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Apr 22, 2013
Jun 12, 2011
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Oct 2, 1993 (Age: 22)
San Francisco

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Cursed Skull, Male, 22, from San Francisco

Decided to check back here randomly. It's nice to see that there's still activity left. Aug 3, 2012

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Apr 22, 2013
    1. jaxter0987
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      2. Mr.Person
        No shit? It's sooo not on the front page?
        Feb 28, 2012
      3. jaxter0987
        Gee, I didn't notice that either O.O Thanks for telling me this. = |

        No but seriously, I just figured to post it for the people who don't go to the front page often. Like me.
        Feb 28, 2012
      4. Mr.Person
        Dude, when you visit terrariaonline and is about to log in or something, then it's always there...
        Feb 28, 2012
    2. jaxter0987
      Redigit is viewing the "My Fellow Terrarians" thread. Only time will tell what happens next....
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      3. Blu
        Feb 28, 2012
      4. iNfiniTe Se7eNz
      5. Blu
        SO pleased.
        Feb 28, 2012
    3. jaxter0987
      Snooping around the suggestions forums looking for good ideas. You should do the same.
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    4. jaxter0987
      Imagine my suprise when I saw that Redigit is going to stop developing Terraria. Now forget how late this status meesage was.
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    5. BingoWasHisNamo
      What is your avatar? I think I have an idea, but I'm not sure.
      1. jaxter0987
        It's from a Japanese game series called Touhou. I highly recommend you try out some of the games. While there are core games, the bulk of Touhou Fandom consists of fanmade games based on the characters. There are also so many crossovers between Touhou and some other game. I'm currently playing through Touhoumon Emerald at the moment.
        Feb 22, 2012
      2. BingoWasHisNamo
        I was completely off. xD
        But, sure, Ill check the game out, it sounds fun!
        Feb 22, 2012
    6. jaxter0987
      So uh, months after my last status, I decided to be active on the forums again. I'm impatiently waiting for the next content patch to come.
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      2. Vinyl Luck TTX
        Vinyl Luck TTX
        iza be cool
        Feb 20, 2012
    7. YuhaFoxHound
      Why dont you put your siggy in a siggy? >:D
      1. jaxter0987
        What do you mean?
        Feb 20, 2012
    8. jaxter0987
      So hyped for 1.1 like you would not believe. Almost daily habit of checking the Dev Blog for new teasers now...
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    9. jaxter0987
      I've recently got into making Pixel Art in Terraria. Someone come save me quick!!! =P
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      2. Monta
        no ! Pixel Art is awesome ! I wish I could do that , but I suck at such things.. xD
        Sep 11, 2011
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  • About

    Oct 2, 1993 (Age: 22)
    San Francisco
    I rarely like describing myself. Because I would always continue trying to improve on my description without lying to people. Like using more descriptive words or expanding on a topic.

    So here it is, quick and simple:

    I'm Asian, 5'9" - 5'10", weigh ~135lbs.
    I Wrestle, I run Cross-Country, I run Track and Field
    I'm a Dragon Boat Paddler and Steersmen
    I'm shy to people who don't know me.
    I'm relatively loud and "persistent" to those that do know me.

    I'm a sucker for emotional Anime [Clannad, Kanon, Air, Angel Beats, what have you done with my heart?! =0 (By the way, you should totally watch these Anime. They'll make you cry in the oh so good way of crying.)]

    I'm really into videogame music, especially Boss themes. Atmospheric and emotional music fit my bill as well.
    (Look up "Searching for Friends" - Final Fantasy 6 , "Unite, Descent" - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles , "End of Summer" - Touhou 7.5 Immaterial and Missing Power , "Crime of the Heart" - Rudra no Hihou for some references to what I mean.)

    I'm a Touhou fan. You should be one too.
    Especially since Touhou Music is so freaking epic. My favorite Touhou games are Touhou 9 - Phantasmagoria of Flower View (Because it's the only game where I can beat Lunatic Difficulty. Just kidding, but seriously, its one of the few Touhou games I'm actually decent at.) and Touhou 10.5 - Scarlet Weather Rhapsody (which is also one of the few games that I excel in).

    That is all (For now)


    I challenge you to explore my Signature =P
    Raocow and A Second Mario Thing
    [​IMG] Watch raocow's videos and play the first talkhaus Super Mario World hack ASMT! Or you can watch my fail excuses for Let's Plays
    Signature Icons
    [​IMG]Born Blue[​IMG]Coolness Get![​IMG]Sand is Overpowered!
    [​IMG]Bunnehs![​IMG]Hook'd![​IMG]Collector of Blades
    [​IMG]Flailure![​IMG]Lance Trance[​IMG]To Infinity and Beyond!

    Even More Signature Icons!

