corrupted ninja
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Dec 31, 2012
Dec 24, 2011
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Village of The Corrupted Ninja's

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corrupted ninja

Green Slime, Male, from Village of The Corrupted Ninja's

idki was stupid i take it back... for now. Dec 31, 2012

corrupted ninja was last seen:
Dec 31, 2012
    1. ThePalkiaBlade
      You can make your sig bigger from 734 pixerls to 2390485098173049785018347518374587 pixels.
    2. AdenSword
      Was about to say something about the sig but.
      "corrupted ninja was last seen:
      Dec 31, 2012 "
      Could a mod edit his sig? Or is that not possible?
    3. antibehroz
      Dude your signature is way too big, you need to make it shorter. (Assuming you are a guy because your profile pic is one)
      1. Yüen
        Last seen 2012
        May 24, 2014
    4. polarhifly
      My lord, what has this world become? And you haven't even been infracted for your sig!
    5. corrupted ninja
      idki was stupid i take it back... for now.
    6. Blardow6
      Dude, whats so bad about it, I forgot a bit about it too, but still.
    7. corrupted ninja
      o ban me from theis gay website.
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      2. W1K
        Raping engrish is fun.
        Nov 18, 2012
      3. Lucama221
        Last time I tried it shoved a thesaurus up my ass, I never tried after that.
        Nov 18, 2012
      4. Bobrocket
        ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
        Nov 19, 2012
    8. corrupted ninja
      so i just got on randomly for the first time in like 3 months and this website sucks so i knew terraria online would become unpolpulated, s
    9. Flynn Callahan
      According to the rules of the English language, it should be The Corrupted Ninjas. The Corrupted Ninja's (emphasizing the apostrophe) implies an unfinished sentence, as though you were to say, "The Corrupted Ninja's sword," being cut off before saying sword.
      1. Flynn Callahan
        Flynn Callahan
        Not only is it implying possession, it implies singularity as opposed to the plurality needed, considering that you are a team of Corrupted Ninjas, not a single Corrupted Ninja.
        Nov 9, 2012
    10. KnightO'Derpiness | Isaac
      how can i PM you? im hosting today and i need to get people the IP
      1. corrupted ninja
        corrupted ninja
        click my name and ttyhere will be a button that says Private Conversation. i think.
        Aug 5, 2012
    11. l4d2man155
      This waffle stares at your sword.
      1. l4d2man155
        This waffle steals your sword.
        Aug 4, 2012
      2. corrupted ninja
        corrupted ninja
        i heard!!!
        Aug 5, 2012
      3. Flynn Callahan
        Flynn Callahan
        This pancake steals that waffle and the stolen sword.
        Nov 9, 2012
    12. corrupted ninja
      Yay new avatar!!!!!!!!!
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      2. l4d2man155
        Shit. You're right.
        Jul 31, 2012
      3. corrupted ninja
        corrupted ninja
        h! FINALY
        Aug 1, 2012
      4. l4d2man155
        Nov 9, 2012
    13. Blardow6
      Hey man! Awesome mod.
      I would like to be a co-spriter and advertiser!
      I love to sprite!
    14. corrupted ninja
      made Cursed Mod thread
      1. terrariaBurak likes this.
      2. Chant
        You should link the thread in your sig.
        Jul 15, 2012
    15. corrupted ninja
      active member now.!!
    16. corrupted ninja
      just did some major signature change work. looks a lot better now.
    17. corrupted ninja
      my clan is epic. check my signature for link.
      1. Mr.Bear
        Nov 25, 2012
    18. corrupted ninja
      kk um can i get a link and what do you want me to do
      1. Tthing
        Hey can i join your team?
        My name is Jackie_Payne on Steam...
        May 1, 2012
      2. corrupted ninja
        corrupted ninja
        sorry this was supposed to be clan members only. if no one else joins then yes.
        May 1, 2012
    19. SugarRush
      hey,help me on terrarians creed,its dieing!
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    Cursed Mod[IMG] [IMG][IMG]"new Armor, New Weapons, and more to come"

    i am:
    Zombie RP Stats (open)
    Zombie RP Stats (open)
    Zombie RP Stats (open)

    Inventory (open)
    Inventory (open)

    Sub machine Gun
    2 throwing knives
    A Makarov with 5 mags
    a few juice boxes
    rusty pocket knife
    6 painkiller meds.
    homemade metal shortsword.

    Achievements (open)
    Achievements (open)


    Village of The Corrupted Ninja's
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