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Jan 25, 2015
May 17, 2011
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Nov 12, 1983 (Age: 32)
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Developer, Male, 32

Make sure to tell Lazure Happy Birthday tomorrow!! Jul 3, 2014

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Jan 25, 2015
    1. Cman576
      Thank you for such a great game. I think ever one hates to see this happen so soon but we undersand why. Is there anything you could do to keep terraria alive. Maybe turn the game over to some talented modders like hero and his mod team. There doing a great mod that seem like something you would do. We all just want to keep terraria developing. :( Terraria has come to far to just be let go of.
      1. Mr. Cool
        Mr. Cool
        hero is just one of the modders. what about us!!! we want the source code too!
        Feb 23, 2012
      2. Cman576
        Im sorry i just know about heros mod and it goes allong with how redigit and all the dev's made terraria.
        Feb 23, 2012
      3. Mr. Cool
        Mr. Cool
        yeah. your probably right. i would make insanely hard bosses
        Feb 23, 2012
    2. Atlas™
      Redigit. You made a great game, with the help of Tiy, and the encouragement of your fans. Just come and visit every once in a while. ;)
    3. Mr. Cool
      Mr. Cool
      post the source code! if your abandoning terraria, give us modders the source code!
      1. Emcitement
        That would call for not being selfish.
        Feb 24, 2012
      2. Mr. Cool
        Mr. Cool
        i want to publicize the code
        Feb 24, 2012
    4. darkninjx
      Redigit good luck with your new game Im going to buy it for sure :D
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      2. darkninjx
        I wasnt talking about starbound i was talking about new redigit's game that we dont know the name of yet Starbound is awesome too thought
        Feb 23, 2012
      3. pikafan8
        Okay, but here's the thing, it's in planning phase, which people cannot read that it is.
        Feb 23, 2012
      4. Emcitement
        yeah let's all buy another game so we can love it and watch it get abandoned just like this one
        Feb 24, 2012
    5. mestrePuppets
      Gaslamp games offered to take care of terraria for you. Please really consider this. Terraria is too awesome to be done with.
    6. Axe Head
      Axe Head
      Congrats for the new baby, and thank you for making this game. it has inspired me to make my own game. Thank you for the great game Redigit.
    7. Rossmallo
      Please pass this game onto someone else. I beg of you.
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    8. [koi]zephyrshade
      so this is all we get? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *5 min later* OOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

      We need atleast one more HUGE update.
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    9. Orkuspay
      Please make mod API before you go!!! Terraria is the funnest game I have ever played, beating Portal, Portal 2, Half-life 2, Minecraft, and all the others. Please make some way for it to continue to grow!!!
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    10. AlexanSteere
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    11. topazg
      Many many many congratulations on the new baby, and really good luck to you for all your future endeavours. Thanks for hours and hours of entertainment :)
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    12. Pwag
      Regi dawg,
      Have you ever considered terraira for Mac? If you did I would totally buy it!
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      2. Pwag
        Do i need to get the steam version for mac?
        Mar 7, 2012
      3. Mike F.
        Mike F.
        Mar 8, 2012
      4. Pwag
        Mar 10, 2012
    13. Gregnov
      Red, thanks for the fun game. Im still playing it, and you poured a lot of time into it. Im proud to say I played this game, and that I still will. I hope you have a great career, and tell your son to never get into a mysterious van, however tempting it may be. Good luck with your future, and again, thank you.
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    14. ed s ed
      ed s ed
      Hey you'll let us know when you start a new project, right? I wanna be there when it happens. Good luck
      1. Orkuspay, Redigit and Necrovore like this.
    15. Thadeous Bathtub
      Thadeous Bathtub
      Hey Red! so everyone is going Loons & Bobo over the ending of Terraria. I was at first, but It's All Good. One or two questions though; are you still planning a Mac OSX release? This game has been one of my favorite games since I discovered it months and months ago. Anyway, much luck with life, Man!
    16. xTeniPurix
      I love terraria I do. But please think about making it open source or passing it on to someone else to continue. There's too much potintial to just let it die.
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    17. NinjaLink
      Red, thank you for making what is one of my favorite games. I am sad to see that updates are ending so soon, but I cannot wait to see what you make next. I am also holding on to the fragile belief that one day, you could return to terraria or make a second game that is just as good, or better. I just want to say, good luck, whatever you do next.
    18. Paperbags
      Just wanted to let you know, though I doubt you'll read it; I still love you. I always have, always will. I'm not mad. I understand. I wish you nothing but good luck and good fortune in your future. Know also that you have an instant buyer whenever your next project is released.
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    19. Burnscars
      Be sure to get the person holding your torch to calm the crowd as you leave. The negative rhetoric on the forum currently is maddening.
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    20. O.o_That_Guy_o.O
      Quick question Redigit: Although the game is ending have you thought of looking into Steam Workshop? Skyrim did it and people made lots of content for it. Maybe you could look into adding Terraria to that list? (or mayby seeing if we can get a copy of Starbound since we bought terraria :P) Preciate all you have done and my friends and i have enjoyed the game :P Maybe community gives some likes to show support?? o -o
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