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Good day, Terrarians!
Re-Logic is very excited to announce that the new Terraria.org is now live! This was essentially a full rebuild from the ground up, and – much as the 1.2 update redefined the in-game experience for our fans – we hope that this will provide a more immersive and integrated community portal moving forward. Parallel to this will be our own set of forums, and you can find out more in regards to that on the front page of Terraria.org starting today.

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We are confident that the substantial changes will be immediately obvious and sincerely hope that the community appreciates the hours of hard work that our amazing duo of Skiphs and Crowno put in. We are quite proud of the new face of our web presence – which we feel is worthy of the Terraria name!

In the past, Terraria.org was used primarily for providing basic information about the game and as the place to obtain the official Terrara Server software. Moving forward, not only do we plan to continue to provide that information on...
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Great News Terrarians!
Terraria, including the Hardmode update that recently hit iOS and Android devices, is now available for Windows Phone with Xbox LIVE enabled features!

As part of this exciting update, Terraria joined forces with Team17’s Worms™. The Worm pet is triggered by suspicious looking apples, which players receive when they kill enemy worms of any kind. Although the Worm pet doesn’t have the ability to attack, they do accompany players into boss battles as can be seen in the recently unveiled screenshots. Worms™ is the original laugh-out-loud turn-based strategy sensation from Team17, originally launched in 1995. With millions of players and fans around the world, the game has spawned versions for almost all platforms! Worms™ 3 is out now on iOS, Mac and Android.

To download Terraria on mobile, please visit:

For more information on Worms™ 3 please visit: http://www.facebook.com/WormsTeam17
For more information...
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......Welcome, fellow Terrarians, to another issue of The Terrarian Times! The official Terraria Online newsletter!


[​IMG] Table of Contents
  • Game News
  • Community News
  • Fan Features
  • Terraria Math
  • Comic
  • Closing Notes

[​IMG] PC News
by Mr. Mystery

......Hello once again, Terrarians! I'm Mr. Mystery, leader and head honcho here at The Terrarian Times. This Issue we're going to focus heavily on game speculation and update news, especially news surrounding 1.3 for the PC platform.

......PC - A tiny teaser
......Things had been quiet for awhile, nothing being posted since Crowno's "tiny teaser" which (shown below) revealed a picture which included several blurred sprites along with the "Ancient Aliens"...
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Terraria Hardmode for Google Play hits devices TODAY! :)

It may take some time to reach your region, so if it isn't visible yet please check back in a few hours.

For all you superfans out there, here is the changelog for mobile hardmode:
  • Enabled & unlocked all hardmode content.
  • Added missing textures for some hardmode content.
  • Added autoaim feature.
  • Added loot tables
    • Dragon Skull
    • Dragon Hornet
    • Dragon Snatcher
    • Albino Antlion
    • Shadow Mummy
    • Spectral Mummy
    • Shadow Slime
    • Cursed Hammer
    • Shadow Hammer
    • Arch Wyvern
    • Spectral Elemental
    • Spectral Gastropod
  • Changed loot tables:
  • Mimic
    • Compass item removed (not functional)
    • Gained light disc drop
  • Toxic Sludge
    • Drops more gel than before
  • Arch Demon
    • Gained chance to drop crystal shards...
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Good evening Terrarians!

Terraria is currently 80% off on Steam as a part of Steam Daily Deals - that means you can pick up a copy of Terraria on PC for the low low price of $1.99!

Details are on the links below:

Daily Deal: http://store.steampowered.com/news/14305/

Buy Terraria Here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/105600/

Hurry, this Daily Deal only runs through Friday, September 5 at 10AM PST! Just under 41h left...

Grab one for yourself...or a friend...or an enemy (whom will probably then become a friend)...or even a random stranger!

(Thanks to Regifishy for the reminder! :) )