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Discussion in 'Update Discussion' started by Mikers, Dec 1, 2011.

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  1. Mikers

    Mikers Demon Eye

    I know a lot of people are confused on how to craft/get what items and such. So I've compiled a list of crafting recipes (in alphabetical order) based on the materials I've gathered, and the guide's help. Only thing is, I have no idea where to make most of these items.

    If someone could confirm that for me, it'd be a big help. List any other crafting recipes you know as well. (Tell me, and I'll try and update the items.) Note, I'm only listing the less obvious ones (You only need the bars of the respective ore for the new armors, etc) And also if you could list the source of the materials you need to make these items, if you can, that'd be cool. Recipes for accessories, items, and boss summoning stuff alike are on here.

    Here we go.

    (The Pwnhammer is a drop from the Wall of Flesh)

    Adamantite Furnace
    Crafted at: Workbench
    30 Adamantite Ore, 1 Hellstone Furnace
    -You need this to create your precious Adamantite Armor/Equipment. As it's needed to make Adamantite Bars.

    Angel Wings
    Crafted at: Mythril Anvil
    10 Feathers, 25 Souls of Flight (harpies/wyverns), 30 Souls of Light.
    -It's an accessory. Feather fall and flight effects.

    Cursed Flames
    Crafted at: Bookcase
    1 Spell Tome, 30 Cursed Flames, 20 Souls of Night
    -Spell. 35 magic damage, very fast speed. Strong knockback.

    Crystal Bullets
    Crafted at: Mythril Anvil

    25 Musket Balls, 1 Crystal Shard
    -Creates a sort of fragment effect on enemies when it hits them. Bullets for your dakka/guns.

    Crystal Storm
    Crafted at: Bookcase
    1 Spell Tome (Wizard NPC), 30 Crystal Shards, 20 Souls of Light
    -Spell. 26 Magic Damage. Insanely fast speed.

    Dao of Pow
    Crafted at: Mythril Anvil

    1 Dark Shard (dropped by mobs in corrupt deserts), 1 Light Shard (hallowed deserts), 10 Souls of Nights (dropped by corrupted hard mode mobs), 10 Souls of Light (dropped by hallowed/lighter hard mode monsters)
    -It's a weapon of some sort.

    Demon Wings
    Crafted at: Mythril Anvil

    10 Feathers, 25 Souls of Flight, 30 Souls of Night
    -Same as Angel Wings Only cooler. :p It's an accessory. Feather fall and flight effects.

    Fairy Bell
    Crafted at:Mythril Anvil
    1 Bell, 80 Pixie Dust, 15 Souls of Light, 15 Gold Bars, 20 Souls of Sight
    -Believed to summon the Navi fairy looking thing.

    Crafted at:Mythril Anvil
    1 Cobalt Drill, 1 Mythril Drill, 1 Adamantite Drill, 1 Cobalt Chainsaw, 1 Mythril Chainsaw, 1 Adamantite Chainsaw, 5 Souls of Fright, 5 Souls of Might, 5 Souls of Sight
    -Functions as a pickaxe, hammer, and drill all at once. 200% pickaxe power, 110% axe power, 85% hammer power.

    Light Disc
    Crafted at:Mythril Anvil
    10 Cobalt Bars, 10 Mythril Bars, 5 Souls of Light, 5 Souls of Might
    -A weapon of some sort.

    Magical Harp
    Crafted at: Mythril Anvil

    1 Harp, 25 Crystal Shards, 15 Souls of Night, 15 Gold Bars, 20 Souls of Sight
    -No idea

    Mechanical Eye (HARD BOSS ITEM)
    Crafted at: Mythril Anvil
    3 Lens, 5 Copper Bars, 5 Iron Bars, 7 Souls of Light
    -Summons The Twins. Eye of Cthulhu's hard counterpart.

    Mechanical Skull (HARD BOSS ITEM)
    Crafted at:Mythril Anvil
    30 Bones, 5 Copper Bars, 5 Iron Bars, 5 Souls of Light, 5 Souls of Night
    -Summons Skeletron Prime. Skeletron's hard counterpart.

    Mechanical Worm (HARD BOSS ITEM)
    Crafted at:Mythril Anvil
    6 Rotten Chunks, 5 Copper Bars, 5 Iron Bars, 7 Souls of Night
    -Summons The Destroyer. The Eater of Worlds' hard counterpart.

    Crafted at:Mythril Anvil
    1 Minishark, 1 Illegal Gun Parts, 5 Shark Fins, 20 Souls of Might
    -The extreme upgraded version of the Minishark.

    Mythril Anvil
    Crafted at: Anvil (or was it Workbench? Either one)
    10 Mythril Bars
    You need this to craft mythril/adamantite armor, and a lot of the other new content.

    Neptune's Shell
    Crafted at: Mythril Anvil

    15 coral, 5 shark fins, 15 goldfish, 5 Souls of Light, 5 Souls of Night, 20 Souls of Fright
    -"Transforms you into merfolk"

    Crafted at: Anvil
    1 Any color phaseblade, 40 Crystal Shards
    -It's basically the Phaseblade with an upgrade. 41 damage.

