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May 17, 2011
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Nov 12, 1983 (Age: 31)
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Developer, Male, 31

Make sure to tell Lazure Happy Birthday tomorrow!! Jul 3, 2014

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Jan 25, 2015 at 9:25 AM
    1. Angry Latios
      Angry Latios
      suddenly out of nowhere a person
    2. Coconutnate
      All my friends are playing Terraria and i was hoping to play to... unforchantly i fell victim to the XNA error, hope you you can fix this and have an easy time with it. Looking forward to playing ~Nate
    3. LordRandomness
      First of all, people like you and the rest of the Terraria team always tend to impress me. I've sent a similar message to the Cave Story team and Notch, among others.

      Ask what? To put it simply, I'm looking at game design as a career and I'd like to know what I'm getting into and the best way to get into it. Any advice/information you and the team consider helpful would be appreciated. Thanks!
    4. RougeZen
      Hi Redigit! :D
    5. Mercenaries11
      thank you for making this game me and my friends are loving it and just wanted to give you a big thanks from everyone in the UK who plays this
    6. Jerryman
      thanks for nice things you make friend
    7. InvisibleClarity
      Ha, I like how you only have 4 messages yet 262 likes. You, sir, are my hero. Keep the updates coming, but don't strain yourself!
    8. Stormzblade
      redigit wanna play some terraria?
    9. Dan M
      Dan M
      Hello redigit, have you ever heard of a site called I just want to confirm something.
    10. Twitchy
      Redigit, I recommend you sort out the code first. Look at all the IFS! At least for the item list use a switch statement. Get the code running smoothly. And use multithreading! It will make servers be able to process commands so much faster and you will reach that 255 player limit! Thanks
    11. RancidShamble
      Indianapolis loooovvvees you! (had too much coffee today sorry)
    12. Munchkins123
      Red, I purchased terraria a little over a week ago, been playing it alot for the past week, however now when I access my steam library of games it is not there, and when I click the desktop shortcut it asks me to purchase it etc. so I can't play on it without repurchasing it? Help please? :/
    13. rasputin
      Redigit will you ever add pure fire items?Not like spells or anything like that, what i mean is will you add molotov cocktails?
      1. AdenSword
        Whadda know. He did. Sure it was 3 years later but he heard you!
        Aug 27, 2014
    14. Keirndmo
      Redigit will you ever add pets to the game to fight side by side? or an evil bunny from montey python?
      1. Gizmo Jo
        Gizmo Jo
        now all we need is the holy hand grenade
        grenade + 20 gold bars + 2 diamond + 2 rubies + angel statue(;])
        damage 500
        stack: 1
        description: "Brother John, fetch the holy hand grenade" or "1, 2, 5!"
        Jun 11, 2011
    15. RaynBlade
      Just wondering. will you be revamping the NPC's? All 12 of us love building massive houses and we fight over the NPCS to populate our places. lol they are like... our symbol of power. the more the more powerful lawl. and the 1 npc per world limit is stressful. Thanks
    16. RaynBlade
      Hey, me and my group of friends like over 8 appreciate you uncapping the server limit. and the first huge debut of the dedicated server =].
    17. Strange Gaming
      Strange Gaming
      Hey Redigit, can u tell me why i cannot join my cousin on the same IP plz? It doesnt work for us :(
    18. Mister Magical
      Mister Magical
      Redigit where do you live in Indiana?
    19. Elde

      Just wondering, as MANY members has ideas and are spriting, is ther like ANY chance at all any of the sprites and suggestions will ever make their way into the game, or even be considered?

      People are spriting like there is no tomorrow, and epic suggestions has come up all over, just wondering if it's a really just wishful thinking, or will u have like "we will take the best sprite and idea of the week" events?
    20. Seaborgium
      Hey Red, where do I put suggestions for the game? Loving the game btw. :)
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