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Terraria is once again on sale for 75% for the last time in 2011! This your last chance to grab it for this wonderful price for a friend or a family member. Steam is having a daily sale and right now Terraria is the number 1 top seller!


I hope everyone is have a wonderful Holiday and we hope you have a safe and happy New Years and we hope to see you again in 2012!

EDIT 1/1/2012: Terraria is on sale for the first time in 2012! 75% off 24 hour sale once again. Hope you all had a wonderful and safe New Years and hope your relaxing and recovering from your parties / events from last night!
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Today's feature introduces developers to TehModAPI, a Modding API for Terraria coded in C# by iPie uDie.

Current API Features List:
- Allowance of multiple mods at the same time
- Access to a custom settings screen to allow changing of bool's and ints and the activation of certain processes through an interactive menu.
- Pre and Post update runners
- Ability to draw on the Underlay(World) or Overlay(Interface) when drawing sprites and string.
- Mouse Handling done by the API
- Command Handling done by the API, implement 1 method for single and 1 for multiplayer to handle commands executed(Pre formatted by the API)
- A toolkit class containing general methods which may be useful to any mod, such as altaring the world, drawing centered text, etc.

Installation Tutorial by TheGamersCave:

Make sure you check out the TehModAPI Thread for instructions on how to download and install this amazing Modding API. Be sure to browse other Terraria Mods using our Client/Server Mods + Tools Forum Section or, better...
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The Holidays are here and last week Re-Logic released their Winter Wonderland update to Terraria! With it comes a wealth of bug fixes, a few new NPC’s, and my favorite additions, the snow biome and new blocks! The new update comes packed with snow, snow bricks, red candy cane blocks, and green candy cane blocks. That is a lot of new building material!

These new bricks and blocks can only be good news for map builders. Have a mountain in your adventure map? Well, why not top it with snow! It will even start snowing if you place enough snow blocks. From some preliminary testing it seems that you can get some really light snow with as little as 20-30 snow blocks. To get it to really snow, you need a good 250 or more blocks. Do not mistake snow bricks for ordinary white bricks. Placing them will also cause it to snow. However, the green and red candy cane blocks do not spawn snow when placed.


Another nice addition to the snowy biome is the snow covered trees. Just like regular trees, you can plant an acorn in snow and sooner or later you will have a snow covered tree. Another neat addition is the Santa NPC that will move in with you after defeating the Frost Legion. New lighting materials have also been added. The red, blue, and green lights sold by the Santa NPC offer some nice festive decorations to the mix, but don’t count on these lights being your primary source of light, as they only have a faint glow to them. If you string them up around a well-lit base for example, you won’t notice their brightness at all. Stock up on the new lights now, according to the official Terraria Wiki, Santa and presents will be phased out after December 31st....
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In the continuing spirit of the Holidays, here's a time-lapse video by forum member Ruari!

Visit OdysseyGamez's YT channel for other Terraria videos.

Helpful guides and other user-created videos can be found here at the Terraria Online Forums, along with loads of other content.

We often feature user-made art, videos, maps and other gems on the front page. If you have something you feel would be a good feature, feel free to PM confuzzledyma.
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Today we have a great Let's Play Terraria Series staring TotalBiscuit and Jesse Cox in a brand spanking new world that they generated for 1.1! In addition, we have an awesome art piece that comes with this Let's Play Terraria Series by Indigirl!


Make sure you check out TotalBiscuit and Jesse Cox's YouTube Channels and subscribe for future videos. Also don't forget to look at Indigirl's DeviantArt Page and leave her a comment. If you want to browse other Let's Plays or start your own, you should visit the Let's Play Terraria Forum Section.