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Discussion in 'PC' started by Dragonborn, Jan 19, 2012.

  1. Dragonborn

    Dragonborn Undead Viking

    Hello Guys,

    I've been browsing through the sections lately and I have seen comments talking about how the patch has made people give up on what they were trying to do or WIP for 1.1.1 and then suddenly comes 1.1.2 causing them to give up as they have to start all over again or has to redo some things and ends up giving up.

    Since I am just a clan leader I don't know much about programming but I think it would be annoying if patches kept on coming out every 2 weeks or month. Don't get me wrong, I would love the creators of Terraria continue patching up the glitches and exploits of the game and adding new content so people would continue playing it.

    But I am really patient as Terraria has made the world 20% cooler by adding a pet bunny! It's extremely cute and makes the game a lot more enjoyable when you're in Single Player. I hope the creators would decide on putting in more pets which either takes a lot of time to find or maybe if they want to continue the trend of purchasing Collector's Edition of things I wouldn't mind as long as it's cute and adorable!

    Let the conversation begin!
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  2. Darca1n

    Darca1n Green Slime

    People are annoyed by it because such a cool addition is collectors edition only, though tons of people already know how make use of the bunny possible in the game with just one little line of code and a number.
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  3. Mr.Person

    Mr.Person Moth

    I agree to both of you, the OP and Darca1n. It would be cool if they added in more pets. And if it's available for the public and not just collectors edition only. That's just annoying...
  4. Amelia

    Amelia Green Slime

    They are SOOO cute :D I want a corrupted bunny pet :D
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  5. bamseper

    bamseper Cursed Skull

    i think its cool that bunny pet is collector only (even though i got it already). bunny or not, im gonna buy the collectors edition! now i just wish i had a white shirt..
  6. XeroX

    XeroX Cave Bat

    People are annoyed, along with me. I purchased 5 copies of Terraria for me and my friends, playing from the release time.
    I feel like i've been loyal, visit the forums daily. I think they should find a solution for people like me, or we will cry a river :'( I only support indie devs, Mojang, Re-Digit, etc, never brought an EA or Activision game. Why? Cause they dont care about their fans and community, indie devs usualy do. If Re-Digit makes this step, they will get on the bad side of many. Collector's Edition should be released along with the game, or never... It's just plain unfair to be honest.
  7. bamseper

    bamseper Cursed Skull

    its really not.. many games have collectors edition, and you get some stuff with it (bunny, probably a soundtrack and such stuff) and they get money, which they need to make new stuff.. the things you say here are actually kinda selfish.. and if they released it along with the game it would not be a collectors edition
  8. Razor Knight

    Razor Knight Mushi Ladybug

    ... So they abandon projects for... A bunny?

    Seriously, I made a new world and moved my storage into it after 1.1 came out, made some worlds to harvest snow in 1.1.1, but I don't really see people's need to abandon ship every time some minimal bug fix or new glorified vanity item shows up.

    If it was something major like the lava fuck-up (sorry, "fix") in 1.0.6, though, I would understand. I was happily building a hell base back then, didn't expand on it because lava suddenly became stupidly annoying to handle.
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  9. Luke32141

    Luke32141 Snatcher

  10. kirabook

    kirabook Ex-Min

    Less talk about the problem with bunnies please. This thread isn't about the CE only getting the bunny and the controversy. So let's keep the rest of the thread about that.

    If I see anymore "I'm loyal, I deserve the bunny too" crap, I'll have to close this down, as we already have other threads for that.
  11. Oswald

    Oswald Dark Caster

    Let's just remenber, there's been no talk about what extra things come on the CE, but as far as we know, the bunny semms to be the case, wich imo, is a real bummer, since most CE's give usually concept art and other stuff along those lines, not in-games itens, wich is why most people are pissed. It's not really a fair move of course, but it's the devs choise's, but we might just need a little push, if the devs notice alot of displease from the people that purchased the game, they might change their mind. Just don't be a dick about it ;)
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  12. kirabook

    kirabook Ex-Min

    Did you ignore my previous statement?
  13. bamseper

    bamseper Cursed Skull

    well, with bug-fixes alot of adventure map might be made unplayable.. and i think that in 1.1 all worlds are a bit smaller. so stuff at the very edge of the world is gone FOREVER! i recently played an adventure map and the ending sign was deleted because it was at the edge of the map.. why did they make worlds smaller? so bug-fixes might make people rage.. like, the top of a great build i made is gone, etc
  14. Razor Knight

    Razor Knight Mushi Ladybug

    Here's a definition I think anyone playing videogames should know by now...

    Game update: The art of replacing old, known bugs, for new, unknown bugs.

    I bet something they touched made the worldgen generate slightly smaller worlds, and the engine recognizes less of the older maps. Unless it's stated in the patch notes that it's on purpose, then it would be just another "nice job breaking it, devs!" thing for Terraria.
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  15. Oswald

    Oswald Dark Caster

    Kind of :rolleyes:

    But it was simply to give a harmless "spech", people just need to realise that raging in an unducated matter because of the bunnies won't get then the thing, and that the CE might have more itens, just a reminder to then (since the topic was getting on the matter of the bunny).
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  16. kirabook

    kirabook Ex-Min

    We have threads for "harmless speeches". The topic of this thread is not the bunny controversy. Take it somewhere else. I don't think that's too hard to do. If you want to talk about other CE items, talk about it without mentioning the people who are currently fussing about it.
  17. bamseper

    bamseper Cursed Skull

    yeah, and i can imagine a guy working on an adventure map where you start on the edge of the map and go to the other.. the game updates, and first thing he sees: the starting area for the map is GONE.. stuff like that.. so a new patch can make people quit projects.. well, i've had the same main map since i got the game
  18. MCMo

    MCMo Face Monster

    It really would work alot better if it was Also available as DLC.
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  19. bamseper

    bamseper Cursed Skull

    noob question.. whats a DLC?
  20. Razor Knight

    Razor Knight Mushi Ladybug

    Can't please everyone. See, I have no problem with adventure maps or the server options being "crappy" because I use neither.

    Stands for DownLoadable Content. In reality, used for "we give you a hat, charge you ten bucks, and you have to feel awesome for having it even though it just means you're wasting more money in bits than others do.

    DLCs used to be actually good. Like Shivering Isles or Knights of the Nine for Oblivion. But then DLCs took an EA in the content...
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