1.0.4 All item Map (Always Updated)

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  1. Tristyn Penguin

    This is my all items map. It will be updated on every Terraria update. It has every single item plus lots of each! If you see that something is missing please leave a comment and tell me. Please if you can like the topic and/or use the Adf.ly link please it helps me.


    Ady.ly Link - MediaFire

    Ady.ly Link - MegaUpload

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  2. Tristyn Penguin

    That should be everything if there is something missing please leave a comment saying that its not there. And please use this link to download http://adf.ly/1qfcu .
  3. TJK Green Slime

    You forgot the Silver Pickaxe And Meteor hamaxe
  4. Tristyn Penguin

    Ohh yea lol i had to use it ill put it back...
  5. Tristyn Penguin

    I fixed it and new links are up.
  6. TheActiveStick Green Slime

    1. Do you have a Youtube account?
    2. Where did you get the stuff?

  7. TheActiveStick Green Slime

    Actully it won't let me. :(
  8. TheActiveStick Green Slime

    Can you do it on MegaUpload? ;)
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  9. Emenii Bone Serpent

  10. Cakeordeath Cursed Man

    Very nice, I already have everything so I don't actually need this but it's good to see someone actually helping other people out without putting a price on their services.
  11. Tristyn Penguin

    Wrong my youtube channel is YouJellyVG
    And some of it is legit.
  12. Tristyn Penguin

    Well thank you for the good feedback.
  13. Tristyn Penguin

    if it still doesnt work for you ill send you a 4shared link.
  14. Tristyn Penguin

    Links are updated I added the meteor hamaxe. :)
  15. naz998 Green Slime

    it dosen't work when i click the adf.ly link
  16. Tristyn Penguin

    I just tried it works fine but if you cant just use the download from here but thanks for trying to use it. BTW what does it say? or just doesnt work?
  17. Tristyn Penguin

    I added a MegaUpload Link. Just in case.
  18. naz998 Green Slime

    it just takes me to the adf.ly home page
  19. naz998 Green Slime

    The mega upload link works for me though
  20. Tristyn Penguin

    Ok ill redo the mediafire link. Thanks for telling me.
    I fixed the MediaFire link.
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