PC 1.0.6 Progress (Part 1)

Discussion in 'Dev Blog' started by Redigit, Jul 1, 2011.

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  1. Redigit

    Redigit Developer


    One of the biggest complaints I get about Terraria is the hellish nightmare that is Inventory Management.

    As you can see from the screenshot, I've made a few changes that should help out quite a bit. The first thing you'll probably notice is the different colored inventory windows. This is something that has been suggested a lot. (Exact color scheme subject to change.) This will allow you to more easily recognize the different item areas on the screen.

    There is also a new trash can "slot." This will allow you to retrieve the last item that you have thrown away. You can also store a 41st item here in case of emergencies, just make sure to put it back in your inventory before leaving the game.

    When looking inside a chest or your piggy bank, there are two new options: Loot All, and Quick Stack. Loot All is pretty self explanatory, but the Quick Stack option should make hording all your goodies a much easier task. This will look through every item in your inventory that can be stacked with an item in your chests, and place it there. The idea is that after returning from an expedition you can simply run past all your chests and click the button to quickly store all your new items, while keeping them organized the same way.

    Lastly, albeit a small change, items that are picked up will now be added to your inventory from the bottom right, instead of the top left. This should help to keep your personal inventories a bit cleaner by allowing you to keep the items you always carry with you on the top, and items that need to be sorted through and sold/stored/trashed in the bottom.
  2. Sam

    Sam Piranha

    And I'm in love again.

    EDIT: What is that yellow stuff in your inventory near the bottem left? (Awsomeness) And also angel statue in your slot? O_O

    EDIT: (again) How come you have 14 mana stars? That would make 280 mana when the max is 200, is that just you or will this be added in game? Can't wait!!!
  3. Chuck Norris

    Chuck Norris Green Slime

    This is a brilliant idea. I can't wait :)
  4. Fewd

    Fewd Cursed Skull


    Finally storage is will be easy.

    EDIT: Why do you have 7 aqua scepters?


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  5. kaelvin

    kaelvin Green Slime

    yheeees!!!! no more inventory grief! Keep it up Redigit!
  6. Imitate

    Imitate Cursed Man

    What is that fourth item from the top left ? :)

    EDIT: It's the flamelash. Thanks to the multiple people who answered ;)
  7. Scarydragon

    Scarydragon Blazing Wheel

    And this is only part of the update. The anticipation, it kills me! :D
  8. HE has an angel statue in his quickbar thing O_O
  9. sayeed0070

    sayeed0070 Snow Flinx

    What is that yellow thing in your inventory? And it feels like a part 2 is coming along..just look at the title you can feel it :D
  10. Purple

    Purple Squirrel

    nice idea with the inventory management, are the colours going to be customizable?
  11. Dandy

    Dandy Green Slime

    You guys are fast!
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  12. Sam

    Sam Piranha

    Ikr :D
  13. Rich

    Rich Voodoo Demon

    Looks nice, hopefully you're considering a shift+click to just transfer an item from chest to inventory and vice-versa.
  14. demarco55

    demarco55 Green Slime

    jeez someones got a lot of money, is that 100 plat? lol
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  15. Cronik

    Cronik Face Monster

    i want both your inventory system and your mana

    keep up the good work, my funk soul brotha
  16. Hardkore

    Hardkore Green Slime

    I can't wait!
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  17. Cronik

    Cronik Face Monster

    this will single-handedly change my approach to this game. i've been putting off moving to a new world and designing a whole new kingdom, but with the loot-all command, it won't be such a chore moving resources from one world to another.

    does loot-all work both ways? i'd like the option to empty out my inventory on the fly (everything but hotbars). edit: and this'll help offload into the piggybank for moving worlds too
  18. Cellbind

    Cellbind Cursed Skull

    Rediglit hacks his mana!

    Also there appears to be a green spore/bubble-like item stacked to 96 in that image.
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  19. Purple

    Purple Squirrel

    its the flamelash, its like a magic missile but more powerful and hits twice. you find it from bone serpents
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