Terraria over the coming week!

(Edit by Loki: Here is an image to whet your appetite, courtesy of 505 Games' Twitter account)