Terraria Online

PC New Forum Section for Modding!

by Kane at 2:16 PM
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First off we would like to apologize for the delay on the arrival of this forum section. There were some legal barriers to work through, and while no one is at fault for the delay it was just a long process. We feel this is now a good time to officially allow modding here on Terraria Online!

We have been working out the details with Andrew Spinks (Redigit) and have come up with two really simple rules:

● Nothing that enables any form of piracy
● Nothing that distributes the game code

This new subforum will be put among the other Database-type forums:
Modding & Maps Database:
- Client/Server Mods + Tools
- Texture Packs
- Maps

We are in the process of moving many of the current modification posts into the new section, but if we've missed one simply report it and ask that it be moved!

Please remember to follow the simple rules we've laid down for modding, and have yourselves a wonderful and safe weekend!

PC Art Feature: Daimera's Eater of Souls & Swords

by confuzzledyma at 2:30 PM
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Happy Thursday! Today we feature some interpretations of the Eater of Souls and various sword sprites, by forum member Daimera.



For future updates from Daimera or to leave feedback, check out the artist's thread. For more Terraria fan art check out the forum's Art Section!

We often feature user-made art, videos, maps and other gems on the front page. If you have something you feel would be a good feature, feel free to PM confuzzledyma.

PC Texture Pack Feature: Fallout 3

by Kane at 11:55 AM
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Today we have a texture pack feature, one inspired by Fallout 3! This awesome pack is brought to you by Hazza_h. Work on this pack is still being completed, though most of the environment is complete - around 30% of the sprites are finished.


User Pedguin has made this sweet intro to the pack's features:


For download & installation instructions, check out the Fallout 3 TP thread and don't forget to leave him feedback! If you want to check other player-made texture packs or post your own, you should check out the Texture Packs Forum Section.

PC Map Feature: Escape! - The Necro Knight's Castle

by confuzzledyma at 5:17 PM
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Forum member ahamling27 has been cranking out some great maps for us in the past months since Terraria's release. We'd like to present the last map from this user before 1.1 releases in December: Escape! The Necro Knight's Castle.

In this adventure, you start trapped in a massive castle. You must bypass many obstacles and puzzles to find your way out, with no help from tools or explosives!

Rules, downloads and instructions can be found at the Escape! thread. There is also a Let's Play trio by PsiSyndicate available there if you don't care about spoilers. For more maps, our library at Curse is growing constantly; get in on the fun and upload your own today!

We often feature user-made art, videos, maps and other gems on the front page. If you have something you feel would be a good feature, feel free to PM confuzzledyma.

PC Help TO Moderate!

by confuzzledyma at 4:40 PM
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We'd like to try something different with this round of moderation choices - we will have an open application. If you are of Active Member status or higher, have some free time, and want to help out the TO community, keep reading.

With 1.1 around the corner, we were hoping to bolster our team and get some fresh points of view, not to mention some more help! Choices will be made at the discretion of the current mod team, plus myself and Kane. Based on the volume of applications we are likely to receive, you will probably not get any reply to your sent application.

Once moderators are chosen (the number we're looking for is up in the air at the moment), a post will be made with the new members of the team, and applications will be closed. By sending this application, you agree that you understand there is no guarantee that you will make it on the team now or in the future, and that we will make our choices based on our interpretation of our team's needs.

To view the full application and details on how to submit it, visit this thread.