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We thought we'd try a new type of feature here on Terraria Online; a weekly compendium of player creations, all based on a very specific theme. There is much to see, create, and discover in the world of Terraria, so the aim of this recurring piece is to focus on a small part of it and see what you all have come up with.

This week's theme? Dryad Dwellings! She's been with us since day one and leans toward the greener side of life. Let's see some examples of prime Dryad living quarters:




Mohenjo Daro.jpg



Some images are cropped; the link above each should take you to the thread or post which shows the full...
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Today we are featuring another tool; this time an interactive Terraria mapping program created by mrkite. With Terrafirma you can use the client textures, zoom in and out, and even hover over blocks and chests to get detailed information on what's inside the chest. One of the coolest features is the ability to highlight blocks if you're seeking a particular block type!


Be sure to check out this video of Terrafirma!

Download it now and find more information at the official Terrafirma thread.
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Today's Terraria Feature is a modding tool called TEdit 3 by TerrariaOnline forum member BinaryConstruct. Many of you may be familiar with TEdit 2, but with the major content patch 1.1, TEdit hit it's third version. TEdit 3 improves performance significantly over TEdit 2, not to mention a ton of new features and tools.


TEdit 3 is a huge step forward from TEdit 2, and leaps and bounds better than the orginal TEdit. First off, the program has been optimized heavily, using XNA to display the world. That alone makes the program run really smooth and dragging around the map is quicker than ever.


Another awesome new feature is the ability to create a new map from scratch. You can customize the width and height as well as the surface and bedrock levels, and in no time you have a blank world to start building in. There is a box to enter a "World Id (Seed)" but in my testing it didn't change anything, so that might possibly be a feature down the road.


The newest feature added, was the ability to add friendly NPC's to your world. From the "World Properties" tab you can add each NPC separately and change their name to your liking. Also in the "World Properties" tab you can toggle whether your world is in Hardmode or not, as well as which bosses have been...
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Today's feature is a Mod/Tool that goes by the name Omnitool. The creator of Omnitools is Berserker66 and he has done a wonderful job with adding some great features to a mapping tool that makes it a lot more unique. Extra features include the backup worlds feature, and the built-in generators such as Planetoids & Terra, Worldify and PVP Dungeon Arena.


- Makes world backups on launch.
- Maps worlds on launch.
- Contains world generators: Planetoids & Terra, Worldify and PVP Dungeon Arena
- Update notification.
- Linking of other tools (tedit, terrafirma)
- Start Terraria from Omnitool instead of Steam or with Steam, works with GameLauncher GUI

The tool is available in 8 different languages - download it now or find more information at the official Omnitool thread.
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The Mechanics Adventure Map is a new custom map built for 1.1 by TerrariaOnline.com forum member 'Stackerzgame'. It is a parkour heavy map, with bits of puzzle action thrown in to break up all the jumping action. The map was built specifically with the new mechanical aspects of the game in mind. Here is a preview video of the map:

Your starting point is literally right above where the princess in being held, and you are told to save her by traversing the Cobalt, Mythril, and Adamantite dungeons. That is about all the story you get, but again, this is not a story map, it is all about platforming, and some pretty good platforming if I say so myself.


The map is difficult, especially if you have absolutely no rhythm, like me. The parkour mostly comes in as blocks disappear and reappear on 3 second timers. It is a challenge, as you are jumping from a disappearing block and hoping you will land on a block that will reappear in time.


I asked Stackerzgame some questions and he kindly answered them:

ahamling27(AH): What inspired you to make the Mechanics Adventure Map?
Stackerzgame(SG): The new mechanical features of 1.1 were just too awesome and no one else had made a map yet. Also I wanted to get to know them better so I could make other cool stuff.

AH: What did you use to...