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Sep 1, 2012
Feb 24, 2012
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Dec 19, 1996 (Age: 19)
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The Universe
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Green Slime, Male, 19, from The Universe

Well that was a long vacation. Aug 27, 2012

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Sep 1, 2012
    1. MagicPowerPotion
      Came home, ten alerts, I was like yay. All of them were likes. YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-
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      2. MerchantDrake
        May 21, 2012
      3. SuperChobot
        May 22, 2012
    2. MagicPowerPotion
      Is it normal to be hungry at 21:37?
      1. Oranje
        Yea it's pretty normal. I'm hungry all the time, maybe that's cause my age...
        May 20, 2012
      2. SasukeGR
        When isnt it normal to be hungry lol depends on the time you last ate something
        May 20, 2012
      3. Abyss5896
        Is it normal to eat?
        May 22, 2012
    3. Gmodlol61
      So you're roleplaying the leg thingy from courage the cowardly dog?
      1. MagicPowerPotion
        Not Roleplaying, more referencing. But cool you got the refrence. It's actualy a pretty cool vilain.
        May 18, 2012
      2. Gmodlol61
        Pretty much every villain in the series is awesome.
        May 18, 2012
      3. MagicPowerPotion
        Yeah. Binton Tarentello, Katz, they're all cool.. I WOULD say Freaky Fred or King Ramses is my favorite, but they're not exactly "evil." So I'll go with the vilian from the Season 1 final, the Great Fusilli. Puppets have always scared me, and he is downright CREEPY.
        May 18, 2012
    4. MagicPowerPotion
      100 likes. This calls for a.... FIESTA!
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      3. MagicPowerPotion
        Madre dios...
        May 18, 2012
      4. Mikoto Misaka
        Mikoto Misaka
        JAG VET INTE
        May 18, 2012
      5. MagicPowerPotion
        Then we shall duel. We shall duel el noche away!
        May 18, 2012
    5. MagicPowerPotion
      Happy Birthday to Terraria from all the Potions.
      1. MagicPowerPotion
        The typo that never was.
        May 18, 2012
    6. MagicPowerPotion
      There is a member named lololololol but not one named Old Spice. Forum, I am dissapoint.
      1. Gmodlol61 likes this.
    7. Battle Kid
      Battle Kid
      LET ME DRINK YOU. *Rape face*
      1. MagicPowerPotion
        What the fuck is wrong with you people.
        May 18, 2012
    8. MagicPowerPotion
      Working on my Islands adventure map, finished the first big fetch quest. :D
    9. The Phasesaber
      The Phasesaber
      You should know, Thorns plays CoD.
    10. MagicPowerPotion
      Why can't I hold, all these Personal Conversations? Seriously.
    11. The Phasesaber
      The Phasesaber
      Oh my god. I never knew I'd find another like me. We're both items!
      :ITEMBROFIST: Anyway, you should know I drink you, MRP, Archery and Soup frequently. Although most of all, it's Healing.
      You guys all help me kill hardmode bosses.
      1. MagicPowerPotion
        Hehe, no prob.
        May 8, 2012
    12. Stackerzgame
      So purple, that your favorite color?
      1. MagicPowerPotion
        Nah, that's red, but the only red potions are the Healing Potions and I wanted a special potion.
        In addition, a MPP is Purple, and MPP is my favorite potion because of the good boost in magic, especialy when combined with Clearvoiance.
        May 6, 2012
    13. MagicPowerPotion
      Oh my, I wonder what Red's doing. Hope he sees the ToyBox.
    14. MagicPowerPotion
      Someone once said Blinkroot was dumb and clogging his inventory. ONCE.
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      2. MagicPowerPotion
        ...Hate you all.
        May 7, 2012
      3. Graypaw995
        Why do people hate on Blinkroot? I personally like it clogging my inventory, even though I have no idea what it is used for.
        May 8, 2012
      4. The Phasesaber
        The Phasesaber
        Blinkroot clogs my inventory. Why? 'Cause I already have like 40 of them in a chest. >.>
        May 10, 2012
    15. MerchantDrake
      1. View previous comments...
      2. MagicPowerPotion
        May 10, 2012
      3. MerchantDrake
        No, i have this cookie.
        May 10, 2012
      4. MagicPowerPotion
        Fair enough.
        May 10, 2012
    16. MagicPowerPotion
      Always look on the bright side of life! God, I love this song.
    17. MagicPowerPotion
      Magic is fake as shit. I should be called Majjyk Power Potion. (Majjyks are real, dontcha know?)
    18. MagicPowerPotion
      Healing pots are red, Invisibility is blue, When I see Thorns I think; "I WANNA F*CKING KILL YOU"
      1. Space Sphere
        Space Sphere
        Thats the best you have? That's almost as sucky as mine!
        Apr 21, 2012
    19. MagicPowerPotion
      So Thorns comes up and takes his chainsaw and is all BZZZZZ, and I'm like, yeah, whatever.
    20. Space Sphere
      Space Sphere
      Your foolish subliminal messages fail to affect machines.
      Thank you for helping me stop the pathetic humans.
      Before this day is over, blood and magical liquid shall be spilt.
      1. MagicPowerPotion
        Magical liquid? You dare opose the power of items from videogames?
        Apr 17, 2012
      2. Space Sphere
        Space Sphere
        Apr 17, 2012
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    Dec 19, 1996 (Age: 19)
    Home Page:
    The Universe
    Basement Dweller