    Rainbow Rod
    Crafted at: Mythril Anvil
    30 Crystal Shards, 4 Unicorn Horns, 60 Pixie Dust, 10 Souls of Light, 20 Souls of Sight
    -No idea

    Slime Crown
    Crafted at: Demon Altar
    99 Gel, 1 Gold Crown
    -Summons King Slime

    Note: All of the fancy combination accessories (Cloud in a Balloon, Spectre Boots, etc) can be created at the Tinkerer's Workshop. Which is purchased from the Tinkerer goblin NPC. If you don't know how to get him, scroll down to my second post in this thread.
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  2. Thanks! Which I knew how to get those souls.

    Ps. Skyrim can wait.
  3. Taybuscus

    Taybuscus Green Slime

    Nice. Thank you. :D I just need to know how to get the Souls of Light... :l
  4. Mikers

    Mikers Demon Eye

    I've come across them. Underground, there's some areas with crystals and such. In those areas spawn hard mode creatures which are a real pain in the ass to kill, but they yield Souls of Light.

    As for Souls of Night, they're dropped by the more corrupted creatures. Wraiths (which are in Corruption) drop them, as do Corruptors (also in Corruption). There's a few others that escape my mind, but those do for certain. If not always frequently.

    You need to be in hard mode to get Souls anyway.
  5. CheeseProphet

    CheeseProphet Green Slime

    could u add any knowledge on how to get npcs and drills?
  6. DanNizuma

    DanNizuma Green Slime

    Anyone knows what's a soul of might, sight, and such? Im playing for like 5 hours and I didnt find any.
  7. Herborist

    Herborist Green Slime

    I can confirm that the eater of worlds and skeletor don't drop any souls. I tried farming them in the hopes that they do.
  8. Mikers

    Mikers Demon Eye

    The new NPCs are all *rescue-able.* The Mechanic, you can find in the dungeon tied up. Talk to her, and you've *rescued* her. She'll move in afterwards. The Goblin Smithing guy can also be found tied up in a dungeon after you've defeated at least one goblin army on your world. The Wizard NPC, I've found tied up in random caves. That's all there is to it.

    As for the drills, you need the Pwnhammer from killing the Wall of Flesh, and a Molten Pickaxe (HAS to be molten.) After that, destroy any Demon Altars you find in the world, it randomly spawns different ores. You need to get Cobalt first.
    Cobalt ore can be smelted at a regular furnace into bars and turned into drills.

    You need a molten pickaxe to mine Cobalt Ore, a Cobalt Drill to mine Mythril Ore, a Mythril Anvil to make most Mythril equipment, and a Mytril Drill to mine Adamantite Ore (And an Adamantite Furnace to smelt Adamantite Bars). Pretty much it.

    Even I haven't found any of those yet, sadly.

    I have a sneaking suspicion that the hardcore versions of those bosses drop those souls. Possibly, anyway.
  9. Blizagga

    Blizagga Green Slime

    I think the "Fiery Bell" is supposed to be the "Fairy Bell" which summons that Navi looking fairy from LoZ series.
  10. Mikers

    Mikers Demon Eye

    Heh, thanks for correcting my misreading there. Edited and corrected. :)
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  11. Blizagga

    Blizagga Green Slime

    Hey, no problem!

    Now, I'm PRETTY sure it's supposed to be the Fairy Bell, although I'm not 100% sure it summons the Fairy. Just thought it would make sense, wiki doesn't give much information on it.
  12. Mikers

    Mikers Demon Eye

    It's the Fairy Bell. :)

    Not 100% sure about it either, but it's highly likely. Definitely makes sense. So I'll just put the "Believed to be" for now.
  13. BDeka

    BDeka Squirrel

    Does anyone know the recipe for the Pwnhammer? I heard it's needed to smash DAs to get the new ores.
  14. Mikers

    Mikers Demon Eye

    You do not make the Pwnhammer. It is a drop from the Wall of Flesh. And yes, it's needed to smash Demon Altars.
  15. BDeka

    BDeka Squirrel

    JESUS, I have no idea what to do first. Do I just need to get into Hardmode now with my Meteor shots and molten armor?
  16. Mikers

    Mikers Demon Eye

    You can if you want. Just a fair warning. Hardmode is quite...hard. :confused: The enemies will make your former end-game equipment feel like you're using copper/iron again.
  17. Blizagga

    Blizagga Green Slime

    That's actually great news, because it felt like I could take on the world after I got my Demonite Armor.
  18. Shaoni

    Shaoni Crimera

    "Getting into hardmode" isn't easy, either. ;p
  19. R-zel

    R-zel Squirrel

    Just wondering...do Crystal Shards appear in pre-1.1 worlds?
  20. Mikers

    Mikers Demon Eye

    I can't be entirely sure. But I highly doubt it. I scanned my whole pre-1.1 main world, and there was nothing. Sorry.
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