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Jan 25, 2015
May 17, 2011
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Nov 12, 1983 (Age: 31)
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Developer, Male, 31

Make sure to tell Lazure Happy Birthday tomorrow!! Jul 3, 2014

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Jan 25, 2015
    1. gfishkin
      its probably be about 10-15 bucks i would say
      1. NotaCoL
        It's 10.
        May 4, 2012
    2. ChaoticGamer
      I have 2 questions.
      1. So how long the game is going be a delay?
      2. About the new game "StarBound" what ur prediction of how much is going cost in U.S cash? (cuz I am willing buy matter in what prices it is)

      Oh u should have special connection for whoever bought terraria and bought the starbound, get little speical item from both the games. Cause little more interest rate goes up.
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      2. ChaoticGamer
        What I am saying, making business make small partnership u have to make a deal to make = the profit, so its like a even trade with $. specific to know trade link, its like website df and mq or battleon to df link account.
        May 1, 2012
      3. John.
        Idiot..Speak properly >_>
        May 4, 2012
      4. ChaoticGamer
        One, don't call someone idiot when someone could have better intelligent with different types then urs John. 2, What I am saying if u know how to link terraria account to starbound account should have special items for that character. Just like AQ and DF games.
        May 4, 2012
    3. Flyaway
      I was wondering if it would be possible if you could hire new people to work on Terraria while you work on your new game. I feel that this new person working on it could have some really great ideas, and maybe take some good ideas from the members of the community and maybe re-spark your ambition to work on the game.
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      2. Flyaway
        I thank you for the game I loved it! I understand that if you may have already thought of it and decided against it. I just would like to let you know that I enjoyed your game and will support your decision none the less.
        Apr 25, 2012
    4. Tthing
      its amazing that he's only posted 81 times and has got a unbelievable 3,629 likes
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    5. Rotface
      When will the last update be, the bugfix one?
    6. rangerofthewest
      Thank-you for this wonderful game! Thank-you for keeping your word. I appreciate it
    7. Your Shadow
      Your Shadow
      :O Red, good to see that you're still kind of active :)
    8. ImmortalFrogTerraria
      Redigit, i wish i could do more for you.You are a honest man keeping his word. i bid you adoe.(gl with your son ;) )
    9. Dr. Death-[Lexx]
      Dr. Death-[Lexx]
      Nice of you to show up, Red...really, you can see all the neat little things going on here and see what the community is creating to keep Terraria alive. I hope you like what you see.
    10. Lord Carver
      Lord Carver
      Is it true that the cake is a lie?
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      2. Space Sphere
        Apr 24, 2012
    11. Blu
      Your son must be getting big! How's he doing?
    12. Bump
      Hey red. Been a while since I saw you on.
    13. matimusking
      Thanks for everything you've done for use redigit. Can't wait for the next game!
    14. insanehuman19
      What is love? Baby don't hurt me. Don't hurt me, no more.
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    15. Your Shadow
      Your Shadow
      He's been unactive for a month!!!!

      What's he doing?
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      2. Your Shadow
        Your Shadow
        He does
        Apr 13, 2012
      3. Reeses
        Just read his comment he put up a while ago. He has a kid now and said hes done with Terraria and ready for the next game
        Apr 13, 2012
      4. Your Shadow
        Your Shadow
        I know, it was a joke :P
        Apr 24, 2012
    16. Lennon
      Could you just slap a "Completed!" sticker on this game so us REAL gamers don't have to deal with the idiots that bought it for hype alone?
      1. Cheerio
        Apr 17, 2012
    17. Skeggy
      I Think that everyone here should stop whining about no updates and such, Don't be sad because it's over, be happy that it happened.
      This guy deserves praise and not this horrible backlash he's getting, he did the game, and he's moving on to bigger and better things. After all Terraria was just something that he was using to LEARN.
      He shouldn't be getting all this crap from people he doesn't even know.
      1. SasukeGR
        agreed and i look forward to new and better games from red
        Apr 3, 2012
      2. Cheerio
        Apr 17, 2012
    18. FireballJoe
      When was the last Time Redigit updated his status? Everyone just coments on his page.
    19. karstenchu
      On behalf of me and my fiance, thanks for hours and hours of extremely high value fun!!! Best of luck to you (and your new little guy)! We greatly look forward to whatever you're putting out next! I just hope it's on Steam, haha.
      1. Redigit likes this.
    20. Cjimmy99
      80 messages and 3,607 likes.

      You deserve it! Good luck with your family! Such a great game needs no more updates!
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