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Thar be much t' see, create, 'n discover in th' world o' Terraria, so th' aim o' this recurrin' piece be t' focus on a wee part o' it 'n see wha' ye all 'ave come up wit'.

This week's theme be Pirate Ships! Get out yer materials and build somethin' worthy o' the most darin' swashbuckler!







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If you recall, last week we were linking Curse's March Gaming Bracket Challenge for you all to show your support for Terraria's Dryad - she won the first round! This time she's up against Aela the Huntress from Skyrim, so be prepared for a tough community voting battle. Here are the full results from the first round (click for full results writeup):

Check out this post to get your votes in for this round's contenders! Not only can you vote for your favorite heroes, you can also enter the weekly Alienware x51 giveaway! Each week Curse and Alienware are giving away one x51, so be sure you don't miss your chance to enter to win!
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Today we have an adventure map made by TerrariaOnline forum member XoGenius called The Forgotten Ice Temple. It's an awesome, well thought out map, but this map is no walk in the park.


The Forgotten Ice Temple is single or multi-player for up to 4 people. You even have your own character, the first player/single-player character is Joe, the second player is Michael, the third player is Brian, and the forth player is Marshall. In the downloaded zip, you'll have a different world for how many people you have playing. So the four player map is different from the two player map, etc. The worlds aren't different per se, they just have different loot for the corresponding amount of players. XoGenius has also supplied videos showing you what certain switches do in the game. If you find yourself stuck after pulling a switch, check the corresponding video to see what flipping a certain switch did.


In my single player playthrough, I was pegged as Joe, a young man on a mission to take a bowl to the wise old man at a temple. You soon learn of the Forgotten Ice Temple and are tasked with finding 4 keys(levers) to unlock the path to the once forgotten temple. This is where the adventure starts to pick up as you venture out to find the keys.


You'll encounter tons of enemies, in and out of...
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There is much to see, create, and discover in the world of Terraria, so the aim of this recurring piece is to focus on a small part of it and see what you all have come up with. But first, we need to round up all of you Terraria fans and head over to Curse's March Gaming Bracket Challenge and show some support for our Dryad as she tries to climb in the voting tournament! Click the banner below to go vote and show your support for YOUR game in each pair-up.


Now, back to the Creation Compendium. This week's theme is Space - This has been a much-requested theme! If you have built a space station or ship, or have even made a model solar system, this is the theme for you.

First off, a Terraria tool which fits this theme so perfectly, we needed to give it a shout-out: Planetoids World Generator (part of Omnitool) by Berserker66!


Extra options the program allows:
-Choose start time of day, including Bloodmoon​
-Choose world size, including square shape​
-Choose world mode; Planetoids, Terra or combined.​
-Extra difficulty modes:​
-Atlantis mode (everything is underwater)​
-Reduced chest contents for higher difficulty​
-Everything underground, no sun​
-Option to remove merchant...​
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♦Redigit has ended development of Terraria. He's promised one last bug fix, but then he's going to enjoy time off with his family. He has hinted at a new game, and we at Terraria Times wish him luck with both his new child and new project.​

Today we bring you four interviews with: Obselescence, AyeAye12, Anti-Positive and Garneac. All of them are great writers. Enjoy.​

Obselescence (open)

Us: Obselescence, you are most well known for your fan-fic, Ladder to the Sky. What inspired you to write this adventure?

Obselescence: Wouldn't say I'm most known for that. Partially because it never finished, and partially because I think The Chronicles of Gandalf ended up getting more of a reception. But sure.

Ladder to the Sky was actually a joint idea I had with a dude named Zerovirus (who is also an amazing spriter). We really liked the Terraria and said "Hey, you know what? Let's write a backstory for this crazy...