1.1.3 Terraria Update Megathread.

Discussion in 'Update Discussion' started by Mining Penguin, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. Mining Penguin Cursed Skull

    Hey guys, since no-one has made 1 yet, I decided to make 1. This is a thread where you can simply say what you would like to see in the new Terraria update, a Moderator can change the update number if it's wrong. But just post up what you would like to see in the new update. If there is already a Megathread of this, please tell me.
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  2. N1ckx2 Blazing Wheel

    I would like to see stairs. Also, MOAR VANITY AND PETS PLZ.

    EDIT: Yay, first post!
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  3. SuperDuperOctopus Yellow Slime

    Well, 1.1.3, If there is one, will probably be a minor Update. The second Digit (No Redigit reference intended) is usually the big updates. 1.1 As for 1.1.3, I think they should add some more Admin Commands, considering Tshock is flying downhill.

    Some, simple building items would be nice too. Ladders,Stairs,Different-colored doors..
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  4. Mining Penguin Cursed Skull

    I agree with the things that you said. Also, congrats to first post. :D

    More on topic for what I would like to see either in 1.1.3 or 1.2 is more house things, like stairs, ladders, and such. Maybe a Goblin village that you can pillage. Maybe even save a new NPC from the village. Who knows what NPC. More Vanity items and stuff like that. Maybe more animals? Like chickens, pigs, and cows?
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  5. SuperDuperOctopus Yellow Slime

    Ladders FTW.
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  6. Mining Penguin Cursed Skull

    But yeah, they should have some ladders, but how would you go up and down? A major question.
  7. SuperDuperOctopus Yellow Slime

    W/S Key?
  8. JoanX Bunny

    i said it, and i'll keep saying it, more vanity items or game tributes, like some Assassin clothes (AC), MJOLNIR armor (Halo), Falcon helmet (From C.Falcon), Chell Boots (Portal 2, we can add the non-fall damage on this item btw), Ryu and Ken's Suit (Street Fighter) and the list can go foreeeever XD
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  9. Eviscerator11 Green Slime

    Ladders and stairs maybe. Moar animals like pigs, cows, chickens, Etc.
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  10. Mining Penguin Cursed Skull

    Hehe, so from other games, like there cloths? For Vanity items? Good idea.
  11. JoanX Bunny

    Yeah, i loved the tributes Re-Logic put on the other patches like the Plumber's suit, the Robot hat and the Hero's suit, not to mention the note on the grappler hook "Get over here" (Scorpion from MK), i want to see more of that, i'm just a bit nostalgic ^^
  12. Mining Penguin Cursed Skull

    Same, I like your ideas thou.
  13. michelfp Squirrel

    Terraria 1.1.2 just came out. Calm down.
  14. GrandmageBob Piranha

    I would like to see more mini-boss or rare monsters pre-hardmode.
  15. Mining Penguin Cursed Skull

    I know, this is getting ready for new updates and seeing what people want in the new updates...
    I am agreeing with you. More mini-bosses would be nice.
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  16. JoanX Bunny

    Other thing that i'm looking forward on the next patch is more multiplayer functions like native commands, griefing protections and a better map/server selector
  17. Mining Penguin Cursed Skull

    Another really good idea, I am agreeing with this completily.
  18. coldreactive Yellow Slime

    • Add solar panels to constantly power wires rather than to need switches, etc. (Always-On configuration)
    • Add teleporters
    • Moon Dimension
    • Clockwork Planet Core Dimension (Below Underworld)
    • Adamantite / Obsidian Bricks that can withstand explosions.
    • Demonite Ore being unable to be mined at surface.
    • NPCs that can fight.
  19. JoanX Bunny

    Lol I've tought about the solar panels too! Pretty good ideas BTW
  20. coldreactive Yellow Slime

    Forgot one: More Female NPCs / Mobs. It's ridiculously Masculine, the game.
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