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Dec 21, 2011
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Blazing Wheel, 24

Need someone with good building skills for my project ! PM me ! =) Mar 24, 2014

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Apr 20, 2014 at 10:45 AM
    1. BearObo
      wow where the fuuuu did you learn all this coding and stuff? btw LOVE YOUR MOD!
      1. Obsidian54
        At school, ahah.
        Mar 20, 2012
      2. BearObo
        What school I need to know
        Mar 20, 2012
      3. Obsidian54
        I'm french, so i don't think you could go to it. Anyway, it's a Computer Science "Engeneering School", it's something very frenchy, same level as the University i believe, but more specialized
        Mar 20, 2012
    2. Hippo
      You are just too good.
      1. Obsidian54
        Thanks man ! =)
        Mar 14, 2012
    3. samchu12
      i need help with your mod i put the problem on your mod page
    4. Kjkillercom
      Keep up the good work! It's projects like your mod that will keep Terraria alive and thriving.
    5. WarfighterSev
    6. Obsidian54
      V0.9 is out ! 4 brand new Swords, craftable boomerangs, advanced wired things, lot of bugfixes, and much much more !
      1. Mr.Bear
        Does your mod work with TCCL?
        Feb 25, 2012
    7. Nawe^^
      You're amazing, I know a little bit of C# but I have no Idea how do I start programming mods
      1. Tim Hjersted likes this.
    8. Terrari-Saurus
      Hey Guys, Ive been trying to install your new mod but its not working. I think it might be to do with the 'exe' in the winRAR file can you please help me, I really want to play it.
      1. nsogge
        did you run the mod pack builder? do you have the Mod/Game launcher?
        Feb 21, 2012
      2. Terrari-Saurus
        dont worry ive fixed it.
        Feb 23, 2012
    9. Obsidian54
      1. Skeletron Prime likes this.
    10. Soul Eater
      god man...
      im having a hard time making my mod.
      Do you have skype? i desperately need help.
    11. Homie Knight:D
      update the mod obsidian:( tconfig updated
    12. Gadgetguy
      I would like to ask if you could put my skyrim armor in your mod.
      I just need to finish the different positions and it will be done.
      Also, I will sprite for you the best I can if you will let me :)
      Link to a character wearing my skyrim armor: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/193/sampleec.png/
      I have a question, is it possible to use your and your friends mods all at the same time?
      1. rasputin
        Not skyrim armor. iron armor that's one of the armor the dovahkiin can wear its not the best armor in the game that's daedric.
        Feb 8, 2012
      2. Gadgetguy
        I made the iron armor because it is the most iconic of the game. Though I would ask what you think of it :D
        Feb 8, 2012
    13. Ikaro
      Hello, just stopping by to compliment your achievement on such a wonderful mod! You're mod was the first Tconfig mod I ever tried and it was a great start, I've actually been inspired to make my own mods! Thanks for the inspiration, a great mod, and if you need help on your mod I'm free 24/7. Thanks again!
    14. nsogge
      where did you learn how to mod, i would really like to know how to mod for myself, sorry for the bother
    15. Homie Knight:D
      obsidian i nd help on the mobs:/ please reply back
    16. BillNye
      Great mod!
      Your 'Dark Wyverns' boss exceeded my expectations. They actually gave me a scare when I first spawned them ._.
      They are a bit glitchy, but they were awesome :D
      1. Obsidian54
        Yeah, i'm currently trying to fix'em, but it's not that easy :/

        Thanks for you support !
        Jan 31, 2012
      2. Rusty1998
        I spawned the wyverns, and then... My exact reaction was "SWEET JESUS, IM DEAD" When i actually killed them... "woah..." They are Op and Epic.
        Mar 9, 2012
    17. Torch
      Your mod is awesome! You just earned yourself another follower.
      1. ShinkuOokami2323 and Obsidian54 like this.
      2. Obsidian54
        Thanks !
        Jan 30, 2012
    18. Deanthelis
      I'm a server owner and a plugin developer. Your plugin has piqued my interest- I'd love to help on the programming side, and I'm sure a couple of my server's players would love to help too, as well as draw sprites.
      Do you have a GitHub?
      VC# is nice, isn't it :P
    19. nsogge
      I see that you need sprites and until I am able to code good mods on my own my friend Jacob and I would be glad to help; I would like to know what kinde of sprites you need because I already sketch some ideas in my Moleskine when im bord and it would be great if I knew what I knew what I was suppos to draw.
    20. nsogge
      i only wish there was a way to stop the BUZZ and the sky bunnys if you know what i mean
      1. Obsidian54
        it'll be fixed in a few hours
        Jan 29, 2012
      2. nsogge
        Jan 29, 2012
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