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Oct 23, 2013
May 10, 2012
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Dec 19, 1998 (Age: 15)

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Giant Worm, Male, 15

well... I guess I'm back. I suppose I'll start by doing that fanfic I never finished... Sep 23, 2013

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Oct 23, 2013
    1. pionoplayer
      well... I guess I'm back. I suppose I'll start by doing that fanfic I never finished...
    2. pionoplayer
      so... is everyone else still alive or did I by some fluke miss the end of the world?
      1. Gmodlol61
        They moved the end of world date
        Jan 1, 2013
      2. pionoplayer
        again? when will the doomsdays ever end.
        Jan 1, 2013
    3. pionoplayer
      no. with Tconfig, you just put the whole folder in your modpacks file (the one in the zip pack) and Tconfig runs it. no winrar needed.
    4. Arcanus
      Sorry,but how do i do it?There's no .obj to put into the mod packs folder or an application to install it into tconfig either!P.S you use things like winrar to open downloads for the application or .obj files.It's a archiver to open files.
    5. pionoplayer
      winrar? its Tconfig arcanus. not winrar.
    6. Arcanus
      how do i install your x-pansions sword mod?I opened it with winrar and there was no application.
    7. pionoplayer
      suddenly felt weird about this, and decided "what the heck, I'll do it" I'm a Mormon, and before you bad-mouth, ask me questions.
    8. pionoplayer
      tried it at night, when I wasn't 'sposed to, and missed the 'a', now I use it 'cuz no one else ever does, so its always open
    9. pionoplayer
      long story. back in 2009 my brother found Roblox (make your own game, go try other people's it used to be really cool, now full of jerks)
    10. Dogat
      I never realized you were called pionoplayer, I thought you were pianoplayer.
    11. Fitz
      3) Stamina when doing stuff like running with hermes you lose some etc with other equipment
      4) For some of the new items like sun mask there should be a positive effect and a negative
      Just make theese ideas better if you want and i'll try to think more in the future
      I would love to see this game progressing^^
    12. Fitz
      Okay i saw some of you're / Nave's ideas so for starters
      1) make King Pinky a girl, so Pinky Queen, Queen Pinky what eve but ya
      2) you can make angel statue have purposes idk yet
    13. pionoplayer
      You have got to be kidding me. nave is gone, anyone that wants to help with my new weekly thread: message me
    14. pionoplayer
      well, got some ideas circulating, me and nave01 have something working, we'll see how it turns out.
    15. pionoplayer
      well, I'm in, I may only be an early player, but I want Terraria to last as LONG as possible. Come on Redigit! lets hear some more updates!
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    my own two cents (open)

    "If its worth doing, its worth overdoing" - my motto.
    "You know, I really need a catchphrase..." - my catchphrase.
    "Are you sure that can beat my ..." - my favorite sentence.
    I think that the biggest challenge in Terraria isn't beating the current big boss, but to summon every boss and invasion simultaneously and kill that.

    and my current work.


    Dec 19, 1998 (Age: 15)
    just here because there is lots of cool stuff. I would LIKE to start a RP server with someone, but it looks like that ain't happenin :(.
    I am writing a book, as well as working on a mod.
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