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by 505Games at 1:40 PM
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Terraria Hardmode for Google Play hits devices TODAY! :)

It may take some time to reach your region, so if it isn't visible yet please check back in a few hours.

For all you superfans out there, here is the changelog for mobile hardmode:
  • Enabled & unlocked all hardmode content.
  • Added missing textures for some hardmode content.
  • Added autoaim feature.
  • Added loot tables
    • Dragon Skull
    • Dragon Hornet
    • Dragon Snatcher
    • Albino Antlion
    • Shadow Mummy
    • Spectral Mummy
    • Shadow Slime
    • Cursed Hammer
    • Shadow Hammer
    • Arch Wyvern
    • Spectral Elemental
    • Spectral Gastropod
  • Changed loot tables:
  • Mimic
    • Compass item removed (not functional)
    • Gained light disc drop
  • Toxic Sludge
    • Drops more gel than before
  • Arch Demon
    • Gained chance to drop crystal shards...
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Good evening Terrarians!

Terraria is currently 80% off on Steam as a part of Steam Daily Deals - that means you can pick up a copy of Terraria on PC for the low low price of $1.99!

Details are on the links below:

Daily Deal: http://store.steampowered.com/news/14305/

Buy Terraria Here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/105600/

Hurry, this Daily Deal only runs through Friday, September 5 at 10AM PST! Just under 41h left...

Grab one for yourself...or a friend...or an enemy (whom will probably then become a friend)...or even a random stranger!

(Thanks to Regifishy for the reminder! :) )
by 505Games at 2:50 PM
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Happy Friday Terrarians,

Heading into the weekend, we wanted to give out some great news.

Terraria Hardmode for Android has been submitted for final certification!


Be sure to follow us on Twitter for the latest news @505_Games.

Get your worlds ready!
by Loki ISP at 7:32 PM
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Good evening Terrarians!

We are excited to announce - as some of you may have noticed prior to this announcement - that the "Hardmode" update is now live for iOS! As noted earlier this week, the update will be coming to Andoid devices very soon - after some last minute bug squashing.

This update adds a ton of new content, effectively bringing everything into the Mobile versions that was initially in the console version at launch....plus existing and new mobile exclusives.


As a reminder, here is a list of what's in store for Mobile Terrarians:

Defeat the Wall of Flesh to transform your world!
  • New biomes
  • New bosses
  • 20+ new enemies
  • 100+ new items
  • New NPCs
  • Use the Pwnhammer to destroy Demon Altars and create new ores
Also new: combat targeting!
  • Touch an enemy to target it and you will aim toward it by default
  • Very helpful for ranged weapons!
Finally: we've added Everyplay support!
  • Record and share your gameplay via the Pause Menu
  • Watch other players' adventures via the Videos button in the Main Menu

Due to the performance requirements for HardMode this update will require iOS 6.1 or higher and is optimized for iPod touch 5th gen, iPhone 4, or iPad 2 or better


We apologize for the delay last week, but we are pleased to finally bring this substantial update to our Mobile Terrarians!

As always, report any bugs to us via 505's bug report form, and any feedback via our official feedback threads (see below):

Bug Form: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/TerrariaMobileBugs
Discussion Thread: http://www.terrariaonline.com/threads/mobile-hardmode-feedback-discussion-thread.162725/

505 Games may have more to share in the morning/tomorrow, but we wanted to go ahead and get the word out.

Friday Update!...
by Cenx at 1:26 PM
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Good day Terrarians,​
A lot of you have been asking for spoilers lately for the new update. Rather than show you a new boss or some of the cool new content I thought I would show you some of the little things we have made changes to thus far. :p
Below you will see some of the changes made to the dye system as well as some new dyes Skiphs created while making these changes.​
[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
"The new dye changes are designed to help add a bit more color to their armor. This occurs in two ways. The first way is that I've allowed for some of the dye color to seep through on areas that were previously considered too light or dark. The second is an overall increase to saturation. As a whole, the changes are minor, and should only be noticeable in cases where the dye would feel very underwhelming before." -Skiphs​
Another new feature that we have added is an event/invasion progress bar. This will allow the player to know how long an event should last. This new feature will have an interface option to disable it if the player does not wish to use it.​
I will leave you with one final gif of the new Laser Ruler accessory!​
*At this point in time it is still too early to begin speculating any type of release date for this update. I do not not want to rush the team or establish an imaginary release date for us to stress over. :)*​