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The Mechanics Adventure Map is a new custom map built for 1.1 by TerrariaOnline.com forum member 'Stackerzgame'. It is a parkour heavy map, with bits of puzzle action thrown in to break up all the jumping action. The map was built specifically with the new mechanical aspects of the game in mind. Here is a preview video of the map:

Your starting point is literally right above where the princess in being held, and you are told to save her by traversing the Cobalt, Mythril, and Adamantite dungeons. That is about all the story you get, but again, this is not a story map, it is all about platforming, and some pretty good platforming if I say so myself.


The map is difficult, especially if you have absolutely no rhythm, like me. The parkour mostly comes in as blocks disappear and reappear on 3 second timers. It is a challenge, as you are jumping from a disappearing block and hoping you will land on a block that will reappear in time.


I asked Stackerzgame some questions and he kindly answered them:

ahamling27(AH): What inspired you to make the Mechanics Adventure Map?
Stackerzgame(SG): The new mechanical features of 1.1 were just too awesome and no one else had made a map yet. Also I wanted to get to know them better so I could make other cool stuff.

AH: What did you use to...
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Jesse Cox and TotalBiscuit continue their epic Let's Play adventures in a newly generated 1.1 world!

This is part 11 of an ongoing series the two started when 1.1 was released. The first video in the series can be found here.

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Today we have an awesome art feature - and a comic, at that! This work is by DeificWolf & his girlfriend.


For any future updates or if you want to just leave feedback, check out the Magically Delicious Thread. If you are looking for more great comics, consider visiting the Life in Aggro Website. For more Terraria fan art check out the forum's Art Section!
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One of the many amazing submissions for the Terraria Online Holiday Contest was a light show from YouTuber TerrariDav (TerraDav on the forums). We've gotten so many requests to feature this on its own since its release, so here it is!

What makes this video even more magical is the behind-the-scenes video TerrariDav put together to show everyone the wiry madness lurking beneath the beauty!

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We often feature user-made art, videos, maps and other gems on the front page. If you have something you feel would be a good feature, feel free to PM confuzzledyma.
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Since the dawning of Terraria, to get an NPC to move into whatever building you made, you needed a table, a chair, and a lighting source. This is still true today but it comes with some caveats. The building size hasn't changed but with different furniture and the new lighting engine from patch 1.1, you have more options.

Let's start off with the basics. You need a room, and that room needs some background walls. The size of the room needs to be no less than seven blocks wide and five blocks tall. Now this is where it gets a little tricky. You can go four blocks tall, but then it needs to be eight blocks wide. Regardless of what size you make it, you will need a door or platforms to get into the room. You will also need one comfort item, either a bed, bench, throne, chair, or toilet. You will also need at least one "flat-top" piece of furniture, either a workbench, table, dresser, bookcase, or tub. Also, if you have platforms as your floor, you need your "flat-top" piece of furniture on at least one solid block as seen below:


You will also need some lighting. With the 1.1 patch changing the lighting engine, this has led to some uninhabitable rooms that, before patch 1.1, were inhabitable. Here are some examples:
This picture below shows an unsuitable room:


But if you add one more torch it becomes suitable to live in:


You will also notice that the bottom room in the previous two pictures only has one torch, but it is suitable for the guide to live in. My only conclusion is that because the workbench has a lower profile, more light makes it across the room. With a table...