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Discussion in 'Server Archive' started by Flummie, May 28, 2011.

  1. Flummie Green Slime

    Thanks =) There are some pritty impressive buildings people made on it! =) From now all people can use /give on my server and /tp

    Example: /give wooden table 1 (Will give u 1 wooden table)
    /tp flummie (Teleport u too me)

  2. x3Shia Green Slime

    :D This server is awesome !

    attack of the greifers once again . D:
    and the give command doesn 't seem to really give me anything . :/ it says that the item has been given , but there 's nothing in my inventory . :O
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  3. Darkas-Pony Crimera

    This server isnt working at all xd
  4. porezwingz Eskimo Zombie

    y was i banned
  5. BloodWolf16 Green Slime

    can't connect its stuck at recieving tile data: complete?
  6. sativex Green Slime

    i got banned and i wasnt griefing
  7. Squidward820 Green Slime

    Wow, when enemies were turned on, it was like the SLIMES were griefing the server!
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  8. Hagrim Green Slime

    Like the server, good fun
  9. heyzx Green Slime

    whats the server port?
  10. Squidward820 Green Slime

    Is the server not on?
    You don't have to type the port for terraria servers.
    However, the default port is 7777.
  11. heyzx Green Slime

    i mean whats the port this server
  12. Squidward820 Green Slime

    Just tested, port is 7777.

    Okay, I log in and it says "Quote is already on this server."
    If it's a person, stop it.
    If it's lag, meh.
  13. TheresZombies Zombie

    Sooooooo, this is God. I tried port 7777 and it didnt let me on.
    Port #?
  14. Squidward820 Green Slime

    Is the server even on?
  15. Heresy Green Slime

    I think it was shut down earlier cause of no grief protection.
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  16. TheresZombies Zombie

    i was on like 2 hours ago. then the server shut down because of the update, so server was updated. Must be waiting for mods to update?
    I could put a server up if you guys want, until flummie gets this one back up.
  17. ahuei123456 Yellow Slime

  18. Janky Green Slime

    It says it needs a password? What is it?
  19. KITTKITT20 Green Slime

  20. Enjay Green Slime

    whats the password for the server?

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