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470 pages of The Island RP and counting!! Apr 17, 2014 at 4:39 PM

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      Many like, much alert, so number, wow.
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        Heh, if you'd like me to stop, I will. (Been feeling great lately.)
        Apr 17, 2014 at 5:00 PM
      3. rgbunpro
        I didn't say you had to stop, but what is the correlation between feeling good and liking all the posts?
        Apr 17, 2014 at 7:25 PM
    2. Droid15.24.3
      470 pages of The Island RP and counting!!
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    3. Droid15.24.3
      When I eventually hit 2000 TP, my title shall be Mechanical Taco or something..
    4. aNinjaplaysTerraria
      Geez Droid, what's with the ~20 likes all of the sudden? :P
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        Heh, I was just reading and may have been clicking to keep my hand moving due to the cold. :3
        Apr 16, 2014 at 10:26 PM
    5. Droid15.24.3
      Mah skin is extra dry to the cold weather...WHY!? Will it ever be spring?
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      2. ThatOneRobloxHater
      3. Droid15.24.3
        Apr 16, 2014 at 10:25 PM
    6. Bullseye55
      Reading ISTBEarth's In-Context thread? Be warned that it goes a lot faster than the Island does, but we have more room to make it go faster due to the roleplay's dynamics. :P
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      2. Droid15.24.3
        Yes, I'm trying to read up on it; I keep getting interrupted though. Quite a pain.
        Apr 16, 2014 at 9:22 PM
    7. KaiserPi
      Like the photo!
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      2. Droid15.24.3
        Thanks! I just got a random Tron Legacy image and altered the hue & saturation really. Even though this doesn't look like my depiction of Droid15.24.3[DELTA] it's still cool.
        Apr 15, 2014 at 11:37 PM
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      Thank you for following.
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        No problem!
        Apr 14, 2014 at 12:47 PM
    11. Droid15.24.3
      A shoulder mounted micro pulse cannon would be awesome as a mod! (Accessory)
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      2. MasterVictini
        Apr 14, 2014 at 10:31 PM
      3. Droid15.24.3
        Apr 14, 2014 at 10:36 PM
      4. MasterVictini
        Ah, the meaning of death.
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    12. Droid15.24.3
      I've noticed a lot of people Dansen lately.
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      2. Droid15.24.3
        *dispenses guns*
        "One of these are bound to work."
        Apr 13, 2014 at 10:08 PM
      3. MasterVictini
        Best tooltip ever.
        Apr 13, 2014 at 10:09 PM
      4. Droid15.24.3
        Apr 13, 2014 at 10:10 PM
    13. Droid15.24.3
      My favorite color is BLUE!! Yours?
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      2. ThePalkiaBlade
        Apr 15, 2014 at 4:59 PM
      3. Charmander27
        Apr 17, 2014 at 5:11 PM
      4. eltiolavara19
        why are we even commenting
        Apr 17, 2014 at 5:18 PM
    14. Droid15.24.3
      Our sponsor of the day is the letter "E"!
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      3. Charmander27
        It's the letter Loki gave us. E is in the three words that represent I, S, and P.
        Apr 13, 2014 at 2:01 AM
      4. ThatOneRobloxHater
        ...now to decipher ISP...
        Apr 13, 2014 at 2:03 PM
      5. Sable
        Lol, Simpsons.
        Apr 17, 2014 at 4:42 PM
    15. thelastflame50
      Is that map a new TI map, the old TI map, or your true face?
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      3. Droid15.24.3
        Ahahaha! xD
        Apr 12, 2014 at 10:46 PM
      4. Charmander27
        Droid is correct, my brother drew this version of the map. I colored some of it and added a few details such as mountains, since he got too lazy to finish and gave up on the project, however.
        Apr 13, 2014 at 2:01 AM
      5. thelastflame50
        Apr 13, 2014 at 2:04 AM
    16. doornoob
      Even though your Manrisa was completely recolored, I still thought you were Omnir.
      1. Droid15.24.3
        And mah brows!
        Apr 10, 2014
    17. Droid15.24.3
      I will rain anger on you! You'll never be happy again!
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      2. dish0ut
        I'M ALREADY ANGRYYYYYYYYY-Wait that's just the rain.
        Apr 9, 2014
      3. Kreuz Drache
    18. Droid15.24.3
      1. Kreuz Drache
        Kreuz Drache
        All of my yes.
        Mar 28, 2014
    19. dish0ut
      Holy cow, you managed to make Quote even Retro...-ier.
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    The Island RP Stats