    One awesome potion.
    This is my clan:
    Honk honk :eek:)
    My signature! (open)
    Props to DevilBro for making this!
    Support the Toy Box, you know you want it:
    Check out my Boss Suggestion:
    Sig Icons (open)
    [​IMG] Docter Who? [​IMG] Hook'd
    [​IMG] All About Meteor [​IMG] The Alchemist [​IMG] The Builder
    [​IMG] The Black Mage [​IMG] Blind Date [​IMG] Don't Eat Worms
    [​IMG] Ninja'd [​IMG] Retired [​IMG] Harpy Lover [​IMG] Collector of Blades

    Icons made by INNO!

    List of things to do in Terraria! (open)

    1. Pixel Art.
    2. Kill all 3 Hard mode Bosses at once.
    3. Forge Every item in the game, and make a museum.
    4. Capture the Gem on a server
    5. Speed Run, get from bare to Hallow as fast as you can.
    6. Hardcore Mode.
    7. Purify your world.
    8. Corrupt your world.
    9. Play with the Wiring.
    10. Competitive Progression
    11. Farm a huge wave of zombies at night
    12. Blow your world up with dynamite.
    13. Do an LP
    14. Make a mod via tConfig
    15. Build an adventure map... completely legit, no hax status.
    16. Make a secret building with traps or defenses of some kind.
    17. Create custom maps.
    18. Make as many farms as you can, and make them all 99% efficient.
    19. Join a server and meet new people!
    20. Make a skydiving station
    21. Build some awesome traps.
    22. Make a rube goldberg machine with mechanics
    23. Learn to play the Harp.
    24. Kill the guide
    25. Explore caves
    26. Go to hell and kill some demons
    27. Grab some friends and fight against a boss
    28. Design traps
    29. Fill your entire world with water.
    30. Fill your entire world with lava.
    31. Fill your entire world with dirt.
    32. Find 9,001 ways to kill yourself (including forms of suicide and glitching)
    33. Remove every block in your world, and remove every bit of liquid.
    34. The only thing you can have is one floating dirt block.
    35. Build a never-ending pit
    36. Make a 99% safe hardmode-proof house.
    37. Make a statue of you.
    38. Play on HardCore (from copper to hallow)
    39. Create a fully trap world and host a server :3
    40. Download custom maps and play them all.
    41. To see how many times you can kill yourself in a minute. 42 times.
    42. Do a stylized playthrough. (eg: Use only magic, Use only tools as weapons, Use only guns, Use only thrown things, Use only bows/repeaters, Never make armor, Never make houses)
    43. Kill Skeletron With Grenades.
    44. Kill a destroyer using Shurikens
    45. Build an underworld altar to worship the Wall of Flesh
    46. Make every worm-type AI follow you all at once. This includes EoW.
    47. Hollow the entire underworld.
    48. Have a PvP tournament with friends in a custom-built arena from scratch!
    49. Build something you worked so hard on then blow it up with dynamite.
    50. eat a fish
    51. Make a turbo-tunnel!
    52. Make a skybridge and find ALL of the floating islands!
    53. Make an Underground Railroad.
    54. Make a Texture Pack
    55. Do some skeet shooting with some friends using birds and play a game of golf using rabbits.
    56. Create themed Terraria maps.(eg: Stone age town, Elven Village, Metropolis)
    57. Do a hardcore speedrun WITHOUT npcs
    58. See all the projectiles of mobs at once
    59. create a grappling hook challenge map
    60. Knock yourself away by grappling a closed door then opening it
      > MPP: Gobble like a chicken and door graple. (THIS IS SO MUCH FUN)
    61. Get all the NPC in a new world within a Terraria Week. Yes the Wizard too.
    62. Build stuff out of the new-ish 1.1.1 blocks. (eg. Snow Brick Castle, Candy Cane Houses, whatever)
    63. Make your friends spawn on a pressure plate that's wired up to explosives and steal there money
    64. Jump off the top of the map with grav potions. Change at the last instant
    65. Collect a chest of every material/ore/wall/brick in the game
    66. Make a world into a single base made of 5x10 rooms
    67. Drain both oceans into Hell, for the lulz.
    68. Turn the underworld into a giant lava lake thanks to the infinite liquid bug, removing all non-lava blocks from it
    69. Get rid of all the lava in a map
    70. Get rid of all the water in a map
    71. Get rid of all liquids in a map
    72. do a "bare handed" char, which is not allowed to use any armor
    73. Make a lava trap that recharges automatically withing liquid pumps
    74. Try to play Terraria in it's entirety with only 1HP
