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Discussion in 'Server Archive' started by Flummie, May 28, 2011.

  1. Flummie Green Slime

    Every since i bought this game, im really lovin it. I proudly presend my own server.
    HOST/IP: flummie.servegame.com

    Warning, by server contains all items, dont take them from the chest if u think it will spoil your fun. People with bad langauge and blowing stuff up in my castle with get a perm ban.


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  2. RobbiexD Green Slime

    Im joining :D
  3. DA PIST0L23 Cursed Man

    sexy castle
  4. scribble Green Slime

    lol how do i join ?

    • lol it wont let me join
  5. asluglicker Green Slime

    its probably down
  6. DA PIST0L23 Cursed Man

    they constantly have to restart servers because of griefers also... it may be full
  7. Flummie Green Slime

    Ya its online 24/7, i hope u guys like it. Server might be full if u try to connect. Seems like people really like my server. So ya if u cant connect right now, try later. Thats why i want too know how i can let more then 8 people join my server. As far that i know 8 is the limit?

    O ya and about the griefers i bannend 105 people so far. Less and less griefers on my server each day -)
  8. Garb Cursed Man

    I'll join.
  9. Zenyo Blazing Wheel

    is it full right now?
  10. azi Green Slime

    yay works xD
  11. zXfiaXz Green Slime

    Upload map. :D
  12. Zenyo Blazing Wheel

    all i want is a freaking whoopie cushion D:
  13. Gohlark Green Slime

    Uh nice server i guess?
  14. Garb Cursed Man

    That was crazy!
  15. Derek The Almighty Green Slime

    Is it full right now?
  16. zXfiaXz Green Slime

  17. dylan hinez Green Slime

    can someone please tell me how to make a server in detail because me and my freinds want our own but we cant figure out how to make one thank you
  18. RobbiexD Green Slime

    When you spawn there is lava stupid griefers reset the map

    Yes they have reset the map! :D
  19. x3Shia Green Slime

    its great . now , if only i can connect to it .
  20. Janky Green Slime

    Can you guy like reset it every 5 mins :/ let other players get a chance to get items. Please...

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