Apr 24, 2011
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Jul 2, 1985 (Age: 29)
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Ontario, Canada

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Administrator, 29, from Ontario, Canada

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Started a Fansite for GRAV! Really amazing new Game! http://gravonline.com/ Jan 16, 2015

    1. Hippo
      Keep being you, Kane. :)
    2. wargamer2
    3. wargamer2
      hey cane is the lunar update actually real and is there a terraria 2 plz tell 42 people at my school wanna know
      1. CraftedNightmare
        I might not be the person you want answers from, but they are both real.

        1.3 is still in the works, and it might take 3-7 months for it to be released.

        Terraria 2 is ONLY confirmed. We actually don't know if it is in the works, or not
        Feb 12, 2015
    4. Tormentor3000
      Do you know Anyway I can get quick Support, I just Bought terraria on steam and Its no starting up For some reason.I click it and nothing happens for some reason, Really odd? Do you know where I can get help or refund?
      1. Loki ISP
        Loki ISP
        TCF tech support threads and/email to the support link on T.org
        Feb 11, 2015
    5. Kane
      1. Valtysoft
        You shouldn't advertise another game in a Terraria fansite... sorry, but this is my opinion, I don't want to hurt you! :D
        Jan 28, 2015
      2. Kane
        That is fine. Opinions are allowed. But think about this. 1) Profile posts 2) Not conflicting interest a 100% diff type of games. 3) not for profit or personal gain 4) We actually allow these type posts on our forums as were open community :)
        Jan 29, 2015
      3. DragonFury33
        There is a way to play the game?
        Just to know!
        Feb 1, 2015
    6. Blu
      pst Kane Terraria is $2 USD on steam for the next 37 hours
      1. Kane likes this.
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      3. Kane
        I spend way to much time looking at deals so I see it come up but here is a bit of the history though the 80% off has been more of a new thing it also has been more often as well. http://i.imgur.com/ZDYqkPE.png
        Dec 25, 2014
      4. Brick-tac
        Brick see blu secret post
        Brick post thread about sale
        Dec 30, 2014
      5. Brick-tac
        Wait dis outdated nvm
        Dec 30, 2014
    7. josejuan304
      mr. kane i have found that the terraria 1.2 ios is broken the tools dont go on the hand and if u look closely u see in the invorty that
      there is a part cut of to the right
    8. Mr Mishmish
      Mr Mishmish
      Kane, I have a question, my post won't be posted because it thinks I wrote bad words, or I'm spamming. I'm just trying to upload a map. I've tried editing words that look like slang, added lots of participants, even staff members. What's wrong?
      If you answer this, thank you, if not, I'm sorry I wasted your time.
      1. Kane
        It will get approved don't worry. Just goes into a queue.
        Dec 24, 2014
    9. FrostWolf
      Why do I feel that you're the only TO staff member that hasn't left this place?
      1. Kane
        There is a few people still around but you don't need as many mods when there is not as many people. Nice that most the trolls left too so less work :)
        Dec 23, 2014
    10. Kane
      So it looks like we are slowing the "spammers" down. They are not bots but actual people. But we are finding new ways to stop them!
    11. Kane
      I like Candy and petting puppies!!!!
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    12. Blu
      Thank you Kane, and Curse folk!
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    13. Kane
      Spam Bots are a thing of the past!!!!!!!!
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      3. Serensetti
        The irony is that there was still one running around after you said this. At least there shouldn't be many more new ones.
        Dec 9, 2014
      4. Blu
        Finally Tunnel King can retire to a lovely bungalow in Bermuda and spend the rest of his days drinking out of coconuts on the beach :)
        Dec 10, 2014
      5. Serensetti
        Or not.
        Dec 10, 2014
    14. AFW
      Hey, Terraria just updated on my phone [Which is an Alacatel Authority running the Android Gingerbread OS 2.3.6] and the game won't start with the starting error message "Sorry! The application Terraria (process com.and.games505.TerrariaPaid) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again."

      You probably weren't the person I should have gone to first, but you were the person I thought of first :p
      1. Loki ISP
        Loki ISP
        505 posted an update on TCF around this. Known issue, they are seeking info (error logs etc) to expedite the fix.

        They left an email there for this...[email protected]
        Dec 6, 2014
    15. Kane
    16. Tsukiyomaru0
      Hello, Kane. I'd like to report an issue with the forum, but... Couldn't find a way to.
      The issue is: The "Login or Sign Up" "tab" is unclickable for some reason, it has been months now. I'm not sure if it is on my end only, but I can't see any add-on in my Firefox causing interference.
    17. darthmorf
      I know the CC's are different over here now, but one will be coming out on the first of December over on TCF. Would you like me to either send you the bb code, or post it as a thread that you can do whatever you like with, so that you can see the mover here?
    18. Blu
    19. Chroma-Equinox
      Hey Kane, a few weeks back I did the thing to get my TO account passed over to the new forums but it seems it hasn't happened. I have no problem making a new account I suppose... But if you could pass my account over that would be very much appreciated. Thanks :)
      1. Kane
        Oct 25, 2014
    20. Brick-tac
      Empyrion = 3D Terraria?
      1. Fruitbat
        Nov 7, 2014
      2. ppowersteef
        Not even starbound looks close enough to it

        I'll say it's a new type of game to me, but the fanbase says a space engineers clone
        Dec 10, 2014
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