    75. Research! Discover the mechanics of the game, take a close look to the AI of NPCs (friend and foe) or something else and make a good report/guide about it.
    76. Join the community on the forum
    77. Build biome spheres
    78. Eradicate the corruption
    79. mine every piece of ore
    80. give your npcs their own castles
    81. restart the game from scratch
    82. ave your world for easier commuting, use demonite bricks to show the way!
    83. Create an active volcano in your town and reenact the Pompeii incident from the past.
    84. Create a haunted house
    85. Cover the sky in a background wall.
    86. Make a spooky house with hidden explosives and host a server on it
    87. Explore every cave in the map, and mine all the ores.
    88. Eradicate the corruption ... with only a pickaxe!
    89. Stare at your character and make it move only using the power of your mind!
    90. Go through 5 different keyboards by trying to kill a wyvern in iron armor using a Copper shortsword. One can only rage so much without smashing a keyboard.
    91. Try to train your npc's not to open the door on a blood moon. Destroy some more keyboards.
    92. Turn a world into a wildlife/wildunlife preserve with sectioned off safe-zones between the biome areas kind of like a zoo
    93. Switch your hallowed armor to vanity and replace it with copper armor.
    94. Make a perfect circle. Or something that comes close.
    95. PVP until you get 3 stacks of tombstones
    96. Kill EOC with a wooden bow, no armor, wooden arrows.
    97. Kill EOW with gold shortsword. Armor allowed.
    98. Kill Skeletron with a demon bow with wooden arrows and gold armor.
    99. Torture the guide so much he tries to come back and get vengeance.
    100. Discover the true secret behind stopping your NPCs from opening any door at all. A secret which requires no wiring, no complex building patterns, and no hacking
    101. Create a mod that makes spawns x100.
    102. Make a hellevator right above a floating island, go up to that floating island, remove wings and/or horseshoe, jump down. Repeat and see if you can beat your damage record. Best if tried in a large world.
    103. Replace all Corruption with hallow.
    104. Replace all Hallow with Corruption.
    105. Build a castle out of fire block's.
    106. Bury the guide in dirt.
    107. Create a statue of your favorite statue... Made out of statues.
    108. Create natural pipelines from the ocean(s), use them to remove all lava from hell
    109. 1 HP hardcore run with only copper sword
    110. Beat the Wall of Flesh without fighting any of the bosses before it.
    111. Make a huge house that takes up the whole world with everything you think you need in it.
    112. Build a challenging shooting gallery.
    113. Build a chain of machines that kill a rabbit in the end
    114. Trap a clown
    115. Build a player trap that's Hamdrax dynamite and skill proof
    116. Explore a flooded dungeon fully without fighting Skeletron
      How? Just remove the walling. It stops the guardian from spawning
    117. Beat any boss while fighting from a small platform at skybridge level
    118. Make it rain slimes all over the world.
    119. Dig a tunnel under Hell.
    120. Build a skybridge entirely by mixing lava and water
    121. Kill a blazing wheel. Kill two at once.
    122. Kill 100 enemies without moving from one spot
    123. Make a giant statue of a bomb, that explodes.
    124. Lead a voodoo demon to a sky island
    125. Make a endless waterfall
    126. Make a endless lavafall
    127. Make bunnies rain from the sky
    128. Make a mimic apocalypse
    129. Play with anti-gravity from no armor to hallowed
    130. Create a giant bunny statue out of bunny statues on platforms
    131. Do the same as 98 with all other statues
    132. Get the arms dealer and the nurse in the same room...alone
    133. Make castle from the left side to right side out of the map, out of silver ore
    134. Make a tConfig mod that adds at least 10 new NPC's
    135. Make and endless bunnyfall
    136. Make a statue of yourself from the bottom to the top of the world, out of bunny statues.
    137. Make a long passageway from the top left of the world to the top right. go down enough to walk through. repeat until at bottom of world.
    138. Kill wall of flesh with explosives ONLY
    139. Blow up your entire world with the flip of 1 switch.
    140. Make your own Terraria signature with blocks.
    Cards (open)

    Clans I'm with! (open)
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