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May 17, 2011
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Nov 12, 1983 (Age: 31)
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Developer, Male, 31

Make sure to tell Lazure Happy Birthday tomorrow!! Jul 3, 2014

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Jan 25, 2015
    1. Skeggy
      I Think that everyone here should stop whining about no updates and such, Don't be sad because it's over, be happy that it happened.
      This guy deserves praise and not this horrible backlash he's getting, he did the game, and he's moving on to bigger and better things. After all Terraria was just something that he was using to LEARN.
      He shouldn't be getting all this crap from people he doesn't even know.
      1. SasukeGR
        agreed and i look forward to new and better games from red
        Apr 3, 2012
      2. Cheerio
        Apr 17, 2012
    2. FireballJoe
      When was the last Time Redigit updated his status? Everyone just coments on his page.
    3. karstenchu
      On behalf of me and my fiance, thanks for hours and hours of extremely high value fun!!! Best of luck to you (and your new little guy)! We greatly look forward to whatever you're putting out next! I just hope it's on Steam, haha.
      1. Redigit likes this.
    4. Cjimmy99
      80 messages and 3,607 likes.

      You deserve it! Good luck with your family! Such a great game needs no more updates!
    5. Nakano15
      Have everyone noticed he stopped loggin' in?
      1. Cjimmy99
        Mar 28, 2012
    6. Stanius
      Redigit,just 1 thing.
      Everyday thousands are playing that great game.Why? It is awesome.
      When I read that you are leaving because of son...I was shocked.That means a lot.You are very good father.And,please,enjoy your life.Dont think about guys on forums who says "More updates!"Just live your life. And,thank you for everything you done.It's a pity that I cant shake your hand.But I wish you goodluck!
      1. Mr. Cthulhu likes this.
    7. Memasak Kurosaki
      Memasak Kurosaki
      Will you people stop making requests for him? he's stopped development and He's leaving Terraria Online so he doesn't care about Terraria anymore (not that he's abandoning us) I heard that he will be making 1.1.3 and start making other games so dont beg for more. just thank him for what he's made
    8. EpicTurdle
      Glass needs love. Make more glass items before you go!
    9. Flynn Callahan
      Flynn Callahan
      I always come back to this game.
    10. jordan duncan
      jordan duncan
      Hi Red,
      I just wanted to thank you for the amazing work you did on Terraria. It ranks in my top 3 for played time and enjoyment.
      I'd also like to extend an apology on behalf of the TO community, at least those that have been less than gracious. You deserve tribute songs and standing ovations, not this ungrateful backlash.
      Thank you, good luck, and I can't wait to see what you do next.
      1. Flynn Callahan
        Flynn Callahan
        Nice avatar, Aku
        Mar 23, 2012
    11. Paranσid
      1. Flynn Callahan
        Mar 23, 2012
    12. TheYUNOLIKEMEguy
      will your next game be 2d?
      1. Tim Hjersted likes this.
    13. Kjkillercom
      I just wanted to ask if you hopefully plan on bringing the collector's edition to the U.S. since Amazon does not allow us here to buy the current one in the U.K. Thanks.
      1. SuperChobot
        He said he was planning on putting it out in other countries. The people in UK and Germany (the countries it's released in as of now) have already received their copies of CE. So I'm assuming he's still planning on making it come out in other countries.
        Mar 19, 2012
    14. TheYUNOLIKEMEguy
      You could give us a vanity item of your hat for the last patch! That would be cool of you, it and would make a nice memory for the awesome Terraria developer :)
    15. Speed
    16. coolsnape
      =( sooo after ur boy grows up will you contiune or will u get some developers on it plz i love ur game and all my friends do and it seems to early for it to die D=
    17. TheYUNOLIKEMEguy
      You really need to get someone to work on Terraria. I know you will probably not do it, but I as well as a lot more terrarians have hope in Terraria and its future.
      1. Tim Hjersted likes this.
    18. WarStalkeR
      When you will release source-code officially?
      I bet comments in it will sound completely epic :)
    19. Blackice424
      I personally would like to see weather things added, rain or snow that can accumulate, thunderstorms, ect. You don't have to do this and i'm sure we'd understand if you say no but it would be a nice farewell project? I don't know, it's just an idea, maybe some fellow terrarians would like to ban together and see what they think, oh and Congrats on the baby. New lives are wonderful.
    20. Blackice424
      A final update consisting of a couple last things? Almost like wrapping up things w/ terraria and a kind of thank you to all your loyal Terrarians... In it, maybe add some things that have been in the making from the begging, or maybe take a poll and pick the first couple main things left that people want to see done before the game is stopped.
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