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♦Redigit has ended development of Terraria. He's promised one last bug fix, but then he's going to enjoy time off with his family. He has hinted at a new game, and we at Terraria Times wish him luck with both his new child and new project.​

Today we bring you four interviews with: Obselescence, AyeAye12, Anti-Positive and Garneac. All of them are great writers. Enjoy.​

Obselescence (open)

Us: Obselescence, you are most well known for your fan-fic, Ladder to the Sky. What inspired you to write this adventure?

Obselescence: Wouldn't say I'm most known for that. Partially because it never finished, and partially because I think The Chronicles of Gandalf ended up getting more of a reception. But sure.

Ladder to the Sky was actually a joint idea I had with a dude named Zerovirus (who is also an amazing spriter). We really liked the Terraria and said "Hey, you know what? Let's write a backstory for this crazy...
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Today we have an awesome PvP map called PacMap Arena posted by TerrariaOnline forum member Herzreh, who is part of the YouTube channel Hold Reset Gaming. It's a great map, and it can be used as a capture the gem map, a team PvP map, or even a free-for-all PvP map. Here's a time-lapse video of me and some buddies going at it in some team PvP:


As you can see, we were having a blast! We were stealing the gems from each others base, but ultimately we were just fighting each other. There are some awesome items that each team gets to start with. Everyone gets a Sunfury, an Ice Rod, a Demon Scythe spell book, and a Curses Flames spell book. Everyone also gets a set of Mythril Armor that comes with the Mythril Hood. For accessories, you get a Dual Hook, Spectre Boots, Cloud in a Balloon, and Angle/Demon Wings depending in which team you are on. For the sake of identifying the other team, social outfits are included as well. A team of Mario look-a-likes will fight a team of Link look-a-likes.


The map is laid out very nicely, and the effect of fighting in a giant Pac-Man arena is done very well. The pathways are nice and dark, you can hide out on a ceiling if you wish, thanks to 20 gravity potions you start with. You also won't have...
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There is much to see, create, and discover in the world of Terraria, so the aim of this recurring piece is to focus on a small part of it and see what you all have come up with.

This week's theme is Treehouses - Any structure either built on top of pre-existing trees, or built to *look* like a tree. Think foliage, nature, and height! This will be a LONG post - we got tons of submissions, so do enjoy. As promised, in reverse-alphabetical this week to change up the order ;).

the floating tree house.png

Yoyi (HUGE image here)​





Terraria treehouse.png
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We know the recent news about Redigit has upset a lot of our users and we know how much everyone here loves Terraria. Some brighter news - Redigit is going for a long holiday and someday will be back. We don't know if this will be many months, or a couple of years, but I can promise you he will be back someday.

All I can tell you is he's already started working on the planning of the new project. I can't tell you more on this project, but I can tell you its very real and very unique and will make a splash when it does get announced.

Till that day comes, we just want to offer some reinsurance that Terraria Online itself is not going anywhere period! We will always have our doors open to our community, our big family.

I think you guys should also, when burned out from Terraria's content, start checking out the mods section. I think you will find mods becoming even more popular and offering even more content to expand your Terraria game play indefinitely.
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Today we have a very talented artist who goes by the name Cyan the Red. Below you will find some well done art pieces that are all from requests from other members to Cyan the Red to draw them something epic and I think you will find them pretty epic.

The Thought Thinker Request:

deathbringer539 Request:

saephin request:

And for the last request piece since I do enjoy even numbers is for GoldenPhoenix 97:

For more epic art and requests be sure to head over to Cyan the Red Art Thread and make sure you leave comment on the amazing job Cyan the Red has done so far!

Have something you feel is worth a feature? Feel free to PM confuzzledyma (art/maps/misc.), ahamling27 (mods/tools/maps), or I for (videos/mods/tools/art).