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Discussion in 'Patch Notes' started by Redigit, Aug 17, 2011.

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  1. Redigit Developer

    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a bug that would cause chests to contain stacks of empty items.
    • The crafting list now correctly updates after using the container loot buttons.
    • The direction bathtubs face when placed is now correctly sent to the server. This prevents bathtub duplication issues.
    • Smashing Obsidian Walls no longer gives Obsidian Ore.
    • Walls that are automatically placed to fill small gaps are now correctly taken from the player’s inventory.
    • Fixed a bug that causes Green Slimes to get stuck in the ground and start sinking.
    • Player ghosts no longer move when typing.
    • Fixed a bug that would cause mana to sometimes not regenerate when the player has 0 mana.
    • Slimes no longer chase the player in water when they are not in aggressive mode.
    • Lesser Restoration Potions and Restoration Potions now only heal for 50/100 life and 50/100 mana.
    • Lesser Mana Potions and Mana Potions now only restore 50/100 mana.
    • Changed the way the value of stacked items is rounded to fix selling/buyback inconsistencies.
    • Some items can now be placed in lava, this includes clay pots and fire blossom seeds.
    • Fixed a bug that would cause shadow orbs to me smashed during world generation. This was causing meteors to start spawning before the player is at the appropriate gear level.
    • Generated dirt walls now correctly blend with player placed dirt walls. Player placed dirt walls now have new graphics to differ from generated walls.
    • Boomerangs now reset correctly when you use your magic mirror if they are still flying.
    • Mediumcore characters now correctly drop ammo on death.
    • “Misc” has been reworded to say “Shoes” on the shoes color settings screen.
    Item Addition
    • Added the Sawmill which replaces the Workbench for “advanced” wood crafting. The Workbench is now designated for “basic” wood crafting.
  2. Eric S. Green Slime

    Sweetness! :)

    Wait, what? :O A sawmill :confused:
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  3. Gameinsky Penguin

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  4. bimo9mm9 Green Slime

    FIRST REPLY!!! WOOOO my terraria just updated now :DDDDDD
  5. Delra Dark Caster

    awesome sauce
  6. Pedguin Herpling

    Good job!

    Decided to do a short video showing the new sawmill off :)

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  7. altermaven Dark Caster

    thank you Redigit, this will definitely help, also the sawmill is a nice addition. thumbs up :)
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  8. TerraFrozenFire Piranha

    ur 3rd lol.

    also, didn't expect a new crafting item! :p

    EDIT: i think i will sooooo love that i can place most blocks in lava again! my hellevator will be done!
  9. Rich Voodoo Demon

    Glad you fixed all of those bugs, especially the mana getting stuck at 0 one.
    Sawmill will be interesting, though I don't like the idea of needing even more crafting stations. Does "advanced" wood crafting only mean for furniture?
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  10. If there is one thing I love most about an update, it's bug fixes.
    This is what I was hoping for, thanks Devs.
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  11. Mrbiscuitify Squirrel

  12. Tassadaritze Green Slime

    Well, that was fast.
    It was released, I refresh the page and it's here!
  13. shipoopie Cursed Skull

    sweet thanks for the fixes
  14. bimo9mm9 Green Slime

    XDDDD yeah, i noticed that AFTER i put the post, i put the post then the page refreshed and i was rly bummed out to see i was only 32d, not first XD LOL
  15. koisoi Green Slime

    Just saw my terraria download finished and rushed here to see what happend :3
  16. ThatAmazingPerson Bone Serpent

  17. Waise Green Slime

    can i ask what the rationale behind the sawmill is? just to add more diversity/"realism" to the game? like another poster said, i'm not looking forward to duping/running around between more crafting stations, unless the proximity requirement is loosened
  18. Patchumz Dark Caster

    Ooo, very nice.
  19. GermanJesus Flying Snake

    My computer just prompted me saying Terraria has finished downloading... I was confused, but then remembered about the bug fix. :p

    And so now, 1.1 awaits...
  20. RancidShamble Green Slime

    You da bomb...thanks for the fixes :)
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