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Oct 2, 2014
Jun 29, 2011
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May 25, 1989 (Age: 25)

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Crimera, Male, 25

Looking for an mmorpg where I can freely level anything. Preferably with semi free movement like skyrim instead of dealing with macros. Aug 16, 2014

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Oct 2, 2014
    1. Raizeneir
      Looking for an mmorpg where I can freely level anything. Preferably with semi free movement like skyrim instead of dealing with macros.
      1. Balduran
        Tera Online had pretty fun combat, but you were limited by classes.
        Aug 16, 2014
    2. Raizeneir
      To go to a temp job for a guaranteed paycheck, or to go to an interview for a chance at a chance of a consistent paycheck...
    3. Raizeneir
      I wish Lost Saga was actually a game (not referencing the one that is actually a game)... I don't even need the virtual reality part.
    4. Raizeneir
      I think I accidentally just made $1000 by accidentally scamming a scam artist... the internet is funny
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      2. Jetstream
        You should buy me a Wi U.
        Jul 28, 2014
      3. W1K
        You should buy me one too.
        Jul 28, 2014
    5. Raizeneir
      bought a pair of $60 earbuds... they broke.. I filed warranty and they decided to send me $200 earbuds...a month later they also sent the 60
      1. Raizeneir
        To tell them of their mistake.. or not to.. that is the question
        Jul 16, 2014
    6. chewelews
    7. Raizeneir
      almost 25 years old and I still know nothing about what to do with my hair... fml
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    8. Raizeneir
      I really need to find a good alternative to skype.. can't stand it disconnecting my internet randomly...
    9. Raizeneir
      Ha... a thread by our dev asking us to balance, soon to turn into a battle of nerfers vs buffers....
    10. Raizeneir
      There are two types of manga fans... those who genuinely enjoy the series, and those who watch to see it die.. i mean end...
    11. Raizeneir
      I'm so jealous of everyone and their awesome art pics... now I totally want to find someone to make me an epic princess kenny art
      1. Me3
        I have epic art of multicolored toggle-able blocks.
        Jan 11, 2014
      2. Raizeneir
        Needs more cowbell...
        Jan 11, 2014
    12. Raizeneir
      I really need ideas for earbud replacement... Getting sick of replacing broken earbuds every few months
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      2. chewelews
        put them over your ear, it helps with the hearing loss and is more comfortable, works pretty well actually.
        Apr 2, 2014
    13. Raizeneir
      My sound logic, I hate when someone lies to me. I also hate when someone tells me the truth and it's something I don't like.
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      2. Raizeneir
        Key solution, anti-social-solo-society
        Jan 8, 2014
    14. Raizeneir
      7 people in a one bedroom apartment... as if I didn't have trouble sleeping before Dx..
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      2. Raizeneir
        yeah, even the slightest sound keeps me up, and i've got about three people about 8 feet away all snoring... I'm thinking All nighter at this rate.
        Jan 7, 2014
      3. PeggleFrank
        Not exactly what I meant, but that too.
        Jan 7, 2014
      4. Devalaous
        I misread it as 7 people in one bed. Suddenly, Pegglefrank's comment makes perfect sense..
        Jan 7, 2014
    15. Raizeneir
      The meaning of life: What you want, you get the opposite. Want to be quiet, well you're loud. Want that crimson key, too bad you get hallow.
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    16. Raizeneir
      Terraria for 2.49 again, good chance for anyone wanting copies
    17. Raizeneir
      Bullets... my only weakness... how did you know?!
    18. Raizeneir
      Had an interview at burger king today, I'd of never thought I'd be so hopeful at the chance to say " would you like fries with that"
    19. Raizeneir
      What's a pvp game without a bunch of immature people turning it into a measuring contest...
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    20. Raizeneir
      I don't talk about people behind their back.. I say it directly to their back!
      1. Shikari XI
      2. SethLios
        I prefer to talk about them behind their faces.
        Dec 11, 2013
      3. obamallama
        scream at the front of their backs
        Dec 11, 2013
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