    Name: Regnil Slade
    Race: Human
    Age: 18
    Goals: Hunt the most fearsome monsters on the island and become a master Mage Slinger, Bring the mysterious red scarfed man to Hephestus, become a bounty hunter, and defend The Island from the Crystal Throne, Goblin, Bariston, and Seltorian alliance.
    Fist-Fighting - 7
    Bowmanship - 14 (+7)
    Swordsmanship - 7
    Small Weaponry - 7
    Creation Magick - 14 (+7)
    Enhance Magick - 14 (+7)
    Demolition - 14-19 (+7) [+5 in intense heat]
    Thievery - 7
    Aclarity - 8 (+1)
    Agility - 12 (+5)
    Charisma - 7
    Hardiness - 9 (+1)[+1 Trait]
    Intelligence - 7
    Speech - 2-7 [-5 when talking to a group of 3+]
    Speed - 12 (+5)
    *Height - 5'10"
    *Hair - White
    *Eyes - Brown
    *Scar on his left arm.
    *Cuts and scratches littering the waist down.

    Gem Medallion - A small, translucent gem with smooth edges. It's hue gently shifts color and water that touches it drips the current color.
    Furnace Lungs: Not bothered by (most) extreme heat and slight resistance to smog.
    Hot Shot: If in extreme heat (Desert+) (Demolition +5)
    Lightning Step - This person has lightning affinity to electricity, due to usage of it even as a child. When struck by a massive amount of electricity, this person gains the ability to move at inhuman speeds. Due to it's toll on the person's body, they will die if it is used for more than six hours per week in total. This ability will only work via external electrics being used. Casting your own electrical abilities on yourself does nothing.
    Elixir of Stamina - After drinking this elixir, this person suffered through much physical hardship, increasing his/her stamina. [+1] Hardiness.
    Hydrophoic: Afraid of bodies of water larger than a tub and can't swim.
    Coy: If near a group of 3+ people (Speech -5)


    Jolt Palm - Enhance - Electricity - Sends a shock through the hands by physical touch to electrocute a target. (When wet, the user will also injure themselves.)
    Icicle Spear - Creation - Ice - The user creates sharp shards of ice which can be launched or thrown like arrows or spears.
    Gale - Creation - Wind - The user creates an orb of swirling wind within their arms. This can then be thrown to create a massive burst of wind capable of knocking down full grown men and changing the course of projectiles.
    Invisibility (Dabbling) - Theivery - The user makes themselves invisible for a short duration of time.
    Earth Barrier - Creation - Earth - The user creates a wall of rock in front of them that can be used as protection or shelter.

    De-Toxified Object
    Burn: Sage, pepper seeds, and palm bark together. Let smoke from fire hit the poisonous or toxic object.
    Effect: Removes the poisons from the object.
    Toxic Antidote
    Burn: Sage, Pepper Seeds, and Palm Bark together. Mix: the smoke and ash from flames with a jar of salt water.
    Effect: Cleanses poisons or toxins in the body when ingested. May take up to an hour for full effects.

    Held Left Hand: Marble Launcher
    Held Right Hand:
    Torso: Shirt, Chainmail, Torn Coat
    Back: Adventure Pack The, Red Sword (amplifies electricity)
    Shoulders: Quiver (Empty)
    Legs: Brown Shredded Pants, Bloody Rags
    Feet: Punctured Shoes
    Adventure Pack: Water Canteen (Empty), 5 pieces of Dried Fruit, 5 strips of Dried Meat, 10 Crackers, Torch, Coin Pouch 1, Coin Pouch 2, Crude map of The Island, Electricity Rune, Earth Rune, Ice Rune, Wind Rune, Binoculars, 10 Unknown Trinkets, Box of Marbles, Ornate Flask (Empty), Small Dagger
    Coin Pouch 1:
    Coin Pouch 2: 48 Gold Coins
    Left Pocket: Blood Compass, Handkerchief
    Right Pocket: 11 Small Rocks

    -Bring the Red Scarfed man to Hephestus (Active)
    -Find Imlad's friends (Complete)
    -Find oil and coal for the blacksmith in the human jungle outpost (Cancelled)
    -Defend the HJO from the Minotaur (Complete)
    -Fight in the war to protect The Island (Cancelled)
    -Find a way to defeat the Wraith Lords (Complete.)
    -Hunt yetis in the forest near New Navon (Active)