    [​IMG]Cobalt Warrior[​IMG]Mythril Warrior
    [​IMG]Adamantite Warrior[​IMG]Hallowed Warrior
    [​IMG]Collector of Souls

    Special Sig Icon!!

    Made by PolarBMD
    Quizzes and other Personality related stuff

    Full Fluttershy Personality Description (open)

    Chronically weak and timid, but with a heart of solid gold, you tend to require and depend on the help of your friends in most situations. You enjoy their company, but also enjoy solitude and time away from your friends where you can enjoy the sounds of nature. Just because you know you're weak doesn't mean it holds you back, because you know you're strong where it counts, with your overabundance of kindness, caring, and compassion.​

    You're often worried about saying or doing the wrong things and also fear rejection. Speaking of fear, you've got a lot of it, often times letting your fear hold you back from doing even the most simple of things, such as jumping across a cliff. But in that fear, you can often find just enough bravery to stand up for doing the right thing if your friends need you.​

    You may be naive and innocent, and you're very shy and quiet, but you're also a very good listener and are likely the one your friends blab on about their problems to — and while you may feel powerless to help at times, just listening and cheering them on means the world to them. Yay!​

    Things I Support!
    Clans I've joined!


    You should read this Fanfic!

    In the shadow of a dungeon a god-killer prepares to escape from the world by destroying it.
    On the other side of the continent, another man wakes up in a field with no memory and among strangers.
    His past lies locked in the fragments of his dreams, but in an attempt to remember he will be forced to retrace the god-killer's footsteps and set off a series of events that will plunge the land into chaos.

    This is the story of their war to control fate, whatever the cost.
    Need things to do in Terraria?
    By: Everyone
    1. Pixel Art.
    2. Kill all 3 Hardmode Bosses at once.
    3. Forge every item in the game, and make a museum.
    4. Capture the Gem on a server
    5. Speed Run; get from bare to Hallow as fast as you can.
    6. Hardcore Mode.
    7. Purify your world.
    8. Corrupt your world.
    9. Play with the Wiring.
    10. Competitive Progression
    11. Do an LP
    12. Build an adventure map... completely legit, no hax status.
    13. Make a secret building with traps or defenses of some kind.
    14. Create custom maps.
    15. Join a server and meet new people!
    16. Make a statue of you.
    17. Play on Hardcore (from copper to hallow)
    18. Do a stylized play through. (Use only magic, Use only tools as weapons, Use only guns, Use only thrown things, Use only bows/repeaters, Never make armor, Never make houses)
    19. Build an underworld altar to worship the Wall of Flesh
    20. Hollow the entire underworld.
    21. Have a PvP tournament with friends in a custom-built arena from scratch!
    22. Create themed Terraria maps.(Stone age town, Elven Village, Metropolis)
    23. Do a Hardcore Speedrun without NPCs
    24. Get all the NPCs in a new world within a Terraria Week. Yes the Wizard too.
    25. Build stuff out of the new 1.1.1 blocks. (Snow Brick Castle, Candy Cane Houses, whatever)
    26. Collect a chest of every material/ore/wall/brick in the game
    27. Make a world into a single base made of 5x10 rooms
    28. Research! Discover the mechanics of the game. Take a close look at the AI of NPCs (friend and foe) or something else and make a good report/guide about it.
    29. Join the community on the forum
    30. Build biome spheres
    31. Eradicate the corruption
    32. Give your NPCs their own castles
    33. Restart the game from scratch
    34. Pave your world for easier commuting; use Demonite Bricks to show the way!
    35. Turn a world into a wildlife preserve with sectioned off safe-zones between the biome areas, like a zoo
    36. Make a perfect circle. Or something that comes close.
    37. Kill EOC with a wooden bow, no armor, and wooden arrows. (I will link proof of this later.)
    38. Build a castle out of fire blocks.
    39. Create a statue of your favorite statue... Made out of statues.
    40. Beat the Wall of Flesh without fighting any of the bosses before it.
    41. Make it rain slimes all over the world.
    42. Dig a tunnel under Hell.
    43. Build a sky-bridge entirely by mixing lava and water
    44. Kill 100 enemies without moving from one spot
    45. Make an endless waterfall
    46. Make an endless lava-fall
    47. Make bunnies rain from the sky
    48. Create a giant bunny statue out of bunny statues on platforms
    49. Do the same as #48 with all other statues
    50. Kill wall of flesh with explosives ONLY
    51. Make your own Terraria signature with blocks.
    Something interesting that was posted
    If Facebook, Myspace, Tumblr and Twitter were all destroyed, 90% of teens would go insane. If you're one of the 10% that would be laughing at them, copy this into your signature and hope it happens.

    Awesome Signature banners
    Created by Devilbro
    Created by Inkheart
    Created by Hong Meiling
    Artwork I created:
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