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Since the dawning of Terraria, to get an NPC to move into whatever building you made, you needed a table, a chair, and a lighting source. This is still true today but it comes with some caveats. The building size hasn't changed but with different furniture and the new lighting engine from patch 1.1, you have more options.

Let's start off with the basics. You need a room, and that room needs some background walls. The size of the room needs to be no less than seven blocks wide and five blocks tall. Now this is where it gets a little tricky. You can go four blocks tall, but then it needs to be eight blocks wide. Regardless of what size you make it, you will need a door or platforms to get into the room. You will also need one comfort item, either a bed, bench, throne, chair, or toilet. You will also need at least one "flat-top" piece of furniture, either a workbench, table, dresser, bookcase, or tub. Also, if you have platforms as your floor, you need your "flat-top" piece of furniture on at least one solid block as seen below:


You will also need some lighting. With the 1.1 patch changing the lighting engine, this has led to some uninhabitable rooms that, before patch 1.1, were inhabitable. Here are some examples:
This picture below shows an unsuitable room:


But if you add one more torch it becomes suitable to live in:


You will also notice that the bottom room in the previous two pictures only has one torch, but it is suitable for the guide to live in. My only conclusion is that because the workbench has a lower profile, more light makes it across the room. With a table...
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Curse is starting a new weekly news round up for 2012, and this week they're talking about Terraria Online, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Diablo III, and Call of Duty!

Check it out and like always don't forget to subscribe to stay in the loop!
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The folks over at IndieDB.com have just announced the voting results of their 2nd annual Indie of the Year; they have this to say about the event in general:
Showing mad respect to Re-Logic, voters crowned Terraria the 2011 Indie of the Year, followed by runners up Synapse, Trine 2, and Bastion.


Scott Reismanis, the Founder of ModDB and IndieDB, commented "For the first time in a long time, it was hard to argue with the 2011 winners, with even the staunchest critics agreeing every game featured deserved its place."

Let's raise our collective glasses for an amazing year of Terraria, and hope that 2012 is packed with things to come for our favorite game!

In addition, a very small hotfix was made to Terraria today to make certain that Santa stops spawning after Jan. 1st. This and other past hotfixes can be found here.
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Terraria is once again on sale for 75% for the last time in 2011! This your last chance to grab it for this wonderful price for a friend or a family member. Steam is having a daily sale and right now Terraria is the number 1 top seller!


I hope everyone is have a wonderful Holiday and we hope you have a safe and happy New Years and we hope to see you again in 2012!

EDIT 1/1/2012: Terraria is on sale for the first time in 2012! 75% off 24 hour sale once again. Hope you all had a wonderful and safe New Years and hope your relaxing and recovering from your parties / events from last night!
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Today's feature introduces developers to TehModAPI, a Modding API for Terraria coded in C# by iPie uDie.

Current API Features List:
- Allowance of multiple mods at the same time
- Access to a custom settings screen to allow changing of bool's and ints and the activation of certain processes through an interactive menu.
- Pre and Post update runners
- Ability to draw on the Underlay(World) or Overlay(Interface) when drawing sprites and string.
- Mouse Handling done by the API
- Command Handling done by the API, implement 1 method for single and 1 for multiplayer to handle commands executed(Pre formatted by the API)
- A toolkit class containing general methods which may be useful to any mod, such as altaring the world, drawing centered text, etc.

Installation Tutorial by TheGamersCave:

Make sure you check out the TehModAPI Thread for instructions on how to download and install this amazing Modding API. Be sure to browse other Terraria Mods using our Client/Server Mods + Tools Forum Section or, better...