    Jasper the Inventor - (Gave Marble Launcher) [Random Encounter]
    Bar keeper Douglas - (Fought hornets and rebuilt the bar together. Also gave Adventuring Pack He later met up with Regnil to fight in a war but one of the Wraith Lords killed all but a few of the soldiers. He went Beyond the Gate to find a way to beat them.) [Tethyan Jungles - Human Outpost]
    Doc Viddick (Deceased) - (Taught Regnil the Toxic Antidote) [Southern Jungle - Human Outpost]
    Imild (Young Tiger) - (Found alone in the forest as a cub. He follows Regnil around and helps hunt and track animals.)
    Bainor (Shining Scyther) - (Teamed up to find the man wearing a red scarf and saved his (Regnil) life from quicksand.)
    Althrin - (Fought bandits together.) [Tethyan Jungles - Southern Elven Encampment]
    Imlad - (Saved Chloe, Saeldur, and Emarosa with Regnil and Bainor. He also helped defend the HJO from a minotaur.) [Tethyan Jungles - Southern Elven Encampment]
    Ardieos (beamohawk) - (A man who wields a two-handed sword with one hand and has the ability to imbue metal weapons with fire, ice, and rock. He is worshiped as a god in the northern part of Holy City. Regnil had a duel with him and lost. He considers him a freind and a rival)
    Victoreem (Charmander27) - (Gave Regnil a gold coin so he wouldn't have to clean zombie remains. He also had a duel with Regnil and won. He seems to favor using fireballs and teleportation in combat. They tend to cross paths on their adventures.)
    Shodukai (ChaossDragon) - (A human Regnil met beyond the gate that appeared only a few days ago. Regnil gave him a sword so he could have a proper weapon and they later started to train together. He has some sort of ability allowing him to 'feel' races and objects true nature. At least that's what Regnil has summed up so far.)

    Inn keeper (Deceased?) - [Tethyan Jungles - Human Outpost]
    Inn keeper's Wife (Deceased?) - [Tethyan Jungles - Human Outpost]
    Random Civilian Man (Deceased?) - (Gave starting clothes) [Tethyan Jungles - Human Outpost]
    Thorton (thelastflame50) - (Fought hornets and rebuilt the bar together.)
    Hephestus - (Asked if Regnil and Bainor find a man wearing a red scarf.) [Tethyan Jungles]
    Magdar (Deceased) - (An Ant-Man scout whose duty was to navigate the island.) [Southern Jungle]
    Brisst (Deceased?) - (Elf chef of the Southern Elven Encampment.) [Tethyan Jungles - Southern Elven Encampment]
    Caravan leader - (Sold Regnil what seems to be an iron sword.) [Random Encounter]
    Chloe (thelastflame50) - (An elf Regnil and Bainor helped Imlad rescue.)
    Saeldur - (An elf Regnil and Bainor helped Imlad rescue.) [Tethyan Jungles - Southern Elven Encampment]
    Emarosa - (An elf Regnil and Bainor helped Imlad rescue.) [Tethyan Jungles - Southern Elven Encampment]
    Nathan (Deceased?) - (A dwarf child Regnil met.) [Tethyan Jungles - Underground]
    Jillean (Deceased?) - (Nathan's older sister. Makes tasty noodle soup.) [Tethyan Jungles - Underground]
    ??? (Proteus) (DathSt3nch) - (A horrifying legless fairy.)
    Blacksmith (Deceased?) - (Asked Regnil to find coal and oil.) [Tethyan Jungles - Human Outpost]
    Tyco - (A bearded old man that introduced Regnil to Ardieos. He is fond of wind chimes.) [The Badlands - Holy City]
    Henry (Deceased) - (A man that was killed by Drakas.) [Tethyan Jungles]
    Drakas - (A mysterious man that killed Henry and gave Regnil a strange silver coin resembling a compass.) [Random Encounter]
    Lokin (thelastflame50) - (A fairy Regnil met.)
    Xiana (thelastflame50) - (A drow that helped fight the minotaur.)
    Melody (Charmander27) - (An elf that helped fight the minotaur. She is one of Victoreem's freinds.)
    Kaz (beamohawk) - (A man that helped fight the minotaur. He is one of Victoreem's freinds.)
    Thalia (Charmander27) (Deceased) - (A mare woman that helped fight the minotaur. She was one of Victoreem's closest friends, maybe more. She was killed by the Voracious.)
    Rodus-qua (beamohawk) - (A mare that accidentally gave Regnil a new ability while attacking a minotaur with a thunderbolt.)
    The Jackmans- (A family in the HJO.) [Tethyan Jungles - Human Outpost]
    Jarron - (A man Regnil met at the HJO who wants to join the army to fight against Bariston and the Crystal Throne.) [Tethyan Jungles - Human Outpost]
    John Miguard (Deceased) - (A military leader recruiting people to fight against Bariston and the Crystal Throne. He was killed by Agrona, the Caustic) [Tethyan Jungles - Human Outpost]
    Razahlam (beamohawk) - (A ghost Regnil saw at the HJO and later met beyond the gate. Regnil's friend Bainor attacked him in the past.)
    Molestro's Grandson - [Anllanura - Aldavir]
    Martin - (Owner of the Noodle Shop.) [Anllanura - Aldavir]
    Thin Waiter - [Anllanura - Aldavir]
    Inn Owner - [Anllanura - Aldavir]
    Blaze (ODSC Fang) - (An elemental animal spirit who's friends with Victoreem. She can turn into a fox and has control over fire. She tends to ride on the heads of her allies.)
    Vilkus (aNinjaplaysTerraria) - (A ghost Regnil met beyond the gate.)
    Kial (beamohawk) - (A werewolf that was stalking him and his friends but after being spotted he decided there would be no fun in attacking prey that was aware of his presence.) He later allied with them, for the time being and explored the mountain labyrinth of death.
    Tara - (A young girl with a perpetual sickness that seems to always be around Drakas. She cured Shodukai's arm with Crystal Cleanse.)
    Dual Archne (DualHack) - (A flying gunman with two Dessert Eagles. He saved Shodukai and was nearly able to defeat a Wraith Lord by himself. He seems to be close to Tara)
    Zenith (iAmChinaMan) - (A girlish looking fairy with the ability to feel the emotions of others and broadcasts his own.)

