PC 1.0.6 Changelog

Discussion in 'Patch Notes' started by Blue, Aug 9, 2011.

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  1. NightMarelaus

    NightMarelaus Green Slime


    Where are the crafting recipes from 1.0.6 :|
  2. Aquasa

    Aquasa Green Slime

    Is there anything you guys are hiding from us? I'm somewhat disappointed with the lack of content, although the gameplay changes make up for it.
  3. Icepick

    Icepick Green Slime

    Let the whining begin. :)

    Srsly, though this is the best. So much cool building stuff, and buffs to guns! :D And I'm excited for REAL hardcore mode. Aaaaaand lots of other stuff.

    Thanks devs!
  4. Setosan

    Setosan Green Slime

    Aaand like always - i was right -> the wait was well worth it...good work Re-Logic, good work indeed ! :)
  5. Malachino

    Malachino Green Slime

    Can I just say that I love the new Corruption music? =)
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  6. Trapped in a jar

    Trapped in a jar Green Slime

    so many people complaining over the game getting hard... noobs these days...
  7. Concerned Gnome

    Concerned Gnome Yellow Slime

    the devs said i while ago that this wouldent be an amazing update because its focus is on enhancing the current games mechanics. meaning everything after this will be content content content. i like it tho thank you devs for this lovely free content.
  8. Voltar

    Voltar Squirrel

    This update destroyed the game for me.... much too easy endbosses, better health generation like with two band of regeneration, orb of light useless, no inclined walls like mentioned for 1.0.4, ugly music in corrupted land, immortal enemies!, no more light from molten armor (it burns damnit!).... Uninstalled game and waiting for some real patch. This patch destroyed the game for me, not only because of this parts i mentioned.
  9. MrFastZombie

    MrFastZombie Zombie

    I am now in ♥ with Terraria again.
  10. dhristian

    dhristian Green Slime

    You guys have made some pretty good updates in this one, but a few seriously piss me off. Taking away armor glow, stacking multiple same type accessories, and making hellstone more scarce and generate lava when mined, (there's alreayd enough lava in hell) those really grind my gears.

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  11. zoni

    zoni Green Slime

    Great!! update, thanks guys. I also liked the new melody in Jungle, or i am wrong? It's been so much time that i haven't been to Jungle so it sounded like it's new?? :oops:
  12. SirSilica

    SirSilica Green Slime

    Started over from scratch, and I gotta say that the new corruption music is awesome. The change to the furnace recipe threw me for a loop though, had to actually use the guide. Seems to be a good bit harder than before, which I guess that's a good thing. I still haven't made any armor or anything yet, so I can't comment on that.

    By the way, did you change it to make more trees grow on world generation, or was it just the luck of the draw?
  13. Loathsome

    Loathsome Green Slime

    Man I hope you guys do something about the American keyboard mapping soon and that you add other letters so people from other countries can write in their own language.
  14. altermaven

    altermaven Dark Caster

    Thom restarted, world restarted... what's that green residue on thom's body?! D: it's from the jungle armor from the 1.0.5 sendoff! (Actually Thom's new skin is green-ish.) Loving it so far. Also, love the fact that lava sets you on fire.
  15. darkninjx

    darkninjx Piranha

    YEAH finally a real hardcore mode ;) this update is awesome :)
  16. DarkXNightmare

    DarkXNightmare Green Slime

    I really wanted something new like an armor or new weapon... but it's ok...
  17. Daedalus

    Daedalus Cursed Man

    Do we need to start a new world to get all of the benefits of the new patch update?
  18. 5z2z

    5z2z Squirrel

    I love some of the edits but I can't defeat skeletron with full molten armor and a nights edge ... This game is REALLY hard now ...
  19. Chezzik

    Chezzik Green Slime

    Someone on page 2 commented that it was new. I haven't been there myself, but I assume that if two people have reported it, then it must be.
  20. SirSilica

    SirSilica Green Slime

    For everything to be new, yes. Less hellstone spawning and chance of obsidian hellhouses are the only two things that I know of though.
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