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May 17, 2011
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Nov 12, 1983 (Age: 30)
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Developer, Male, 30

Make sure to tell Lazure Happy Birthday tomorrow!! Jul 3, 2014

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Sep 9, 2014
    1. Black & White
      I definatly appriciate the post red clarification is nice to have. - White
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    2. Ikaro
      Thanks for a wonderful game and best wishes to your future. I am looking forward to your next game! I hope for the best for you and your family and your future as a programmer. And if you need a spriter for Terraria, don't want to make myself look stupid, but I'm always available :P

      Again, best of wishes and good luck to you and your family! :D
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    3. mellsbells
      You're the best, man~ I hope that what's happened hasn't deterred you from whatever projects you may have planned for the future. I (and I'm sure many others) will eagerly be awaiting your next game. And good luck with your time off (and your child)!
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    4. Omnir
      Thank you for that post -- It clarified things for a lot of us. Can't make everyone happy, but I'm glad you took the initiative to write that out for us. I'll be waiting (patiently) for your next game, bud :)
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    5. CoolYoshifan
      The game is still awesome. Thanks for making this game. SMBX is a good game too...even though I am stuck in a level. Have good life with your son and good luck with StarBound.
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      2. Omnir
        Just to note, Starbound is Tiy's game, not Redigit :)
        Feb 28, 2012
      3. CoolYoshifan
        Yea but I am still looking forward too it. :D
        Feb 28, 2012
    6. guitar808
      dude u made an awesome game redigit :D, thanks for making terraria and have a good life with your son :)
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    7. Takeshidude
      Thanks for making an awesome game, redigit :D I will continue to support you wherever you chose to go.
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    8. Cauthos
      Awesome TO post!!! I love this game and I will be looking forward to your next gem. By the way, since so many people get excited about an in game pet just add in something shiny in your final patch to distract everyone/tickle their! :P
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    9. Beosaevio
      I am proud of you for following your heart and soul and not selling out or continuing in a half-hearted effort. Follow your own path, Red, and you will find your way.
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    10. Moxi
      Thank you for the best game ever! (seriously I've neven been so thrilled) Sorry to see so much disrespect towards you, even if people are dissapointed. I'm super curious about your next idea, if you wish you could say at least a word,a sentence, what kind of game will it be? :)
    11. Arroz2003
      Your the man. You will do amazing things. I will buy anything you put out. Good luck with you family man. Tahiti baby!!
    12. Bump
      Who said you should get a PR guy? One of my favorite things was the community being able to communicate with you directly.
      1. Bump
        Also congratulations on your son! I didn't know he was already born.
        Feb 28, 2012
    13. ReznorRage
      Hi! Glad to see you still frequent these forums. Ever considered telling the community what you had planned for Terraria until the whole "real life" thing happened? :) I certainly would like to know, even if the ideas never come to fruition.
    14. iNfiniTe Se7eNz
      Holy fuck man... after all that, they're still giving you shit... Feel sorry for you...
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      2. Klokinator
        Even I do, and I was his outspoken enemy.

        [s]red if you read this, I'm no pro, but I'll be your PR agent if you ever need one. I've proven my ability to think analitically I hope lol[/s]
        Feb 28, 2012
      3. iNfiniTe Se7eNz
        iNfiniTe Se7eNz
        Difference is, you changed your mind.
        Feb 28, 2012
    15. Klokinator
      Fuck it, I'll be BUYING his next game, even if it's about watching grass grow.
    16. Blu
      just fyi, that the members of the terraria online alliance are collaborating on an open letter to you and the rest of the relogic team to post hopefully tomorrow. we hope you'll be back to see it, and thanks for your follow up statement today.
    17. Klokinator
      Just throwing it out there, I'll be playing his next game.

      (I mean, assuming it looks fun of course and is somewhat like Terraria in any way :P)
    18. Garneac
      Yo, (SERIOUSLY), before you do anything else, you need to edit in your Fucking Fantabulous explanation in the OP. Like, stat, man.

      Can't stress this enough. Complete this last bit of PR and you're golden. Ya hear? GOLDEN!
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    19. Lord Carver
      The fact that the game was just a test makes it all seem so hollow. I feel like i'm living in the projects after a zombie apocalypse and a bunch of zombies have eaten off my legs.
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      3. Lord Carver
        Lord Carver
        I wonder what other real things are just a test? I hope the big bang theory show is just a test.
        Feb 28, 2012
      4. Paranσid
        I hope everything that is ever good in life was just practice.
        Then we only got the best in store.
        Feb 28, 2012
      5. Blu
        life is nothing but practice
        Feb 28, 2012
    20. Paranσid
      Redigit: Please do not be discouraged by what the silly people on this forums have said.
      I am sure your next game will be quite as good.
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