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Jun 12, 2011
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Feb 20, 1994 (Age: 20)

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Cursed Skull, Male, 20, from Germany

.möpp. Aug 6, 2013

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Aug 6, 2013
    1. YouKnowWho
      IDK if my other comment went just incase:
      Hey, DevilBro, may I please have a YouTube channel art with a wooden wall from terraria in the backround, and a logo that says, "YouKnowWho" in a terraria type of way? Thanks. If not, I understand
    2. YouKnowWho
      Hey! May I please have some channel art for YouTube, looking like a Terraria logo, please? Maybe with like, some clouds in the backround, please? If no, I understand :P
    3. Taitou
      I'm pretty dang sure that this-and most of the other people's requests-isn't going to be done, or even started, any time soon, but I was hoping you could make a crimson logo that says Terra Firma, with crimson for Firma and the Hallow for Terra. Thanks in advance if you do this, it's for a fanfiction I'm doing.
    4. TunIIs
      Hello. First I am going to say, I am not Good at English, but, can u plz make me one terraria title saying: TunIIs .
      that would be amazing. Hope u read this!

      It needs to be a Normal Terraria title screen logo, and I need black backround.

    5. Perthite
      Hi DevilBro. My son is having his 9th birthday next sunday and I am making him a Terraria pop-up card. I was wondering if you're still doing names in your title font anymore? His name is Tom and I'd love to surprise him with his own name in your famous Terraria font...?
    6. LilNuggems
      Hey I was hoping you could do the infamous terraria title font of yours for me. You can contact me at [email protected]
    7. Blu
      Hope you're doing well!
      1. Epickid
        who is this guy? and why does he have so many followers?
        Feb 28, 2014
      2. Neon_Green
        Mar 28, 2014
      3. Blu
        He was a cool person who did a lot for the community
        Mar 28, 2014
    8. DevilBro
      1. FierceRogue
        Aug 6, 2013
      2. Levi1208
        Dec 8, 2013
    9. DiamondDovah
      Can I have a signature when you're back please? I would like it to be a Hallowed one with the Destroyer coming out of the side, please!
      1. EpicCriddle
        I guess he won't come back.
        Jul 1, 2013
      2. DiamondDovah
        D: OH NOEZ
        Jul 1, 2013
    10. TwilightKiller
      1. TehDarkNoob
        He is gone from the forums right now.
        Jun 1, 2013
    11. mrmcmo
      Bye, i miss you
    12. zeskorion
      I'd like 1. with a few boulders and dart traps and a wrench, wire ccutters and toolbwlt.
      I'd like it to say sekkos' mechanism and trap emporium
      1. polarhifly
        "not having as much time and desire to make signatures at the moment, playing around with real life and love, trying to find my dreamman " Can't you read?
        May 3, 2013
    13. Gesser
    14. Zanthor the Great
      My sig doesn't exist anymore! I damand another that says Dark Follower in ebonstone with corrupt grass surrounding and someone with black hair and white (255, 255, 255) skin killing a world eater! If you don't want to, I understand. But I REALLY want another.
      1. polarhifly
        "demand". Why not "request"?
        Apr 11, 2013
      2. polarhifly
        Or say "Can I please have another that says Dark Follower in ebonstone with corrupt grass surrounding it and someone with black hair and pale skin (RGB Combo 255,255,255) killing an Eater Of Worlds.If you don't want to, I understand, but I would REALLY appreciate another signature."
        Apr 11, 2013
      3. Zanthor the Great
        Zanthor the Great
        I don't know what I was on when I wrote that... The fuck is a world eater? I think it was really late when I wrote that and I naturally got high... It happens sometimes.
        Apr 29, 2013
    15. Soul Eater
      Hello sir, i think you remember me. I am requesting a siggy, good sir.
      Can it be a glowy mushy biome with Remember Your Beginnings?
      (Want to get it on Starbound Forums)
    16. Stackerzgame
    17. FireballJoe
      My sig no appear. Why dis is?
    18. Stackerzgame
      oooooo devilbro you crazy fuck.
    19. xland44
      Hey, the sigs you made for me say that they dont exist anymore.
    20. rokored
      hey DevilBro, i heard that you make awesome signatures sooo i was wondering if you could make me one that says "Clown Helpers" with a clown putting lava on something.Thank's in advance.
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    Feb 20, 1994 (Age: 20)
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