PC 1.0.6 Progress (Part 1)

Discussion in 'Dev Blog' started by Redigit, Jul 1, 2011.

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  1. Obliviongate20

    Obliviongate20 Cave Bat

    Hum.Pxie dust ,Anyone? Does anyone notice that too?
  2. phoenixface

    phoenixface Green Slime

    There should be a sort button that can sort by name, type etc. too. For chest and inventory.
  3. Cervos

    Cervos Green Slime

    I could see that. and it would apply to either chests, or your inventory that isn't the hotbar.

    Sort: A-Z
    -Simple alphabetical sorting. Numbers come first if there are any items that happen to start with a number.

    Sort: Type
    -Can be clicked multiple times to arrange them (Weapons-armor-material, etc or maybe material-weapons-armor, etc). Can also have a sub-sort? Or just use one of these options:
    -- A-Z: Sort by type, and then sort by alphabetical. Simple.
    -- Tier: Sort by type, then sort by item tier if possible. Equipment goes by obvious order. If unable to (ie: crafting materials), sort by A-Z instead.
    --Rarity: Sort by type, then sort by rarity, OR just sort by rarity (Then alphabetical). Rarest items first, common items last.

    Sort: Price
    -Sort the items by their suggested retail value back to shopkeepers. Same price items (ie: Worthless) are sorted A-Z.
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  4. Goat!

    Goat! Demon Eye

    Tiy just updated his Twitter with 15 new hairstyles! :D
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  5. TeenGogeta

    TeenGogeta Penguin

    Oh and I also have a small suggestion maybe, it would be kinda nice to have cobalt armor or any other armor that is much of challenge cause I see most players have every kind of armor and now I have even 1k hell stone bars without hacking. Before, I preety loved jungle set since it was very challenging before you could actually craft it, I also had 3 jungle sets before overground jungle came out and crafting it. But now to find jungle is easy since it grows on opposite side of dungeon and overground... well not saying its bad that its overground cause I like it and its easy to find now without terraria maps but, I would love a challenging armor that you need to spent at least hour to get it or 2 hours lol, would be awesome tho it won't probably happen :S
  6. bujuman

    bujuman Green Slime

  7. Geoarrge

    Geoarrge Cursed Man

    That would be good, although I imagine it would be more useful if "sort by type" could attempt to arrange items in columns under related items in the hotbar. That is, assuming you have torches somewhere in your hotbar, it would put your glowsticks and chandeliers right below it. Same with weapons, explosives, blocks, and so forth.
  8. Neonflux07

    Neonflux07 Green Slime

    Keep up the good work guys! Looking forward to seeing more.
  9. Cooli

    Cooli Squirrel

    Mana stars can be used for potions -_-
  10. LastDay

    LastDay Green Slime

    He means the mana meter stars. Kinda how life has hearts.

    It's Jungle Armor's new bonus.
  11. Syntheaux

    Syntheaux Green Slime

    Really digging the spiked style. Damn you for making features that require a new character!
  12. 13579001

    13579001 Squirrel

    it looks like theres going to be a flame knife, or demon throwing knifes, the trowing knife next to the chest looks diffrent.
    also looks like theres a new spell book, am i the only one noticing the "on the floor items"
  13. all you haft to do is transfer all ur items to that new char then find some heart crystals and stars and there u go
  14. Syntheaux

    Syntheaux Green Slime

    Yeah, I thought of that. just don't have enough extra hearts.
  15. ynoS

    ynoS Green Slime

    wow! im sooo pumped for this new update :D and one more thing i am really looking forward to is the awesome 1.1 update :) Redgit i really think you should make a "Ideas for 1.1" thread on the forum cus i guess its loads of people with ideas. like me :3 Like new ores, a new world like the underworld just its higher up in the air like way up :D yeh :) and can someone just give this post a like cuz i want the achivement thingie x3

    THX ynoS=ยค=Sony

    Edit: Thank you for the like KaleDavid :D

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  16. Flamenecros

    Flamenecros Corruptor

    NO you are not the knife is a hellfire arrow, you should know this >.> the book is simply water bolt
  17. joeruel123

    joeruel123 Green Slime

    since this is here, i was thinking,


    Why not create a new "Hairdresser" NPC?
    That needs some sort of requirement to get.
    You can pay to choose a new hairstyle,
    Maybe add the same thing to the clothier but with the color of your default clothes.
    Good idea?

    EDIT: I'd also like to be able to use black in color customization for my characters
    Which would be 0,0,0
    Which we currently can't use
  18. David Fiske

    David Fiske Green Slime

    I'm not sure if this has been said before - I didn't see it anywhere.

    Life Crystal Spawn Rate seems a tad high. I found 15-20 in a matter of what 90 minutes? Anyone have an opinion on this? I think lowering it would be plausible.
  19. joeruel123

    joeruel123 Green Slime

    Another EDIT: make it so you can also get some special hairstyles not uptainable my normal, like during blood moon, and make it so you can change ur hair color like dyeing it.
  20. 13579001

    13579001 Squirrel

    sorry, looks weird to me
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