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Apr 20, 2014 at 5:01 PM
May 17, 2011
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Nov 12, 1983 (Age: 30)
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Developer, Male, 30

1.2.4 is essentially done. Right now we are focusing on testing the new mechanics and making sure all the new features work as intended. Apr 16, 2014

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Apr 20, 2014 at 5:01 PM
    1. Skilltone
    2. Computer
      If you were trolling us this whole time... I WOULD CROWN YOU MY KING AND BOW DOWN TO YOUR TROLLINESS
      1. lambo likes this.
      2. lambo
        xeta is a bigger troll though... even if he is a idiot.
        May 6, 2012
      3. Computer
        Yea I guess. But this is like a big, hit you in the balls, knee to the face kinda troll, because it actually made people leave the community and stuff.
        May 6, 2012
    3. Suika Ibuki
      I asked my magic D&D D20 dice about what you're up to.
      You know what the answer was?

      "+5 Charisma, you handsome devil."
    4. TerrariaHelp
      What is this 'news' you speak of? :D
      1. John.
        News be news
        May 4, 2012
    5. Par4d0x
      Welcome back Redigit, we have missed you ^-^ Hopefully you are working on something related to Terraria (Even though you said you were finished with Terraria)? You will get a cookie if so :D
      1. lighty98 likes this.
    6. John.
      Cue the "plz look at this thread" and the "OMG THIS WOULD BE EPIC INGAME PLZADDIT!!!" 's

      /me sighs...
    7. Tim Hjersted
      1. Tim Hjersted
        Tim Hjersted
        It is a pretty epic swan song for your game, with a reference to your alias "Red." :) 17 bosses, 13 dungeons on a large map drawn from scratch. 200+ mod items. From the beginning to the end of hard mode. It's almost a whole new game within a game. :D
        May 4, 2012
    8. rangerofthewest
      YOUR BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!
      Don't leave now :(
      But good luck with whatever you do in the future!
    9. Blu
      I'm just glad you still check up on us from time to time ;] hope all is well. excited for your big plans, whatever they might be.
    10. ZarroTsu
      Code please. I am planning. Waiting. Watching. PM me if you need a good reason to give the code to someone.
    11. Marcus Eralice
      Ominous message... What could it mean...
      1. AutisticVampire and John. like this.
    12. Malaana
      Glad to see you continue to pop in, hope the family is doing well!
    13. Redigit
      Planning something big..
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      2. Stackerzgame
        Maybe that's what he wanted
        May 15, 2012
      3. zoomo
        good point...
        May 15, 2012
      4. cole_the_engie
        Is it Terraria? I hope.
        May 15, 2012
    14. gfishkin
      but you cant top TERRARIA
    15. gfishkin
      its probably be about 10-15 bucks i would say
      1. NotaCoL
        It's 10.
        May 4, 2012
    16. ChaoticGamer
      I have 2 questions.
      1. So how long the game is going be a delay?
      2. About the new game "StarBound" what ur prediction of how much is going cost in U.S cash? (cuz I am willing buy matter in what prices it is)

      Oh u should have special connection for whoever bought terraria and bought the starbound, get little speical item from both the games. Cause little more interest rate goes up.
      1. View previous comments...
      2. ChaoticGamer
        What I am saying, making business make small partnership u have to make a deal to make = the profit, so its like a even trade with $. specific to know trade link, its like website df and mq or battleon to df link account.
        May 1, 2012
      3. John.
        Idiot..Speak properly >_>
        May 4, 2012
      4. ChaoticGamer
        One, don't call someone idiot when someone could have better intelligent with different types then urs John. 2, What I am saying if u know how to link terraria account to starbound account should have special items for that character. Just like AQ and DF games.
        May 4, 2012
    17. Flyaway
      I was wondering if it would be possible if you could hire new people to work on Terraria while you work on your new game. I feel that this new person working on it could have some really great ideas, and maybe take some good ideas from the members of the community and maybe re-spark your ambition to work on the game.
      1. ChaoticGamer likes this.
      2. Flyaway
        I thank you for the game I loved it! I understand that if you may have already thought of it and decided against it. I just would like to let you know that I enjoyed your game and will support your decision none the less.
        Apr 25, 2012
    18. Tthing
      its amazing that he's only posted 81 times and has got a unbelievable 3,629 likes
      1. Chowder138 likes this.
    19. Rotface
      When will the last update be, the bugfix one?
    20. rangerofthewest
      Thank-you for this wonderful game! Thank-you for keeping your word. I appreciate it
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