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Jan 25, 2015
May 17, 2011
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Nov 12, 1983 (Age: 31)
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Developer, Male, 31

Make sure to tell Lazure Happy Birthday tomorrow!! Jul 3, 2014

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Jan 25, 2015
    1. Loki ISP
      Loki ISP
      Amidst all of the rage....I urge you to stay tuned for some perspectives from the other side of the coin....and congrats on the coming new addition.
    2. Suika Ibuki
      Suika Ibuki
      You need 75 messages :o my OCD is killing me
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      3. Mikoto Misaka
        Mikoto Misaka
        Someone who will still give free updates. :P
        Feb 27, 2012
      4. Klokinator
        Sure Stephano, suuuuuuuuuuuuuure.
        Feb 28, 2012
      5. Lord Carver
        Lord Carver
        I will give you guys better updates and patch all of red's if I knew how to mod. Unfortunately I know nothing about modding terraria and instead mod ut3.
        Feb 28, 2012
    3. Malaana
      Dear Redigit,
      I still love you

      Love Twi.
    4. jaxter0987
      Well at least we know that he's reading some of the comments made here. As of right now "Redigit was last seen: Viewing member profile Redigit". Still, I hope you'll make an announcement to address some of the issues people have brought up.
      1. Lord Carver
        Lord Carver
        I hope he gives us more usable data.
        Feb 27, 2012
      2. jadkni
        I doubt he'll be speaking any further on the matter. The announcement thread is enough of a shitstorm as is - do you really think any further explanation of why he's cutting development on the game will make the situation better?

        Frankly, were I Redigit at this point, I'd make it a point not to log in (or change my status to Chillaxin' - it comes off as mocking) and leave this chapter behind me.
        Feb 27, 2012
      3. jaxter0987
        I think any additional information provided to us can only make things better. I'm sure most people would agree.

        Also "Redigit was last seen:Viewing thread My Fellow Terrarians, 37 minutes ago" there is hope left.
        Feb 28, 2012
    5. Xkiller
      do you have any other games? terraria got boring :L
    6. bohl0s
      i was about to buy terraria a second tme (the CE) but now that you stopped working its not fair sorry.
    7. Leevi
      you were hero in my eyes. i will always remember you, terraria is good game, but i really think it needs more contet, cause after getting all gear, there is nothing to do. :(
    8. CoolYoshifan
      1. CoolYoshifan
        Btw I forgot to say this. Enjoy being with your new child. Me and Azentiger (not in Terraria Online) are gonna record StarBound when it comes out ;)
        Feb 27, 2012
    9. Gizmo900
      Redigit tell someone what to do and they can develup teraria so we still get your idas
    10. Luffy_299
      You should choose some guys to continue Terraria.
      1. <><> iPLAYTERRARIA <><>
        <><> iPLAYTERRARIA <><>
        YES YES YES Definitly!
        May 12, 2012
    11. Joshyswag
      if not another game designing group find some good ciders on the forums that will carry on the game with some spriters it's not hard for me to get ciders and spriters to help me when I need help on my many wip mods well good luck
    12. Joshyswag
      I want to hug as much as I do stab you ;) lol it's been a good year of playing terraria and wasting my life playing your game and for that I thank you but I ask that you please p
    13. JamesRaynor
      Can you look into giving Gaslamp Games control over Terraria's development along with access to the planned features that didn't make it because of life? That would at least keep terraria alive.
      1. mestrePuppets
        This. Please.
        Feb 27, 2012
    14. Emcitement
      Best of luck with your family!
      I'm also really looking forward to the third game project you start and then abandon. It'll be a hit!
      1. Delra and mestrePuppets like this.
    15. jaxter0987
      I'm really disappointed that you chose to leave Terraria, but have you atleast read some of the points people brought up? Gaslamp Games have offered to continue Terraria development. People have asked for Mod API and I hope you plan on creating it. Last but not least, congratulations on the new baby!
    16. Bullseye55
      If you are coming back, do it. This is your game. Stand up to your reputation.
    17. Dimitri Denis
      Dimitri Denis
      i need to ask you a question.
      now that you stopped making updates will terraria be free now???
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      2. Evilguy96
        are you stupid
        Mar 1, 2012
      3. Evilguy96
        Mar 1, 2012
      4. Evilguy96
        har har ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS bang
        Mar 1, 2012
    18. Vae
      Thanks for the game, grats on the baby too, but I think you need to do at least one thing before you leave. Change the features listed in all locations that say anything about free 'content' updates. This phrasing is now misleading and untrue for any new purchasers. It's honestly dirty to leave such a thing in knowing there will be no such thing coming. Do this for those who buy your game from here on out.
    19. Suika Ibuki
      Suika Ibuki
      Where's Redigit when you need him to explain stuff to everyone? :c
    20. Dawson
      Good bye its been fun, best of luck in the future.
      1. Evilguy96
        in the future he may MAY add awosome upates but for now terraria has been put to the halt i knew this day would come
        Mar 1, 2012
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