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Jan 25, 2012
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Demon Eye, Female

and that...has totaled up to 9 people I've talked out of suicide... Nov 21, 2012

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Jun 15, 2013
    1. Danorpx
      Are you still alive? I would like to get your steam :P
    2. Pofinator
    3. wowguyepic
      nvm, i found an epic server! ip is : 7777
    4. wowguyepic
      Hey! it's me, 1.0.6 from pinkies revenge. i just want u to know that im still alive and playin terraria. XD
      tell me if you find any servers even remotely like pinkie's revenge. i would love to play multiplayer with you again.
      also, tell the others i said hi!
      1. Aeria
        Hey 1.0.6 I have a couple of the people from Pinky's on Steam, so if you have a Steam I could possibly redirect you to some of them, since some of them don't even play Terraria anymore, although Dragoon is starting to mod on there...getting quite good at it as well. XD
        Dec 4, 2012
    5. Aeria
      and that...has totaled up to 9 people I've talked out of suicide...
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      2. Aeria
        No they're not on TO thankfully. I've found a game recently that I quite like, and unfortunately there are quite a lot of people there that need help. But I'm not alone, I've also met a few people who have the same goal as me :)
        Dec 4, 2012
      3. connery0
        Well even if it's on a game, my point was that it's pretty strange for someone that actualy want's to commit suiecide just to say that to a random stranger. But then again I have no experience with something like that ( luckely)
        Dec 5, 2012
      4. Aeria
        They usually don't straight up say "I'm going to commit suicide" It's just these sort of hints/behaviors that you notice. Like them completely depressed in their comments, or them being very sad. It's just so palpable that you know that something is wrong.
        Dec 6, 2012
    6. Aeria
      I just cut my own hair. I just cut off approximately half of it off.
    7. Aeria
      Hearing "In The Arms of an Angel" again reminds me of all that I've lost this year..Bless you all...
    8. Aeria
      "I dropped my laptop off a boat. Now it's a Dell rolling in the deep"
      1. Classikly
        Nov 4, 2012
      2. KarthalleL33T1
    9. Aeria
      These election ads...If they put all that money used to pay for the ads to the deficit...
    10. Aeria
      The presidential elections are all of insulting other people and countries it seems.
    11. Aeria
      I sorta did guess that there wasn't going to be a big update for Terraria on the PC...
      1. Cricket
        Yeah, kinda wouldn't make sense for an ex-developer to be secretly churning out updates. But still, didn't expect the console port. Thought it would be a bugfix.
        Sep 14, 2012
    12. Aeria
      today is 9/11....Just being curious, what were you guys doing when the planes crashed into the towers?
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      2. kingicarus
        I was in kindergarten I believe, it might have been my first day of school actually, if not one of the first. Odd how some of my fondest memories occurred during one of America's greatest Tragedies, but I was too young to understand the events at the time.
        Sep 11, 2012
      3. Mr. Mystery
        Mr. Mystery
        I was on a plane to Europe.
        Sep 11, 2012
      4. Panthera Tigris Altaica
        Panthera Tigris Altaica
        Sadly, I don't recall any of what had happened on that tragic day for hundreds if not thousands of Americans. I believe I was in school at that time.
        Sep 11, 2012
    13. Aeria
      Typos...Typos Everywhere.
      1. Panthera Tigris Altaica
        Panthera Tigris Altaica
        You never do get over them darned typos do you?
        Sep 11, 2012
    14. Aeria
      The girl who was practically my sister,went missing for a week.then came back wanting to get a house to live in instead(continuedin comments
      1. Aeria
        She took all the money from her boyfriend. and left for a week. Came back. and her boyfriend is sitting right next to her, and types. "He's alright. Isn't my type" when he has done the world for her. She ain't thinking straight. and life isn't going to accept her...
        Sep 7, 2012
      2. Aeria
        She doesn't know what she has caused. And of course, 5 minutes after telling me all this. "oh gawd. I'm going to get so scared" I ask why, "PewDiePie is playing silent hill" I facepalmed. So hard.
        Sep 7, 2012
    15. Aeria
      First Cross Country meet of the year. Fun x3
    16. Aeria
      R.I.P. Pinky's Revenge. Sad to see the server go. And that's the last time I played Terraria~
      1. Stackerzgame
        RIP.... THE P WAS FOR PIE!
        Aug 20, 2012
      2. Aeria
        Pinkie Pie
        Sep 7, 2012
    17. Aeria
      Been a while since I've updated my status, This'll be my new status.
    18. Aeria
      Curiosity did kill the cat. And in this case too, curiosity killed the humans. At least cats have 9 lives...does that mean...CATS>HUMANS?!?!
    19. Aeria
      So close to be able to host servers! I'm pumped man~!
    20. Aeria
      Physicals and X-rays. Fun....
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