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TTT The Terrarian Times: Issue Number 16

by Mr. Mystery at 1:51 PM
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......Welcome, fellow Terrarians, to another issue of The Terrarian Times!
......I'm Mr. Mystery and I help organize and lead this project and its team members. The Terrarian Times is a community project to show off awesome fan-made creativity and to keep you up-to-date with Terrarian news!
......So, without further ado, The Terrarian Times:


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[IMG] Game News
.................by Mr. Mystery

.........Hello, fellow Terrarians. Today I invite you to enjoy reading up on the latest news pertaining to our favorite game: Terraria. In the 16th Issue of The Terrarian Times, in this section of the game news, we will see the latest updates on Terraria for the PC, Console,...

Official Terraria in Edge of Space!

by Redigit at 4:42 PM
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Hey Guys,

Our friends at Handyman Studios just release a massive update that includes multiplayer and official Terraria content. Definitely something worth checking out! (Shameless plug, it is also buy 1 get 1 free on steam right now!)

Console Official Console 1.2 Update & Teaser Video from Engine Software

by Loki ISP at 11:18 AM
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Good Afternoon, Terrarians!

As you know, the 1.2 update redefined Terraria on PC last October. Since that time, the good folks at Engine Software have been burning the midnight oil to bring 1.2 to PS3 (plus the Vita) and Xbox....and our console Terrarians have been waiting patiently in eager anticipation of any news.

Well, we are about to make your day! Mr. Rudi from Engine developed a teaser video to further whet your appetites - and to show off the immense progress that has been made to-date.

Second, here are a couple of good quotes from Mr. Rudi, our main contact and lead from Engine Software on the Terraria console ports:

Finally - hot off the presses - is an official update on the progress of the console 1.2 port...and I think you will be quite pleased!


From Mr Rudi:
Official 1.2 Update status update:

My fellow Terrarians, let’s discuss where we are at shall we? I am pleased to confirm that we are 100% done with porting over the new content – ALL the new content except the aforementioned additional 10 inventory slots and the Coin Gun. As hinted at before we have also adapted some of the 1.2.3. re-balance changes, so here is the full list:

* Drastically improved the droprate of Keymolds
* Re-balanced damage output from various weapons, including the...

PC Fishing for a Spoiler.

by Redigit at 9:51 PM
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Good evening Terrarians!
1.2.4 is officially underway and I would like to announce the first new mechanic that will be seen in this update; Fishing! Fishing will be used to get new vanity, random items/loot, ingredients for new alchemy potions, and some other fun goodies.

fish-spoiler-1.png fish-spoiler-2.png


by AyeAye12 at 10:44 AM
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Hello and welcome to the 13th Creation Compendium!

I am pleased to announce that this new CC year, I will not be doing this alone!
That's right, I am pleased to announce that QuackersDelta will be joining me in hosting this!

We will be taking turns in holding this; he will take March, May, etc, while I will take on April, June, etc. That way I can get a break without feeling overwhelmed by submissions AND can study for exams, so I don't have to work in McDonalds when older! :D

So, for next month, post submissions to Quackers' profile. Post them on mine and they will NOT be accepted.
Got that? Great!


(Many thanks to 55_alex_55 for the brilliant Prompt Pool logo!)

-Avant Garde
-Chinese New Year

And now, the creations!



(best art piece of 2k14 defo)