Terraria Online

PC Art Feature: Mario Castle Tribute

by Kane at 2:56 PM
(4,795 Views / 3 Likes)
Today's feature takes us back to our childhoods with a recreation of of classic Mario castle! Electric Jack does a wonderful job moving the old style castles from NES into Terraria.


For feedback and discussion, check out Electric Jack's thread. Be sure to check out other player creations on TO using our Player Creations & Screenshots Forum Section or, better yet, share your own creations with us!

PC Map Feature: The Elemental Challenge!

by Kane at 2:16 PM
(4,660 Views / 2 Likes)
Today we have an awesome map called the Elemental Challenge by XoGenius. This is a challenge map where you are to follow certain rules (a common thing in Terraria Maps) and claim victory against the Elementals!

For the map, rules, screenshots, and more check out XoGenius thread and don't forget to tell us how you did! If you want to check other player made maps or start your own, you should check out the Maps Forum Section.

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PC Four Bosses with Explosives on a Blood Moon Night

by confuzzledyma at 1:36 PM
(7,320 Views / 8 Likes)

In this epic video, forum member Yrimir battles all four bosses at once using explosives to eat away at their health pools. Check out his TO thread for two prequels to this video, and his YouTube channel for more!

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We often feature user-made art, videos, maps and other gems on the front page. If you have something you feel would be a good feature, feel free to PM confuzzledyma.

PC Player Creations Feature: The Terrarian who lived in a... (Share Your Creations)

by Kane at 9:46 AM
(12,165 Views / 2 Likes)
Today's Feature is by forum member Boblicle. Boblicle has given us a wonderful idea for this feature and I invite you all to join in as a community and share your Player Creations with the theme: "The Terrarian who lived in a... Something" - post them in this thread!

Here are 3 examples of how it works by Boblicle.

xxxx1.jpg The Terrarian who lived in a Giraffe!

xxxx2.jpg The Terrarian who lived in a Shoe!

xxxx3.jpg The Terrarian who lived in a Hand!

So just reply below with your creations or just feel free to comment and please remember keep all your comments constructive.

For feedback and discussion, check out Boblicle's thread. Be sure to check out other player creations on TO using our Player Creations & Screenshots Forum Section or, better yet, share your own creations with us!

PC Map Feature: Traitor Series

by confuzzledyma at 4:23 PM
(3,429 Views / 0 Likes)
Forum member Serasi has finished a unique series of maps which uses the same general map in each of the four parts, but with things added, removed and changed each time. Your inventory carries over from each chapter to be used in the next.

For best results, start at Part 1 and play through each of the maps in order. More information can be found at each of the chapters' threads:

pt1.jpeg pt2.jpeg

pt3.jpeg pt4.jpeg

For more maps, our library at Curseforge is growing constantly; get in on the fun and upload your own today!

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