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PC Art Feature: More Art by Nut Cracker

by Kane at 4:01 PM
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Today's feature is once again showing some amazing artwork by the member named Nut Cracker. We had featured his work in the past and once again he has outdone himself with a few new pieces to his collection of art.



For feedback and discussion, check out Nut Cracker's thread. Be sure to check out other art on TO using our Art Forum Section or, better yet, share your own creations with us!

PC Wiki Announcement: Portuguese & Polish Editions!

by confuzzledyma at 2:55 PM
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The Portuguese and Polish Official Terraria Wikis are ready for public release; requirements for the subdomains have been met, and we're set for launch!

They're by no means a finished product and volunteers are needed for continued work and upkeep. If you are fluent in English and either Portuguese or Polish and wish to help, simply register at the appropriate Wiki and get to work.

Big congratulations to the communities who have worked so hard to get to this point! For other Wiki projects, head over to the Projects page to see what needs doing, or work on creating your own.

PC Stories Feature: The Life of a Slime!

by Kane at 5:18 AM
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Today we have another Stories Feature originally done by the member named Robly18. He had started the series back in early July and was a hit success. Oreo another wonderful member has decided with permission to revive and continue the series "The Life of a Slime."


The other day I was walking around my Terraria world. I wanted to go re-explore the dungeon, although I already had one thousand times. "There is nothing I could have missed", I thought. I was wrong. I found a book. A journal, to be precise. On it's cover, it said: "The Life of a Slime". And this, people, is what I am reading to you right now.

Day one: Where the heck am I?
Hi. I am a slime. If you are reading this, congratulations on finding my journal. All I remember is darkness. Then somehow I woke up, and here I am, writing on this book, which I found in the floor, with... well, my own slime. I woke up, found the book I'm writing on right now and kept it (inside myself).

Then I heard a *knock, knock* sound. I followed it and found, to my surprise, a creature. It, unlike me, wasn't... semi-transparent, slimey... and he was way bigger than me. I tried to approach him. We were both afraid of each other. I was afraid of him because I didn't know what he was, and I have a feeling the same with him. Then, he hit me with an axe. I automatically ran away. He ran after me. I didn't know what to do. Desperate, I jumped into water, just to find out I not only floated on it, as I swam much faster than I walked. The other creature sank to the bottom like a rock. I took the chance and ran away.

Me, without any clue on where I was or what I was doing there, was a bit...

PC Fan Art: slakensColin

by confuzzledyma at 12:44 PM
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Today's art feature brings some cool action shots from forum member slakensColin. First off, some cave diving and bat slaying with the Thorn Chakram:


Then, some panicked stabbing of the Eater of Worlds:

Other finished works, plus many more sketches and unfinished pieces can be found at slakensColin's fan art thread. For more Terraria fan art check out the forum's Art Section!

We often feature user-made art, videos, maps and other gems on the front page. If you have something you feel would be a good feature, feel free to PM confuzzledyma. Curse is still hiring! Check out the updated employment list at http://www.curse.com/content/JobsatCurse.aspx

PC Stories Feature: A horrible chill...

by Kane at 5:03 AM
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Today we have our very first Stories Feature, from TO forum member/author Blyr. Below is the first paragraph; you can follow the link below, which leads to the author's full story.

For the rest of the story check out the "A horrible chill..." thread!

For more awesome stories by authors from our community, check out TO's Terraria Stories forum.