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Jan 25, 2015
May 17, 2011
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Nov 12, 1983 (Age: 32)
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Developer, Male, 32

Make sure to tell Lazure Happy Birthday tomorrow!! Jul 3, 2014

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Jan 25, 2015
      i really wish you had put out a proper Mod Api just for this occasion i dont usually mod but with you abandoning developmet mods will be the only way to create more content i understand your reasoning for quitting though family is important just wanted to say i love your game its been fun im gonna continue enjoying it im gonna miss you thank you for all youve done in creating iyt
      1. Skeggy
        One word, tConfig.
        Apr 1, 2012
    2. SuperChobot
      Still gonna get CE.
    3. Sinister Stairs
      Sinister Stairs
    4. Pascal-Hunter
      Help raise awareness about Joseph Kony. Make Him Famous!
    5. Agent of Chaos
      Agent of Chaos
      I'm making a comic loosely based on Terraria, and it was supposed to go up here as a fanart-like thing, but with Terraria development coming to a halt, I may post it elsewhere or make a website of my own; I just wanted to make sure that you're okay with me using your intellectual property. Please say so if you're not.
    6. WarfighterSev
      *sigh* it is depressing to see such a game die slowly....
      I have noticed people saying it won't die, that modders and the community will keep us afloat, but I have begun to see less and less people online, and less threads being posted on....
      I hope you have a good life. I wish best of luck for you and your child, but i think i am done with Terraria online....Good bye all, see you all in Space! :D
    7. Mr.Person
      Hey Red, thanks for a great game. NOW LIKEEEE! xD
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    8. Mr. Saturn
      Mr. Saturn
      Thanks for everything.
      1. WarfighterSev likes this.
    9. Super Luigi Brothers
      Super Luigi Brothers
      Woah, well Red, you certainly came a long way since you started making games. From SMBX to Terraria, it's been a blast playing your games. I thoroughly enjoyed both of them. I think it's good that your taking some time off and spending more time with your family. Anyway, good luck with your new son, hope you two will get along great :D.
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    10. Kidef242
      I showed my physics teacher Terraria. He loved it :D
      Also thanks for the amazing game you created. It entairtained me and my friends for a long time :D
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    11. Telepurte
      Suddenly... LIKES FROM REDIGIT...
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      2. Telepurte
        Aahh *Faints*
        Mar 7, 2012
    12. Mudkips
      I have to say I was a little disspointed when I heard that you essentialy quit Terraria... But hey, for a pet project, it turned out pretty well :D
    13. Tthing
      So What now?
    14. NotAPenguin
      Good luck in Life Redigit! I may or may not buy your next game. And if i don't, my identical twin brother will.
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    15. DarthFoot
      i hoped you could take gaslamps offer to continue this game...
    16. Paused
      Thank you for the wonderful game that I have spent many fun hours playing with my friends. Best of luck with your growing family and future endeavors~
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    17. Namadu
      It's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.

      Besides, it's not like Terraria's actually going anywhere.

      Let's also hope this next game of yours doesn't attract so much "drama".
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      2. Redigit
        I'd like this post twice if I could. :-p
        Mar 7, 2012
    18. Darkercloud
      Hey Red, just wanted to say thanks for making an awesome game like terraria. It was definitely worth the 10 bucks but I say from the playtime I got out of terraria it should have cost more. After seeing your post and mentioning smbx I had to try it and must say it's an awesome game as well. I can't wait to see what your next game will be and I will be right there buying it.
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    19. Eventar
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      2. Eventar
        Because I really loved the game (and I bought it at the beginning for the 10 euros, but it was every cent worth it! I spend more than 270 hours on that game, that is more than I did on Star Wars the Old Republic)
        I am really looking forward to your next release (If there is really one.... what I hope!). I wish you a nice time with your youngling and wife!
        Mar 4, 2012
    20. Silvarz
      Come to think of it ... they never did put that "Slope blocks" for ramps and stuff .... would be nice if they could squeeze that in before they "move on" ...
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