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Today we have another Video Guide starring Retinazer and Spazmatism - known better as "The Twins". The creator of this video goes by the name of Hero on YouTube.

Please be sure to check Hero's YouTube Channel for his other how-to videos.

You check out their first attempt here!

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One of the most exciting additions to Terraria with the new 1.1 content patch is the Wall of Flesh! In this video guide, forum member Lord Sevein covers preparation, tactics, tips, and tricks to help you through your Wall of Flesh encounter and on your way to Terraria's new hard mode.

Visit Lord Sevein's YT channel for his other how-to videos.

More helpful guides and user-created videos can be found at the Terraria Online Forums, along with loads of other content.

We often feature user-made art, videos, maps and other gems on the front page. If you have something you feel would be a good feature, feel free to PM confuzzledyma.
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Terraria Online newspapper.​
Introduction to the Terrarian Times
Founded on December 3, 2011, the Terrarian Times is a humble newspaper that seeks to provide the TO Community with a public "pulse" of what is going on around TO.​

The Terrarian Times will include topic areas such as: interviews with staff/members, art features, news/reviews, contest results, etc. Advertisements will also be allowed on a limited basis per issue.​

The Terrarian Times will be published on a monthly(I will try) basis. Each issue will be stickied in the General Talk section and will be featured on the Front Page of TO.​

Call for Help - How YOU Can Get Involved!!!
TheEimas is the Editor in Chief of the Terrarian Times, but he cannot make this all that it can be by himself. This is where you come in! The desire is to make this truly a Community-owned project. As such, we need members to contribute to its success - in the form of ideas, time, and talents.​

To Share Ideas for Stories or Provide Feedback: PM TheEims or post in here.​

To Volunteer to Support the TT: PM TheEimas​
Current Positions Needed
  • Interviewers: Just need solid communications skills.
  • Art Reporter: A nose for Art, where to find it, and an appreciation for the diversity of creativity here on TO.
  • Advertising Coordinator: Someone to handle requests for ads and select which will go in each issue.
  • TO Observer: Basically, someone to catch members of the TO Community making positive contributions to the community - helping others, suggesting great ideas to further the community, etc.
This big change wouldn't have happened without help of kirabook, Loki ISP and especially confuzzledyma. And...​
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Terraria 1.1 is coming out today and is going to drop in a couple of hours or less. What a perfect time to grab Terraria for 75% off for a friend today!

Have a wonderful day and stay tuned for the 1.1 Update and News posted by Redigit himself.

Edit: 1.1 Seems to be out now if you update. More news from Redigit Soon!
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With Terraria 1.1 days away this might be your last chance to give Cmod: A Terraria Modification a try! What is Cmod you say? Cmod is a game modification created by plaYer2k that adds about 260 more items, 200 more recipes, hunger system, physical pipelines, and much more....


Thanks Pedguin for the video:

They even have a wiki!

Make sure you check out the Cmod - A Terraria Modification Thread for instructions on how to download and install this amazing Mod. Be sure to browse other Terraria Mods using our Client/Server Mods + Tools Forum Section or, better yet, share your own creations with us!