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By popular request, we have here today an epic remake of the Skyrim trailer, done in Terraria by community member zebri. For the best experience, go fullscreen!​

Production facts, from zebri

-The raw footage shot for the making of the movie has a total size of 23,9 Gb.
-I had to uninstall 2 games from my PC in order to get enough disk space to store the files
mentioned above.
-3 guides died during the making of the fight scenes: 2 accidentally, 1 intentionally.
-The twins had to be summoned a total of 7 times to get enough footage of the fights
-Spazmatism died only in 3 of 7 fights.
-I had to remove a guide from the map since he moved into a house that appears in a scene.
-I used a hallowed repeater to kill retinazer and to get spazmatism to his second form; the
amount of cursed flames used to craft the all the cursed arrows i used in the 7 fights had a sell
price of over 22 gold.

Terraria - Re-logic
Audio - Bethesda Softworks
Camera + special effects - zebri

Used programs
Sony vegas

Be sure to visit the announcement thread here on the TO forums to comment, and subscribe to his YouTube channel if you enjoyed it!

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Today's feature is by themurumasa, and hes going to tell you about his PvP Tournament he is running and where to get all the details on how to watch and to follow the Tournament.

Hi there, my name is Stevis, I am one of two members of the YouTube channel "TheMurumasa". We have started a PvP tournament that I think will be quite entertaining for fellow Terraria fans to watch.

The Teams.
The teams consist of three players, one leader and two members. The current teams and there members are placed in the Google docs link here.

The Games.
The games are an arena style PvP, all members of a team spawn on one side of the arena and set their spawn by clicking the bed in the "house" next to them. This makes it so that when they are killed by a member of the other team they will spawn in the room with the bed and will not be able to escape until the next round.
When the round starts the players move to the main area of the arena and battle it out until a whole team is dead, this counts as a win for the other team.
When three rounds have been completed then the team with the most points win, and will face the next opponents in the bracket.

After every round the losing team chooses the next arena, giving them a slight advantage.

The Arenas
There are currently three arenas to choose from, these arenas are shown in more detail in the video below.

The System
The PvP tournament uses an old-school bracket system where the losers of each game are wiped out and the winners move up the bracket...
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There is much to see, create, and discover in the world of Terraria, so the aim of this recurring piece is to focus on a small part of it and see what you all have come up with.

This week's theme is Skyscrapers: Which building most defines your city's skyline?





Next week's theme is East Asian Architecture - Pagodas, temples, and shrines. Take us to Asia's past with structures of stunning design.

To submit images or videos, or to suggest a theme for a later week, please...
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Today we have an amazing Time Lapse video of Underwater City being built from the ground up in only about 7 hours' time. This might be an older video but its for sure one of the nicer few Terraria time lapses out there and we think you will enjoy it if you have not had the chance to see it yet. This inspiring video was created by PsiSyndicate with the help of his 5 other friends.

Terraria Time Lapse, The Underwater City:

Make sure you check out PsiSyndicate's YouTube Channel and subscribe for future videos.

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Today we have another map by TerrariaOnline forum member Stackerzgame called Wanted. It's a single player adventure map that has you escaping a prison and becoming a wanted man.


There is a story to go along with your adventure, and some of it is funny, and some of it is quite vulgar, so there's your warning. There are also plenty of custom NPC's to give you quests. When I say "custom NPC" what I'm referring to, is the use of clothing on a statue to make up an NPC. And in Wanted, they are everywhere, and almost everyone will tell you they need a certain item. When you find that item you'll also get a lever that is used back at that NPC to unlock their reward.


This quest structure that Stackerzgame has put together in this map gives it sort of an open world structure to it. When you escape the prison and end up in the first town, you'll run into four or five quest-givers right away. There is no direction you are told to go in so it's up to you to explore and find the items for quests.


As seen from the picture above, you'll often have to fight a hardmode enemy, but you'll get some pretty nice weapons early on to compensate. That doesn't mean you won't die though. It's a tougher map, it's not really hard, but you will die from your standard traps here and there.

I asked Stackerzgame some questions...