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May 17, 2011
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Nov 12, 1983 (Age: 30)
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Developer, Male, 30

1.2.4 is essentially done. Right now we are focusing on testing the new mechanics and making sure all the new features work as intended. Apr 16, 2014

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Apr 20, 2014 at 5:01 PM
    1. Pyro Cat
      I just want to eat burgers in terraria... and cats.... that is all I ask... maybe a pyro costume in terraria.... just that.... PLEASE MAN MAKE AN UPDATE!!! TERRARIA IS THE BEST GAME EVAR!!!! i just want my memories to continue being great for the game, not to fade away like that old game from when you were a kid.
    2. Nebnebben
      Is this something Big, terraria related?
    3. richsaver
      Excited to see what's going to happen!
      1. Mr. Mine
        Mr. Mine
        Ya ik me to
        May 13, 2012
    4. <><> iPLAYTERRARIA <><>
      ..Terraria 2 would be so much better...TiY could have been a millionaire if he kept working on terraria but he back stabbed you and now he isn't going to be nearly as successful...please make terraria 2 or release an update....please man
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      3. Gmodlol61
        Why are you even trying when you know you're not going to do any good with that?
        May 17, 2012
      4. Blu
        personal insults on statuses get treated like they do everywhere else around here. perhaps you guys could take this some place else and stop spamming mr. red's statuses.
        May 18, 2012
      5. Evilguy96
        The reason is it`s Redigits profile page!
        May 19, 2012
    5. <><> iPLAYTERRARIA <><>
      Please Update Terraria...Please update terraria....Please please please please please update terraria please man....Or at least make terraria 2...please man please....Starbound is going to be lame..
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      2. Gmodlol61
        It appears that you in fact, are...
        May 13, 2012
      3. <><> iPLAYTERRARIA <><>
        <><> iPLAYTERRARIA <><>
        I am what? Awesome? Yeah I already know that... =P
        May 13, 2012
    6. rockymc
      Maybe he will release Terraria to open source? Or make a huge update?
      1. ImmortalFrogTerraria
        hmmmm.... maybe if he releases developer tools then we can make the modders develop the game
        May 12, 2012
    7. celo753
      You just got 73 pages of people happily expecting a big update...
      ...Beter not decept us or you will have 73 pages of raging people.
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      2. Paranσid
        More like 1,000 pages.
        May 11, 2012
      3. Razor Knight
        Razor Knight
        ONLY seventy-three pages of raging? Have so many jumpers left the community already?

        @Frog: Everyone trolls like this. Square, Capcom, Blizzard, Koei, Tecmo, each of them's done something like that at some point.

        "You want another Rockman game? Too bad, all we're giving you is a game where Rock is a miner. But hey, it's 3D!!!!!1!"
        May 14, 2012
      4. Mr.Bear
        @RazorKnight You forgot more 1s.
        May 18, 2012
    8. ImmortalFrogTerraria
      Planning something big,eh? well here's a suggestion. make a Redigit NPC that lives with a family that includes your wife and son.My town is pretty lonely with only workers, we need some plain old civilians.
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    9. Snirk Immington
      So many pages about this "big thing" being planned.... I'm pretty sure not updating Terraria would be a bad idea at this point... Bet you didn't think Kane would stalk you like that :D
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    10. kingicarus
      I anxiously await whatever you have planned, but it better be Terraria related, or I'll make a voodoo doll of YOU to summon the wall of flesh with :P! On a side note, have your son play through some classic games, the newer ones simply can't compare! Well, except Terraria of course :).
    11. Im Infamous
      I hope you are doing well with your new baby (boy?). The "Something big" has intrigued me and brought me back to the days of the 1.1 teasers. Whatever it is, it is sure to be great.
    12. TheStereo84
      Please make more health/better AI if you can in the new update! It would be SO helpful!
    13. AutisticVampire
      sheesh... I can't imagine how annoying it must be to just Come online and say something and then get the entire population of terraria online harrassing you... Then again i think you was expecting this kind of response with what you said. Still I am eager to see what you bring to the table next and whether or not it is terraria I hope it'll be just as inspired as your previous work.
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      2. Zecobellic123
        a lot of people aren't harassing him, a only see like 1-2 comments talking about that on this page -.-....i just either want terraria updated, or that new "planned big thing" is awesome..
        May 8, 2012
    14. kirby64
      How about... COOKIES.
    15. Narbs
      Terraria was extremely successful. Making another game may seem like fun and like it will be a success but I have a feeling, like with movies, the first will always be better than the others. Anyways, whatever you are doing, good luck with your plans.
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    16. xX25vincentXx
      Planning something big.. HOW BOUT TERRARIA FOR PS3 OR XBOX O.O
      1. Mr.Reborno
        no Wii!!! or xbox
        May 7, 2012
      2. Mr.Reborno
        actually all would be good
        May 7, 2012
      3. Pyro Cat
        Pyro Cat
        But if you have it on the PC.... y get it on the Xbox... minecraft did it and they released an older version. I say add more content before you spread where it is sold.
        May 13, 2012
      1. legoclaw14
        and mech guide with a mech machine (-craft spawn-) mech eye+mech worm+mech skull+voodoo= mech guide (worm as arms skull as head eye as scope
        May 7, 2012
    17. Evilguy96
      Eye of not beating anyone has awoken! (eye of cthulhu)
      1. Evilguy96
        Also friday at 9:08 pm eh hmmm
        May 7, 2012
    18. XTylerTheDragonX
      Oh , and congratz on the son...
      1. legoclaw14
        lololol saw this post and i started laughily add hing cuz...he probabmself to the game LOLOLOL jk ;)
        May 7, 2012
      2. kalvindeane
        What on earth are you trying to say? :p
        May 8, 2012
    19. WhiteWeasel
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