Apr 24, 2011
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Blue Personified, Male

So many NPC's to protect during goblin invasion. I always regret building my house at spawn... XD Oct 27, 2013

    1. Mr.Person
      Hey Blue, do you have the ability to sprite or mod? Because me and my mod team would love to have you in it =)
      Also, why did you get demoted to Well-Known?
      1. SuperChobot
        Red didn't need him as public speaker after the hype of the Terraria launch died down, so Red "laid him off" (in Blue's words). Also, that isn't something I made up, he said that in a reply to a post (not the EXACT words, but you know what I mean). He became mod, then I guess he just didn't do enough modding, so they demoted him to Well-Known.
        Apr 8, 2012
    2. Ix0r
      Terrarimon Redigit and Blue verision! Coming to stores soon!
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    3. Bobrocket
      Ouch man, why are you demoted to well-known member?
    4. Mekakadu
      Hey Blue. I made an expansion to a Minecraft mod that makes the music from Terraria play in the background of Minecraft accordingly (ex. Day song during day, night song during night, cave song in a cave, etc.). I was wondering if I'm allowed to post this mod on the Minecraft Forums for people to download and use. Thanks in advance :D
      1. Mekakadu
        Am I allowed to use the music from terraria? I can lock the folder they're in if you want so people can't take them from the expansion and use them instead of buying the songs.
        Feb 29, 2012
      2. Blue
        This question woul dbe better directed to Redigit, A. He handled all the legal stuff, B. Im no longer in a position to say yes or no. But I would think no, since the music itself is sold in soundtrack form and is copyrighted. So offering it to people for free in any form would prob be illegal.
        Mar 2, 2012
    5. Mudkips
      How far have you gone with the game your working on?
      Also your the only Dev that answers all questions :3
      1. Blue
        I'm still learning to code, so its coming very slowly. :/
        Feb 28, 2012
    6. Blu
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      3. Blu
        i'm glad this message reached you :] I was wondering if you would be willing to do us a small favour.

        tiy and red have yet to see this and because i can't PM them, it's getting buried. i know they are both very busy right now. i was hoping, if you still had any contact with them, you could pass this along? it would mean a lot.

        thank you, either way. for everything :]
        Mar 2, 2012
      4. Blue
        I talk to Tiy in Starbound chat all the time, ill mention it to him. As for Redigit, I think he saw it already? didnt someone mention his reply in the thread? I guess I could be mistaken.
        Mar 2, 2012
      5. Blu
        I made this comment last night and I guess he saw it this morning. Thank you again!
        Mar 2, 2012
    7. Scribblehog
      wwhhhaaat? You've turned from developer to moderator (which I know why), but now you're only a well known member? What is this blue???
    8. Space Sphere
      Well, atleast one (former) dev is still here.
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    9. starcannon
      I saw a screen shot of the game you are working on looks like terraria but more cartoony...
      1. Sage of Thyme
        Sage of Thyme
        What game?
        Feb 25, 2012
      2. Blue
        I'm not 'working' on Starbound, Im simply a moderator on their forum.
        Feb 25, 2012
    10. Soul Eater
      Hi blue, i have a few questions. One, did Redigit take you off the developement team? If so, why? And you where a moderator before, why W-KM now?
      1. GoldenPhoenix 97
        GoldenPhoenix 97
        I believe he left to pursue his own project though im not completely sure.
        Feb 22, 2012
    11. Blue
      Went to the Fort Worth zoo today. So many aminals! (spelled that incorrectly on purpose. :p)
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      2. Paperbags
        Hmm... I might have to try this "Out" Sometime. Though I don't understand what you mean by a Jersey Shore or a Justin Beiber. Are those kinds of food?
        Feb 22, 2012
      3. th3squirr3l
        Jersey Shore is an awful abomination that gives an entire state a bad name.
        I swear, not all of us people from NJ are so... Umm... Unintelligible? Is that the right word?
        Feb 22, 2012
      4. th3squirr3l
        Anyways, I was always kicked out of zoos as a child, because my dad would invariably mess with the monkeys xD Whether it was shining a reflective surface towards them or teasing them with food or other interesting objects, he would find a way to make sure we were never allowed back hahaha... Good times.
        Feb 22, 2012
    12. Joshyswag
      hey tell me if you are interested in doing this some time in the near future. OK we are going to play 48 hours of Terraria to kickstart the Summer in June, we need 8 people and would love to have you.
      1. orrick69
        hey can i join?
        Mar 3, 2012
      2. Joshyswag
        Mar 3, 2012
    13. Blue
      Yes. I am Blue... Starbound Chat people...
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    14. Zman12380
      Wow, the nostalgia that you brought us with posting that old LP.
    15. Blue
      Just posted a thread of some vids in the lets play forum section. Check em out.
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      2. Kelp
        Is it really out of the question to perhaps even do a full playthrough LP with Red? He will be focusing on his real life but would he have enough time to play an hour or more every so often for recording purposes?
        Feb 21, 2012
      3. Sage of Thyme
        Sage of Thyme
        Blue, most of us will watch it no matter who is in it.
        Feb 21, 2012
      4. Sakaru
        I, for one, would love it whether you did it alone, with a friend of yours or a hamster named Boo. Hope you decide it's worth it.
        Feb 22, 2012
    16. iNfiniTe Se7eNz
      Just noticed there are a few green pixels in your avatar. xD
      1. Maplestrip
        It has allways been that way...
        Feb 21, 2012
    17. Mr.Person
      Ahaha, Blue, that story was epic. xD
    18. MisterPurkki
      How did you guys create the songs and sound effects to Terraria? Did you download them from somewhere? =)
      1. Blue
        All the games music was made specifically for Terraria by
        (Their logo is on the Re-Logic Splash screen on the bottom left.)
        Feb 16, 2012
      2. MisterPurkki
        ok, thanks for answering :) even though that was kinda dumb question
        Feb 16, 2012
    19. Metakarta
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    Formerly the Production Manager of Terraria (Jan '11 to Sept '11). No longer affiliated with Re-Logic. Just a player now.
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