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PC Let's Play Feature: Terraria PVP Pt. 4: Hilariousness Ensues!

by Kane at 1:43 AM
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Today we have a Let's Play by DeliciousCinnamon. This Let's Play features hardcore PVP so be warned! This is a pretty funny series; they have a really good group of people and we think you will enjoy it. It's a short series but it looks like they might have more episodes on the way!

Episode 4:

Episode 1:

Make sure you check out the DeliciousCinnamon YouTube Channel and subscribe for future videos. If you want to check other Let's Plays or start your own, you should check out the Let's Play Terraria Forum Section.

PC Terraria Changes IRC Networks.

by Kane at 7:30 PM
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Just wanted to update everyone that we are no longer using KottNet and have started a new home on the IronDust Network. Due to some internal politics and changes we felt it was best that we moved on to a new network.

For people who would like to use the web client:

For the other people who have their own client:
Server: irc.irondust.net
Channel: #terraria

Please don't use this thread to talk about the politics and such of the change. We just wanted to be straight forward and honest with our community and feel free to post any suggestions here or problems you might have and will forward them to the network staff.

PC Texture Pack Feature: The Zelda Pack

by Kane at 5:07 PM
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Today we have our first texture pack feature here on TO. We will be showing off the amazing Zelda Pack by Levaunt for our first feature by a very talented artist.




For the Zelda Texture Pack, download & installation instructions then check out Levaunt thread and don't forget to tell us your comments! If you want to check other player made texture packs or start your own, you should check out the Texture Packs Forum Section.

PC Art Feature: Mario Castle Tribute

by Kane at 2:56 PM
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Today's feature takes us back to our childhoods with a recreation of of classic Mario castle! Electric Jack does a wonderful job moving the old style castles from NES into Terraria.


For feedback and discussion, check out Electric Jack's thread. Be sure to check out other player creations on TO using our Player Creations & Screenshots Forum Section or, better yet, share your own creations with us!

PC Map Feature: The Elemental Challenge!

by Kane at 2:16 PM
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Today we have an awesome map called the Elemental Challenge by XoGenius. This is a challenge map where you are to follow certain rules (a common thing in Terraria Maps) and claim victory against the Elementals!

For the map, rules, screenshots, and more check out XoGenius thread and don't forget to tell us how you did! If you want to check other player made maps or start your own, you should check out the Maps Forum Section.

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