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May 17, 2011
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Nov 12, 1983 (Age: 31)
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Developer, Male, 31

Make sure to tell Lazure Happy Birthday tomorrow!! Jul 3, 2014

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Jan 25, 2015
    1. Garneac
      Heya Red! Whenever you get a chance, drop into the modding section. People are going into overdrive now, coming up with some really cool stuff. Thanks again for everything!
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    2. Lightningkid
      at least waiting got you to say "april fools!" on april first.... :'(
      you have to say that you have to say that you have to say that!!
    3. Mr. Mine
      Mr. Mine
      Hey just wondering why you would make Terraria 2.0 before you left..........................Just wondering because Terraria is the best game to ever come out.:(
      1. insanehuman19
        Terraria 2.0: Son of the Guide
        Mar 2, 2012
    4. Altre
      Your recent thread has restored enough of my faith to at least have me buy your upcoming game. We're human, we make mistakes, and you made a wonderful platform for us mod. More tools would be appreciated, though. I'm working on new low tier magic, btw. From attack spells to utility spells, I hope people have fun with it.
      Extra parental duties would stress development more, I guess. Good luck with that! :D
    5. JamesRaynor
      If you'd like a group of dedicated modders to take over terraria or what have you they will need either the source code or modding API. I'd go with the modding API if you have any time what so ever to program one.
    6. insanehuman19
      In a world polluted with evil and greedy corporations, you are like a breath of fresh air.
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    7. Paranσid
      I used to update terraria like you.
      Then I took a baby to the knee...
      1. GoldenPhoenix 97
        GoldenPhoenix 97
        That meme use to be funny but then-wait that meme was NEVER funny.
        Mar 1, 2012
      2. insanehuman19
        Invisible "like" to GoldenPhoenix 97
        Mar 2, 2012
      3. Paranσid
        I laughed when I first heard it in skyrim.
        Never did again.
        Mar 2, 2012
    8. TheTinyMan
      Also: So you're working on a new project! If you need the assistance of a C# dev with a few years of experience, with a little bit of education regarding software design and XNA, you have my keyboard. I happen to live on the Kentucky-Indiana border. :-)
    9. TheTinyMan
      Just read the "My Fellow Terrarians" part 1 and 2 posts.

      For what it's worth, as far as I'm concerned, you have precisely nothing to apologize for. You created my second-favorite game of all time (and it comes very close to beating out Planescape: Torment, too!). I have played Terraria for 266 hours, and I don't think I've ever put that much time into a single game with the TV off before.
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    10. Dragix
      A great game you made there, but it is sad that you are leaving now and i have to thanks you, because without you this game wouldn't exist. Have a nice day.
    11. Tim Hjersted
      Tim Hjersted
      The greatest potential and longevity for this game was in its possibilities for making original games within it (like Little Big Planet 2). And until Terraria 2, (wink wink) there is still no other game that can allow you to create Zelda-like 2d adventure games yourself (Starbound may provide a sci-fi setting, but Terraria's 'long ago' setting will always set it apart).
    12. snark
      yey now terraria is free ! xD JK
    13. Hoddmimir
      Thank you very much, sir, for everything you did with this game. I love it. I know many others love it. Don't listen to those few who like to scream and cry about stuff because there are always going to be those people with everything no matter how good it is. I hope you will not let them ruin gaming for you, because you deserve to be satisfied with the work you do. Thank you.
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    14. Evil Uncle Tommy
    15. KUSHMONSTER666
      its so sad your leaving but have a nice life i hope it treats u well
    16. Wil1691
      I haven't seen anyone ask you this lately (if at all) so, how's your day been?
    17. Bullseye55
      Most developers will never do what you just did. I think you actually deserve, honestly, a follow. I've never seen anyone apologise, clear up rumors, or explain current events while they design a game. I hope everything goes good.
    18. WarfighterSev
      I will wait for my entire life to get Terraria 2.0
      I will wait for the day that you return to Relogic
      I will wait for as long as it does to come back out
      I will wait for ever if i have to.....
      meh, meanwhile I will eventually be able to play Starbound sooner, so thats a plus :D
    19. Draulor
      Red, doubt you'll see this post, but if you do, there is a part of the community that wants to make a community driven update, like, a primary mod [periodically updated], if you agree with this, you should check it out. I've been suggesting that we pick up where you left off.
    20. Delra
      I was so stupid and stupid! I let my rage and frustration take the better of me. I'm really sorry Red, I didn't control myself. You've made an excellent game, the best game I've ever played next to Minecraft. I would pay 10$ just to support you, because I've spent 450 hours on Terraria, and that number increases each day. Good luck with Red Jr. and I hope he grows up to be as awesome as you!
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