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Good day Terrarians!

We have some exciting news! Terraria has just been nominated for the Tabby Awards, a global competition for the best tablet apps for 2015! Beating out tons of other fantastic games already, Terraria is one of two finalists vying for “Best Adventure Game” on iPad.

The final round of judging is happening now - with the ultimate winner selected by an international judging panel of industry experts. The results of their deliberations will culminate in the announcement of a winner in a few months.

In addition, the Tabby Awards give out a "Users' Choice Award" in each category. The judges for this honor? Why you guys, of course! We would be honored to have your vote for Terraria as the 2015 Users' Choice Best Adventure Game on iPad. To vote, simply click on the icon below:



It is an honor to be nominated and we are grateful to be recognized for doing something we love. We couldn’t do this without you - so thank you all for the continued support! We look forward to continuing to expand and improve upon your Terrarian experience in the months to come!

~505 Games Mobile

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Hey everyone! 505 Games has some wonderful news for us!

Good day, Terrarians!

Spring has finally sprung (well at least in the half of the globe), and we are here to let everyone know of a few things coming very soon to the Terraria Mobile platform. First, the Easter content will once again be available (or available for the first time for our newer Terrarians ;) ). You can take a few minutes to check out what all this entails on theTerraria Wiki if you want.

In addition to the fun Easter content (Coming in April), what Spring would be complete without a little Spring cleaning? Well, for us that means cleaning out some nasty bugs that have been plaguing our Mobile Terrarians! We hope that these bugfixes will help make everyone's mobile experience far more enjoyable. As always, apologies for the bugs and the time needed to fix them - please keep letting us know about any that you find!

The planned release for all of this is tomorrow on Google Store, and it will be out on Amazon as soon as possible (pending approval).

Without further ado, here is your changelog for the coming update!

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Fixed crash for android 2.3 users
· Fixed issue where accessories weren’t being drawn
· Fixed rendering of jack-o-lantern
· Fixed issue where ‘hot using’ an item would use it twice instead of once
· NPC moving-in code fixed, Truffle NPC should move in quicker
· Crafting now recognizes when it should use lead or iron bars
· Crafting now recognizes correctly which type of wood it should use
· Fixed crash on suspension while in crafting screen
· Added blue & green wrenches
· Golem now has correct values for health & damage
· Ocram is a bit more difficult to fight
· Lowered mummy spawn chance in pyramid
· Hardmode spawnrate has been made slightly faster
· Holiday bauble has a chance to spawn from a cut down tree
· Fixed the following drill types:
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Here is the GDC Trailer for Otherworld!

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New video has been uploaded to the official Terraria Youtube!

What did you think about the new music?