PC 1.0.6 Changelog

Discussion in 'Patch Notes' started by Blue, Aug 9, 2011.

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  1. IceCaps97

    IceCaps97 Zombie

    I gots server ill pm u if u want to play :)
  2. ArchXEno

    ArchXEno Green Slime

    You should have read the dev post. Your fault
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  3. Pieshooter

    Pieshooter Green Slime

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! YES!!!!!!!!!!!
    No new weapons though :confused:
  4. SFJake

    SFJake Dark Caster

    I have to say, with the extremely long production time for this patch (comparitively to the others), the result was underwhelming. I think it should have been more clear that this would have little to no new actual content. I completely understand the need to balance and polish, but since it was pushed back for so long with little words on what is to come, I was expecting more.

    Oh well. Can't wait for the next patch for sure. Great work, but I think the communication could have been slightly more active this time around.
  5. Neotribal

    Neotribal Green Slime

    Thanks again to all the developers for their hard work and for continuing to give us more awesome content!
  6. Semus

    Semus Yellow Slime

    I only get one option when creating a new character:


    does it need to be cycled through to change it?
  7. RancidShamble

    RancidShamble Green Slime

    Holy patch notes, Batman! I'm in heaven! Thank you for taking your time with this update. And also sweetening the deal by placing Terraria on sale today. Love you guys!
  8. Bender

    Bender Green Slime

    I demand blackjack and hookers to the next update!
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  9. knight_tom

    knight_tom Green Slime

    When will the 1.06 tdsm be out ?
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  10. Oomshnah

    Oomshnah Green Slime

    I don't want to brag but I reported the vultures floating when the sand was removed from beneath them :D Many others prolly did too but I just felt special when I saw it in the change log
  11. Vapors

    Vapors Cursed Skull

    No halfstep/halfblock!? DAMN!!!!
  12. Zimm

    Zimm Green Slime

    Im not disappointed only cause of we haven't a new boss.. I don't know, I was expecting a real change. IMO 1.0.5 changed much more things than 1.0.6..

    Again, IMO!
  13. Toasterrocks

    Toasterrocks Green Slime

    Thanks Developers! The update is awesome! :)
  14. Blue

    Blue Blue Personified

    We stated in a few of our Dev Blogs that 1.0.6 was NOT a content patch. The testing of the new balances took the longest. As every change had to be tested in a full run through to make sure it would still be feasable to play the game without running into some kind of hic-up. So if you look at how many changes there were in balance, you can get an idea of how many balance run-throughs of the game we had to do.

    1.1 however will bring content and more end game things.
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  15. SalamiZombie

    SalamiZombie Green Slime

    Great update Devs!! Keep up the awesome work...I'm going to get back to playing now.
  16. Sleeping

    Sleeping Green Slime

    Hilarious! Waiting any news about upcoming 1.1! Gogo guys, your doing awesome!
  17. SephirothWS

    SephirothWS Cursed Man

    The Orb of Light was seriously nerfed. It doesn't give off as much light as it used to. Why is that?
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  18. DarkDXZ

    DarkDXZ Cursed Skull

    Blue, any clue what we can expect in 1.0.7?
    So there's no more speculating about 1.0.6, now let's speculate 1.0.7...
  19. Furon

    Furon Cursed Man

    Excellent. But Shift+Click moves items to trash, and sells to shop? That sounds like a bad idea.
  20. Esthin

    Esthin Green Slime


    1.1 is the "Major" content patch?

    It will take me half an hour to read through the patch notes! All updates to Terraria are epic, huge and amazing.
    Can't wait.
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