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Today we have a map by the TerrariaOnline.com duo ElectroFlux and AstroFlux. Together, they made the parkour map called Loophole. The featured map is part one of a series, part two has yet to be released but development is being discussed at their work-in-progress thread here.


As stated earlier, Loophole is a parkour map and should test your jumping skills. It's not your standard parkour map, there are some clever switch flipping puzzles too. One puzzle in particular was a cooperative challenge, as this map was designed for one or two players.


Loophole incorporates Souls of Sight hidden away in chests to act as a scoring mechanism and the puzzles are there to increase your score. They aren't needed to finish the map in any way, but to collect all the souls you will need two people.


This map was also designed to look great too. As you find out very early in the map, your home town is falling apart and the map conveys...
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Today we feature Terraria Comedy Time! Dar3dmag3 is the creator of this sweet short film series and incidentally, is looking for editors and voice actors.

Here are episodes 1 and 2 of Terraria Comedy Time, enjoy!

If you have any suggestions or feedback, or would like to apply as a video editor or voice actor, you should check out the Terraria Comedy Time Thread.

Have something you feel is worth a feature? Feel free to PM confuzzledyma (art/maps/misc.), ahamling27 (mods/tools/maps), or I for (videos/mods/tools).
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Latest News
•One of TO's moderators, Darkas-Pony, has stepped down from moderator rank because of real life reasons.​
•Redigit, also known as Red, will have another child soon. We wish the best for you Red!​

Today we bring you two interviews: One with modder Omnir, creator of Omnir's Modpacks, and another with Berserker66 - creator of Omnitool and other great tools for Terraria. Enjoy.

Berserker66 (open)

Us: Hello there, Berserker66. Let's begin by talking about your work. What made you want to mod/modify for Terraria?

Berserker66:First, I tend to get quite mad at people calling me a modder. None of my work is a mod, it's all seperate programs. The proper name is tool.

As for the original question; I make programs to almost everything I play. For example to find a point in a min/max curve.

Terraria came out when I was working on a world generator for minecraft (Weird World Generator, google can find it). So of course I had the idea to make something similar for Terraria.

In order to create a world you first need to reliably read a world so my first world mapper was created and well from there it took off.

Us: Okay, sorry about calling you a Modder. Could you tell me what " World Mapping" is, for those that don't know?

Berserker66:What the name implies, you create a map, usually in the form of an image file of a world. Have not met anyone who didn't know that though :p

Us:I didn't know that!:confused: Anyway, do you think that you help enhance the...
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TEdit 3 is a wonderful map editing program that you might have seen featured before. You might have questions about how to use it though and I hope this guide will help with your understanding of it.

Getting Started

First you need to make sure you have the latest version of TEdit. It's constantly being updated so go here to get the latest version. You should see a few packages and the top most package should always be the most up-to-date version. If you use this program daily, check BinaryContruct's GitHub daily as well.

After you download the package, unzip it to a place you will remember. TEdit doesn't use an installer, once you unzip it, it's ready to go. Personally, I have a folder on my desktop named "TEdit" and when there is an update, I just clear it out and copy the new version in.

The Menu Bar


At the top of TEdit is the Menu Bar. Under File you can select New, Open, Save, Save-As, or Exit. Edit has Undo, Redo, Copy, Paste, a check box for Paste Empty Tiles, and Delete. The Display button which layers are being shown in the main window. The Plugins drop-down is a menu for just that, plugins. There aren't any 3rd party plugins yet, but development support is on its way. Finally, the Help menu is only there to tease you; currently it has four commands, Wiki, Update, Download New XML Data, and About, all of which do nothing, but I'm sure that will change in an upcoming patch. We'll get more in-depth with some of the menu options down below, but for the most part, they are pretty self explanatory.

The Toolbar


The first eight buttons on the toolbar are pretty...
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There is much to see, create, and discover in the world of Terraria, so the aim of this recurring piece is to focus on a small part of it and see what you all have come up with.

This week's theme is Medieval Castles: Old-style fortresses, with components like keeps, portcullises, battlements, moats, drawbridges, tapestries, etc. Think Camelot! Here's what the TO fanbase has come up with, in alphabetical order: