Apr 24, 2011
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Blue Personified, Male

So many NPC's to protect during goblin invasion. I always regret building my house at spawn... XD Oct 27, 2013

    1. l4d2man155
      Mass Effect!
      1. Blue
        Yeah, its true that my 'location' is mentioned in Mass Effect, but I believe thats the order of things in reality too. :p
        Jul 16, 2012
      2. l4d2man155
        So, you are a fan? I knew my thread would thrive from the ME fans.
        Jul 26, 2012
    2. Rokas :3
      How's the project going? :P
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      2. Blue
        Yes. he is one of the ones Im interested in talking to.
        Jul 15, 2012
      3. Rokas :3
        Rokas :3
        Well, If i wouldn't sent him that link, he wouldn't be there.... :P
        Jul 15, 2012
      4. Rokas :3
        Rokas :3
        So, nothing I can do to help? :c :sadface:
        Jul 15, 2012
    3. Blue
      1. Rokas :3
        Rokas :3
        :rushes in there and follows you:
        Jul 11, 2012
      2. AaronC
        "Up and coming game designer" interesting... :)
        Jul 11, 2012
      3. SuperChobot
        Also, on another note, hey, our paths crossed again.
        I CALLED IT!
        Jul 12, 2012
    4. Blue
      People, stop blaming me for stuff I didn't do... No, I didn't have any say in the end of updates, I WANT more updates. Stop emailing me!
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      3. Blue
        I'm sorry, I do not consider lying to be a 'skill' I would want.
        Jul 25, 2012
      4. Lord Carver
        Lord Carver
        Lying is the main reason why the world hasn't ripped itself apart yet.
        Jul 26, 2012
      5. Blue
        hm (clears his throat) Let's give this a try. I love riding in airplanes.
        Jul 26, 2012
    5. Joshua Searle
      It may be a bit far fetched but does anyone know how i should go about making a portal gun on tconfig? I have already started my mod and i wanted to add a portal gun to it. Also if anyone has any suggestions on what else to make or any sprites i could use that would be great. :)
    6. Blu
      I'm really saddened to hear that people have sucked any enjoyment out of your presence on these forums, and have stooped so low as to attack others around you. Never forget that there are people still out there who are incredibly grateful to you; all your hard work, your contributions both past and present, and everything you'd done for us.
      1. Blu
        I'm really sad to see you go, and wish you nothing but happiness and good fortune in your future. Take care, and thank you.
        Jun 16, 2012
      2. Blu
        ps: this is response to your post on starbound - i couldn't access my account there
        Jun 16, 2012
    7. Blue
      Peace out. and goodbye.
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      2. SuperChobot
        Jun 14, 2012
      3. darkninjx
        Good bye and good luck :(
        Jun 15, 2012
      4. SuperChobot
        Oh, wait. Now I get it. Well, Blue. Goodbye. May you do amazing in all of your future endeavors and may our paths cross again someday, somehow.
        Jun 18, 2012
    8. FireballJoe
      Why you no dev?
    9. xGama
      Wow 319 posts and with it 2,225 likes :O. That's...7 likes per comment.
    10. Blue
      Headed to Baltimore for the weekend to judge at a national level speech and debate tournament. Speechies unite!
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    11. MerchantDrake
      Happy Birthday Terraria! 36 minutes ago
      Blue was last seen: 37 minutes ago

    12. Blue
      Happy Birthday Terraria!
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      2. snark
        : D
        May 23, 2012
    13. Omnir
      Hey Blue!

      Have you checked out my modpack(s) yet? I'm not sure if you're a fan of Final Fantasy (or Tibia >.>) but they add a ton of new stuff :O
    14. Blue
      For anyone who cares or is going, Ill be at Port-Con Maines, Geek Culture Convention in June.
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      2. Kelp
        Too far away! No chance of me getting there, you got my hopes up.
        May 9, 2012
      3. Blu
        :[ I wish. Have a good time without us!
        May 9, 2012
      4. Suika Ibuki
        Suika Ibuki
        Stripes loves Greek culture. I have no idea what Greek culture is, though. All I know are the mythologies ;_;
        May 9, 2012
    15. Kelp
      I had no idea that you were no longer on the moderator team. That aside, how have you been lately? Is your new house still comfortable?
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      2. Kelp
        Make up your mind! Same house or a different house in Maine?
        May 9, 2012
      3. Blue
        May 9, 2012
      4. Aydind
        or you can live out doors :3
        May 9, 2012
    16. Narbs
      Hello Blue, how are you?
    17. SuperChobot
      Congrats on 2,222 likes Blue! *Waits for someone to make it 2,223*
      1. Wolfey
        Challenge Accepted.
        May 6, 2012
      2. Wolfey
        Done. Lol
        May 6, 2012
    18. Blardow6
      Oh man, What happened? Red got mad or something?
      I got my hopes up that you would continue terraria...
      dang :/
      1. GoldenPhoenix 97
        GoldenPhoenix 97
        He left a LONG time ago to presume his own project.
        Apr 22, 2012
      2. SuperChobot
        He's said himself (don't know where the post is now), the best way to put it is that he got laid off. Red needed a public relations guy for the launch with all the hype. After the launch, Red didn't need him anymore and he got laid off. He got turned into a moderator then. *This is the end of what he's actually stated* I guess he didn't moderate enough, so he just got demoted to "Well-Known".
        Apr 27, 2012
    19. Blue
      Moving again. Geez... I hate packing. lol.
      1. Wolfey and O ciN like this.
      2. Monta
        Hm .. why do you move ?
        Mar 12, 2012
    20. Mr.Person
      Hey Blue, do you have the ability to sprite or mod? Because me and my mod team would love to have you in it =)
      Also, why did you get demoted to Well-Known?
      1. SuperChobot
        Red didn't need him as public speaker after the hype of the Terraria launch died down, so Red "laid him off" (in Blue's words). Also, that isn't something I made up, he said that in a reply to a post (not the EXACT words, but you know what I mean). He became mod, then I guess he just didn't do enough modding, so they demoted him to Well-Known.
        Apr 8, 2012
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    Formerly the Production Manager of Terraria (Jan '11 to Sept '11). No longer affiliated with Re-Logic. Just a player now.
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