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Today we have a map feature by TerrariaOnline forum member Soopytwist called Pyramid Adventure. This feature is a little different though. Due to the fact that Soopytwist has released two maps within two weeks of each other, I'm going to feature both Pyramid Adventure I and Pyramid Adventure II. Both of these maps would be considered puzzle maps, although there is just enough story to call them adventures. As you'll see in the video below though, the puzzle aspect is numero uno.


Pyramid Adventure I and II are both great puzzle maps. They make you scratch your head and wonder how to solve most of the puzzles in them. One particular tough puzzle in Pyramid Adventure II is a lava trap puzzle in which you must use wood blocks to cover holes so lava can flow over them. The tricky part is that you need to flip a switch in the middle of all this to open a hole to fall in. Then you gotta get back to that switch quickly enough to close that hole so the lava can flow over it too. All while the lava is flowing right behind you. If you screw up one of those puzzles, it's pretty much game over and you need to copy over the original world file, start a new character and start over.


Fortunately there aren't too many areas you can screw up so badly you need to start over. I think...
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Today we have another very talented artist who goes by the name Burnscars. Burnscars labels his art thread "Alone in Terraria". As you will find most of, if not all of his art is always someone alone fighting the baddies or just relaxing in the world of Terraria.





For more epic art, be sure to head over to Burnscars Art Thread and make sure you leave comment on the amazing job Burnscars has done so far!

Have something you feel is worth a feature? Feel free to PM confuzzledyma (art/maps/misc.), ahamling27 (mods/tools/maps), or I for (videos/mods/tools/art).
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Thar be much t' see, create, 'n discover in th' world o' Terraria, so th' aim o' this recurrin' piece be t' focus on a wee part o' it 'n see wha' ye all 'ave come up wit'.

This week's theme be Pirate Ships! Get out yer materials and build somethin' worthy o' the most darin' swashbuckler!







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If you recall, last week we were linking Curse's March Gaming Bracket Challenge for you all to show your support for Terraria's Dryad - she won the first round! This time she's up against Aela the Huntress from Skyrim, so be prepared for a tough community voting battle. Here are the full results from the first round (click for full results writeup):

Check out this post to get your votes in for this round's contenders! Not only can you vote for your favorite heroes, you can also enter the weekly Alienware x51 giveaway! Each week Curse and Alienware are giving away one x51, so be sure you don't miss your chance to enter to win!
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Today we have an adventure map made by TerrariaOnline forum member XoGenius called The Forgotten Ice Temple. It's an awesome, well thought out map, but this map is no walk in the park.


The Forgotten Ice Temple is single or multi-player for up to 4 people. You even have your own character, the first player/single-player character is Joe, the second player is Michael, the third player is Brian, and the forth player is Marshall. In the downloaded zip, you'll have a different world for how many people you have playing. So the four player map is different from the two player map, etc. The worlds aren't different per se, they just have different loot for the corresponding amount of players. XoGenius has also supplied videos showing you what certain switches do in the game. If you find yourself stuck after pulling a switch, check the corresponding video to see what flipping a certain switch did.


In my single player playthrough, I was pegged as Joe, a young man on a mission to take a bowl to the wise old man at a temple. You soon learn of the Forgotten Ice Temple and are tasked with finding 4 keys(levers) to unlock the path to the once forgotten temple. This is where the adventure starts to pick up as you venture out to find the keys.


You'll encounter tons of enemies, in and out of...