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  1. JByrd725

    JByrd725 Green Slime

    What is Hamachi?
    Hamachi is a free web VPN or Virtual Private Network Program
    Ok, so what does this have to do with Terraria?
    Well if you've been on the server part of the Forums you'll notice most online servers use Hamachi
    Why do most servers use Hamachi?
    To run a Terraria server you either have to setup your router with port forwarding which is a somewhat long and complicated process especially for beginners
    (for those interested, great thread by Rydian, click here)
    or you can use Hamachi, the much simpler, easier route
    Ok I want to use Hamachi, how do I do it?
    You now know what Hamachi is, so how do you install and use it?
    Step 1: Click here, agree to the terms of use at the bottom of the screen and either hit download under Unmanaged for the basic Hamachi or create an account and download the Managed version
    Step 2: Now this should have downloaded a file called hamachi.msi open the file and run it
    Step 3: Follow the install wizard to select your language, and finish installing
    Step 4: Open Hamachi, you should be prompted to give a name to your pc
    (this will be shown to other pcs when you connect to a network)
    Step 5: Now to join or create a network! At the top of the Hamachi window there is a button labeled Network, if you want to create your own network for a server for you and your friends select Create a Network, if you want to join a friends network or one you found on the forums select Join a Network
    Step 6: In the Network ID space put the name of the network you want to make or join in Password create or enter the password for the network and voila! you are ready to go! start up terraria enter the IP and join or host the server!
    Other Stuff
    If you have any comments, suggestions, criticisms, or concerns feel free to leave them below!

    LogMeIn Hamachi is a registered trademark ownd by LogMeIn Inc.​
    I do not own nor am I affiliated with LogMeIn Inc. in any way​
  2. JByrd725

    JByrd725 Green Slime

    good point thanks :) but its true...
  3. r9310

    r9310 Cursed Man

    you may get in trouble for that comment :eek:
  4. dennux

    dennux Doctor Bones

    Umh, portforwarding takes like 10 seconds. Setting up hamachi takes way longer. Also, searching the forums you will find some other threads regarding hamachi with better guides. But also a lot of comments about why hamachi is bad.

    Saying "most servers use hamachi" is completely wrong. It's the opposite way, most people dont want to use hamachi.

    By the way, if someone doesnt know what hamachi is, your description "Hamachi is a free web VPN or Virtual Private Network Program" is as cryptic as "hamachi is hamachi". Also, your description is wrong. It's not web VPN, its VPN.

    in most cases, portforwardig is easier. The people using hamachi most likely just do not have the password to "their" routers.

    You shouldnt if you do not have to, in order to make your server public.
    Also you do not explain that. Hamachi is only used to bypass the routers firewall. IT is by no means the default way to make your server accesible from outside.
  5. JByrd725

    JByrd725 Green Slime

    hmmm I suppose your right, guess ill close the thread.. thanks for your opinion
  6. eil

    eil Green Slime

    oh common, i'm so tired of every time someone talks about hamachi, comes another one and say it's bad. all already know that "port-forwarding is a god blessing", safest and easiest(yeah sure).
    people choose by their means and each method is good enough.
  7. Mythril Guy

    Mythril Guy Bone Serpent

    Idsay hamachi will lag because of people joining your network and then joining the server, which they both use tons of Internet, so it might crash.
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  8. Minisoniczx

    Minisoniczx Flying Fish

    Uh, i haven't Port Forwarding before but i can still host and it's work. Weird...
  9. eil

    eil Green Slime

    tons of internet? for what?! it seems you've used it never..
  10. Mythril Guy

    Mythril Guy Bone Serpent

    I used it when I didn't know about port forwarding. I have really good Internet and when I had hamachi going anything that was really fast that connected to the Internet slowed down.
  11. eil

    eil Green Slime

    seems like a personal situation for me, be course i used hamachi numerous times and it lagged only at really shitty connections.
  12. dennux

    dennux Doctor Bones

    If you are behind a router you have forwared a port. If not, the router wouldnt know what to do with the incoming connection.
    If you, or any other person, really never set up portforwarding in your router (the settings stay in the router and are not affected by reinstalling your operating system), then it's propable that you have a direct connection to the internet and do not even use a router. For example with a umts webstick or when the modem is directly connected to your computer.
    If this is the case, you should set up your firewall properly ;)
    Check the internet for more information on what can happen if you do not have a firewall (the router normally has a/is the firewall).

