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Jan 25, 2015
May 17, 2011
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Nov 12, 1983 (Age: 32)
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Developer, Male, 32

Make sure to tell Lazure Happy Birthday tomorrow!! Jul 3, 2014

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Jan 25, 2015
    1. jordan duncan
      jordan duncan
      Hi Red,
      I just wanted to thank you for the amazing work you did on Terraria. It ranks in my top 3 for played time and enjoyment.
      I'd also like to extend an apology on behalf of the TO community, at least those that have been less than gracious. You deserve tribute songs and standing ovations, not this ungrateful backlash.
      Thank you, good luck, and I can't wait to see what you do next.
      1. Flynn Callahan
        Flynn Callahan
        Nice avatar, Aku
        Mar 23, 2012
    2. Paranσid
      1. Flynn Callahan
        Mar 23, 2012
    3. TheYUNOLIKEMEguy
      will your next game be 2d?
      1. Tim Hjersted likes this.
    4. Kjkillercom
      I just wanted to ask if you hopefully plan on bringing the collector's edition to the U.S. since Amazon does not allow us here to buy the current one in the U.K. Thanks.
      1. SuperChobot
        He said he was planning on putting it out in other countries. The people in UK and Germany (the countries it's released in as of now) have already received their copies of CE. So I'm assuming he's still planning on making it come out in other countries.
        Mar 19, 2012
    5. TheYUNOLIKEMEguy
      You could give us a vanity item of your hat for the last patch! That would be cool of you, it and would make a nice memory for the awesome Terraria developer :)
    6. Speed
    7. coolsnape
      =( sooo after ur boy grows up will you contiune or will u get some developers on it plz i love ur game and all my friends do and it seems to early for it to die D=
    8. TheYUNOLIKEMEguy
      You really need to get someone to work on Terraria. I know you will probably not do it, but I as well as a lot more terrarians have hope in Terraria and its future.
      1. Tim Hjersted likes this.
    9. WarStalkeR
      When you will release source-code officially?
      I bet comments in it will sound completely epic :)
    10. Blackice424
      I personally would like to see weather things added, rain or snow that can accumulate, thunderstorms, ect. You don't have to do this and i'm sure we'd understand if you say no but it would be a nice farewell project? I don't know, it's just an idea, maybe some fellow terrarians would like to ban together and see what they think, oh and Congrats on the baby. New lives are wonderful.
    11. Blackice424
      A final update consisting of a couple last things? Almost like wrapping up things w/ terraria and a kind of thank you to all your loyal Terrarians... In it, maybe add some things that have been in the making from the begging, or maybe take a poll and pick the first couple main things left that people want to see done before the game is stopped.
    12. Blackice424
      Hello Redigit, i just wanted to say that i see what you're talking about when you say you want to move on and i must say it's upsetting. :/ I feel there is more to do to Terraria that wouldn't be sideways progression. If you are going to move on from terraria and have no more updates, might i suggest one thing??
    13. TheYUNOLIKEMEguy
      hey! please continue on Terraria, it is an awesome game and it needs more updates.....

      I dunno, you could get someoneto work on terraria just like Timothy409 said...
    14. ToastMan
      I hope you have a wonderful future
      From, Toast Man!
    15. Timothy409
      So your Taking a break from terraria for a few months. ( I believe that what Haitus means....) Well then OK take care. But I agree with the guy below here Get someone to work on Terraria for you. Like Notch has Jeb working on Minecraft. I hope to see the Update plans that was made for Terraria to make a return.
      1. Skeggy
        He's Not taking a break, he's leaving permanently ya' silly goose.
        Apr 1, 2012
    16. N.W.S.N
      Good luck with your life (GET ANOTHER DEVELOPER WORKING ON TERRARIA DO IT DO IT) well ok see you later
    17. N.W.S.N
      Well if you do want to quit for now why not pass the TORCH (gel wood ) to another development company If you are making one more fix on a bug Could you add Titanium Uranium and make Chaos Elemental a metal? But i want titanium the most or as i said get someone else working on terraria and you will continue to get income from sales
    18. Agent of Chaos
      Agent of Chaos
      I know I'm repeating this, but it's rather important. I'm making a comic loosely based on Terraria, and it was supposed to go up here as a fanart-like thing, but with Terraria development coming to a halt, I may post it elsewhere or make a website of my own; I just wanted to make sure that you're okay with me using your intellectual property. Please say so if you're not.
    19. N.W.S.N
      do NOT give up on terraria simply get someone else doing it TRY someone else and get them busy You must no excuses get someone else working on it or come back to it once things calm down in you life but how can i belive you about your kid who says its true maybe you just want to give up or yoy are acctualy telling the truth
    20. Mythril Guy
      Mythril Guy
      May I have permission to make a video with your trailers in it? ( I don't need side comments from others saying NOO and crap like that )
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