    Fenthil (Deceased) - (A drow that Chloe slain.) [Tethyan Jungles - Fenthil's Lair]
    The Wraith Lords - (Powerful, intelligent wraiths that want nothing more than to cause death and destruction.) [The Island - ???]

    -----Monsters/Animals Hunted-----
    Viper (1)
    Boar (3)

    -----Outlaws Captured/Killed-----

    Location: [New Navon]

    *will be added to through flashbacks. we decided to cut flashbacks. Flashbacks are back, may add more.*
    Regnil was learning how to do electric magick when he was 7. He has a younger sister who uses water magick. He also used to have a crossbow. His birthday is the 52nd day of winter.
    2 Mini-games: http://db.tt/l8YmaHFo
    My old mod thread (will be revived when tAPI is out): http://www.terrariaonline.com/threads/released-wip-droid15243s-modpacks.96194/

    [Bonus app by Charmander27]
    Name: 15.24.3 [DELTA]
    Race: Droid
    Age: 19
    Manrisa - Droid becomes a manly witch of destruction, hair, and manliness on Phridays. This has no relevance to Death Note and Touhou combination. None. Droid will promise you that. He may or may not be lying.
    Spriter - Droid can create amazing pinpoints for maps and mini sprites, which he can use to build up a grand army. These sprites are miniature warriors, but they're as easy to defeat as toys. If only he had the time to make a million of them...
    Mario Mod - Droid will bring in monsters from Mario. Though all it takes is a jump on their head, expect to see Goombas and the like around him.
    *Story Expert - Droid somehow knows everything there is to know about The Island and its lore. If something new is discovered, it seems that he already knows it.
    In and Out - Despite his knowledge and ability to create, Droid tends to pop in and out of the task at hand. You never know how long he's going to be around, but you can bet your money it will be for at least a few minutes.
    Records Keeper - Droid never forgets who he's met or what items he has, because he keeps the best records of anyone around. Very rarely does he forget and when he does, it usually doesn't get noticed because everyone expects his records to be perfect.



    Jan 21, 1995 (Age: 19)
    Home page:
    [Elchro City - ZETA HQ]
    Modder/Roleplayer/Spriter/Mechanical Taco
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