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Today we have a new type of map feature. We're featuring The City of Cheam by TerrariaOnline.com forum member Rokuzo, and it's a 'living quarters' type of map. The city itself is located on a large world that has been left untouched.


The City of Cheam is a great map to use for a server. There is ample housing and the city is set up perfectly for role-playing. The city is also walled off so enemies don't spawn inside. Slimes and zombies will occasionally come in from the far right side by opening the pressure-plate operated doors. Most of the city is wired up so you can turn the lights on and off in most buildings.


There are also two small dungeons(or puzzles) to find. They are short distractions, but it's worth noting that they both seem a little unfinished. That's easily fixable if you take the time to add treasure or a boss at the end if you so choose(using TEdit of course). As noted earlier, the world has been left untouched so the regular dungeon and floating islands are still full of treasure.


I asked Rokuzo some questions about his map and he was kind enough to answer:

ahamling27(AH): What inspired you to create this huge city?
Rokuzo(R): All of my maps have been made for my role play servers, and this is my fourth. For the storyline of this server, the world is dangerous...
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There is much to see, create, and discover in the world of Terraria, so the aim of this recurring piece is to focus on a small part of it and see what you all have come up with.

This week's theme is Traps: What kinds of tricky ways can you stop monsters and other players from reaching your valuables or your hideout?

We recommend going to the full images linked above each, as traps are a bit difficult to portray in such a small space. Most users featured in this week's Compendium have their own threads or posts with several images and explanations. Luckily, there are many video entries this week as well!





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Today we have a very talented animator who had recently made a trailer on YouTube called Terrarian Parody Trailers: Immortals. This is was TriangularSatellite first animated film and it looks like he was born with some amazing talents.

So we're proud to present Immortals Trailer:

Make sure you check out TriangularSatellite's YouTube Channel and subscribe for future videos.

Have something you feel is worth a feature? Feel free to PM confuzzledyma (art/maps/misc.), ahamling27 (mods/tools/maps), or I for (videos/mods/tools/art).
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Want to create your own PvP map? How about an adventure map? There are some fundamental decisions you need to make in order to get started, and this guide should help you answer those questions. Before you even decide what kind of map you want to create you must ask yourself, "What am I going to use to create my map?"

Of course you could always just build something in the game itself, with no mods. It would take an insurmountable amount of time, but it can be done. For most of you though, your going to want to use a world editor to build it. Currently there are two mods that focus mainly on editing worlds, Buildaria and TEdit.


Buildaria uses your Terraria client, so you are still building in-game. The biggest advantage you get from building in-game is that you can test it out as you build it. TEdit on the other hand, is a separate program that can create and load worlds. You build like you would draw in Microsoft Paint. TEdit does have the feature of using Terraria's sprites to show you what it would look like in-game, but it's not implemented perfectly. TEdit is going to be faster at building large structures or terraform the land how you like it. Buildaria on the other hand, works well for refining an almost completed area to look just as you imagined.


I'm not going to go too in-depth about those two world editing mods, but you can read all about TEdit in the mod feature I did about it here, or you can read all about...
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There is much to see, create, and discover in the world of Terraria, so the aim of this recurring piece is to focus on a small part of it and see what you all have come up with.

This week's theme is East Asian Architecture - Pagodas, temples, and shrines. Take us to Asia's past with structures of stunning design.





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