    Well, i hope no one says Port Forwarding is a "god blessing". It is man-made, also port forwarding is not the invention, but the side-effect. The invention itself is the firewall (and later the router), that blocks(closes), redirects and forwards(or opens) incoming connections on certain or all ports, protecting your System. It's like a bodyguard, guarding the entrance to your computer. Port forwarding is the list of allowed people, if a certain port is not allowed, no one can connect through that port.
    Hamachi tries to do bypass the firewall, but it is extra software on your system, using your resources and is for technical reasons slower than portforwarding. It's like one of the backdoors to bypass the bodyguard. So if you can portforward, you should do it, it is the default way. Hamachi, and other systems like hamachi, only bypass the firewall, simulating a portforward.

    So yeah, each method is "good enough", but hamachi has in itself several downsides and is by definition not as good as normal portforwarding. The downsides of hamachi are only worth it, if you really cant portforward on your router. 99% of the time that would mean you do not have the password (because either you're on a public network or its your parents/neighbours router)
  13. eil

    eil Green Slime

    technically this may be true. yet, for me hamachi is mush more simple to handle(no, i'm not bad with computers) and allows to not bother if forwarding is possible or not at any pc i'm setting for someone(most of providers i know, in my place, grand only dynamicIP and of course no access to any self-forwarding, unless additional payment done).
  14. TUN3R

    TUN3R Cursed Skull

    I just wish it wouldn't rape my connection every time I install it for the first time...

    For some reason I can't have people connect to ME anymore, although it works fine if I connect to them (on the same network, me being the host).

    Could my speed be the problem? My friends' speeds range between 0.2 MB/s and 20 MB/s, mine is:


    (I had about 20 torrents seeding and 12 downloading when I did that speed test though)
  15. daaseemas

    daaseemas Dark Caster

    Well I appreciate the help
  16. dennux

    dennux Doctor Bones

    So you may be not bad with computers, but you're not good with them neither ^^°
    First: Portforwarding is a complete router-thing. The provider has nothing to do with it. Second: Portforwarding works no matter if you have static or dynamic IP. If you have dynamic IP you just have to tell your friends the new IP every 24h (because you get a new IP every 24h disconnect). But there are also ways to get around that: dyndns. The provider has nothing to do with that,either. I know for sure, because i have only dynamic IPs.
    Also porforwarding is always possible.

    By the way: Most routers are very easy to handle when it comes to portforwarding. If you are unlucky with one of the not-so-good routers (most likely an old one), thats too bad. Normally you just have to open your router configuration page, network, portrules, add a rule: name it and set a port or a port range (sometimes with public and private, which is really the redirect function), and choose a Computer where it has to be forwarded to. It's almost always very similar to this. Routers normally have a helpful text at the sides of the screen that explains everything your mouse is on.
    I think you mistook something with the IPs. Portforwearding has nothing to do with providers or public IPs. But it has to do with the internal IPs. If you have dhcp on (most have), you will have a way to name those PCs (by mac adress or computername) and choose in the portrules that name you gave that computer. If you have static internal IPs, you just have to set that IP in the rules.
    Also, there are tons of services that need portforwarding but wont work with hamachi (as it wont be possible to set ip up that way). So it is always good to know how to set up the ports in your router.

    Edit: Where does this belief come from, portforwarding would not work with dynamicIPs? Anyone who says that, does not know how ports work.

    ^ This is prove that there IS something faster than light ( :D )
    :( that is a speed i can only dream of over here :(
    "(Faster than 98% of RO)" <- lol
    Well, there are several reasons why people can't connect to you. For example, windows firewall tries to block that service, you have to allow access to the internet for hamachi. Normally, a dialog should pop up. If not, you would have to set it up manually.
  17. eil

    eil Green Slime

    i really didn't say i'm good with them, so that may be true.
    little problem here - what router?! i have a network card in system block and a coaxial cable connected to it. and most of people here have only this. i know that router is in this building, but it's locked, and as i said provider grants no access or setting of it. now you may think i'm in some lan(and probably that is so, technically), but no connection is approved even among those connected to same router as me. btw, my situation is worser: both internal and external IP are dynamic, and it changes not every 24 hours, but every time i shutdown PC(even reboot could be enough).
    now it's my bad= i mistakenly thought it was all about using forwarding to play over internet. with only lan usage it's worthless to me, 'cause most of time players are either on different providers or have long distance between them(different cities/countries).
    as for dyndns usage, i see no difference to use hamachi, so don't understand why make myself more "setting troubles"
  18. to keep it simple, Hamachi is used to connect to other people if your internet has a proxy, terraria doesn't have a proxy input so i guess hamachi will solve the problem. though i just use 3G network because the internet (the one with proxy) is used by LOTS of people hence very slow.
  19. sybodon

    sybodon Green Slime

    hamachi is so server's are stronger so you dont use public adress ip it's so you can click host and play then join thrue hamachi ip its huelpfull
  20. well , this is my mum's office computer, i'll set up my laptop
    whichis still my mum's laptop tsk tsk tsk Edit: wrong thread

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