Pre 1.2 [1.1] Hardmode Boss Guides (No glitch/exploit/Flamethrower etc)

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  1. dennux

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    Hey Guys, i've seen a lot of threads regarding the new bosses and a lot of people who couldn't beat them solo. I admit i've had a hard time in the beginning but after a while it became a piece of cake.
    I've seen also a few guides but only with flamethrowers, harps or megasharks. But you would need to kill any other boss first. I'll show you how easy it is with just the basics you get right after defeating Wall of Flesh.
    I'll start with "The Destroyer" and update this post for the new bosses. Edit: 2 done 1 to go.

    Read this first,please:
    I personally believe, that you will have the most fun when you try it out on your own. I know it becomes frustrating after a while, and wasting 10 spawners because you just can't figure out what to do isn't exactly fun and i understand that. But i think the moment where you finally beat the bosses without reading a guide first really does feel good. It gets spoiled a bit when you're using the tactic of other persons and didnt really try yourself. So if you wasted 10 spawners, this message isnt't really meant for you. If you are on of the few who have spent only the first spawner, please go back to Terraria and prepare with the fact in mind, that the bosses are all soloable without exploits or anything, it is worth it. If you try a few times and cant beat the bosses, try the next day. I know this is common sense but I've seen a few people giving up after the first three tries. It's just that i didnt write these guides to spoil anything and i would feel bad if it did.
    I suggest if you're about to give up, look at my recommendations on what equipment you should have, maybe it's gonna help.

    A helpful order of the bosses: (This is a suggestion, you do not have to kill the bosses in this order and my guides are written so that you could kill every boss without killing any other boss first)

    It's easiest to fight the twins first as they won't need much defense. Use the souls of sight for harp and maybe better headgear if you can afford to. With the harp the Destroyer will be even easier than with the dao of pow (Phasesaber should still be with you). Use the souls of might for a megashark (and propably some better armor if you can), you should have no problem against Skeletron Prime after that. Though hallowed repeater might be easier for most beginners on Skeletron Prime.

    Twins: 24.000 HP per eye, 2 connected eyes, Laserattack, Cursed flames, fast movements
    [​IMG]Retinazer: Shoots lasers [​IMG] Spazmatism: Shoots cursed flamed (after 50% it sprays like a flamethrower)​

    What you need for the boss:
    The last two are optional. You can use any other accessorie here. The reason for Wings,Cloud in a balloon and the spectre boots is, that you can fligh high AND fast. The cloud in a balloon increases the height you'll fly up with the wings when youre hitting spacebar. Without the balloon the eye most likely will be able to catch up. Alternatively you can use the gravitation potion, but i found it rather inconveniend and it'll propably screw your aim which is again a bad thing because you have to hit a lot.

    How to fight the boss:
    I reforged all the accessories to +4% damage, because the real issue is not the incoming damage, but the outgoing. Normally when soloing the "Twins" you will run out of time instead out of Life.
    I recommend full cobalt ranged armor at least. If you have a better ranged head, use it. You should get enough ammunition beforehand anyways (Ranged setboni are a chance of not consuming ammo. So the extra damage from better masks is more important). Crystal Bullets are the best choice here as i've tested so far. It'll do damage to the boss multiple times per shot and the shards possibly can crit, too.
    Focus on one eye first, do not get the second eye to 50% HP until the first eye is killed. You should propably focus on the green one first (Spazmatism), because spray + normal laser is easier to dodge than fast laser + cursed flames.
    Phase 1: Both eyes over 50%
    Keep shooting with your rifle at the eye, even when they're off screen you can hear whether you hit or not. Fly up while dodging the attacks and shooting at the boss, then fall down (if you land on the ground the wings will negate fall damage), hold down spacebar so your air phase will be longer. While falling slowly the eye wont hit you (the cursed flames will go right above your head)
    Phase 2: One eye below 50%
    As soon as spazmatizm goes below 50% damage, it'll trade the cursed flames for it's spraying attack. He will switch back and forth between spraying and charging at you. The pattern is quite easy: Spraying - charging 6 times - spraying - charging 6 times.
    So you can shoot at him while in the air, when he charges just drop down a bit or fly up a bit, he will miss you.Bring him down to 0% this way. The hitting sound will now be metallic so you know whether you hit the right eye.
    Phase 3+4: One eye down
    As soon as Spazmatism is down, the other one is practically dead. He is a bit harder to dodge but genereally just fly up high, when he starts to shoot his lasers faster drop down while shooting. The lasers will miss you, because they're aimed at the position where you were when a laser is fired.

    Video guide:

    Destroyer: 80.000 HP, "Flying eyes", Laserattack, Segmented Boss


    What you need for the boss:
    How to fight the Boss:
    I used an Arena in my video, though it's not really needed as stated in the video. A flat area about 3/4 of the screen on the ground is just fine,too. Put up some light and use the Regeneration Potion (Slow Life regen all the time, stacks with Band of Regeneration as far as i know), then summon the boss.
    Stand in the middle and hit the boss with the Dao of Pow. When you've lost at least 100-150Life switch to Phasesaber and kill the eyes. They drop 0-2 hearts (maybe 3) at 20 Life each. Killing five normally gives about 100 Life. If you fall below 50% just use a Healing Potion. When you have enough Life again switch back to Dao of Pow. As you can see in the video i tried to get hit by the Destroyers body, it does less damage than the lasers and will make you invincible for a short time before the body wil hit you again. This way you should most likely only be slightly damaged by the body without getting the damage from the lasers. So when healing up with the hearts from the probes get back into the body of the boss. This is the reason the cross necklace is so important here.
    You should be able to kill him within 3-4 Minutes.

    Dao of pow is easily farmed because it only needs souls from normal enemies and the shards you get from enemies in the deserts. Phasesaber is a great weapon because it only needs the old one + a lot of crystals (5minutes to farm). You can hold down attack to keep swinging.

    Video Guide:

    More guides:
    Also, Jubba posted his own video here. He uses full necro set (pre Hardmode!) with Starcannon and 100 Fallen Stars as ammunition. His total defense was 35 (including potion buffs). Besides the Starcannon he used the Cobalt sword to finish the Destroyer off.

    Skeletron Prime: (Coming Soon)

    What you need for the Boss:
    Edit: 2 done, one to go. I'll do Skeletron tomorrow evening, propably. (Edit: Though there is a nice video on the forum which shows an easy way to kill him. Its using gravitation pots so it's different from me and i think i should complete this section so i will make the skeletron guide but not today,sorry. Good Skeletron Prime Guide it has got less information/text but you will find it very useful i think )

    I'm using the images from the wiki. If i'm not allowed to do so please tell me so i will remove them.
  2. Patchumz

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    As I've stated before, the destroyer is easy if you LET him damage you with his contact damage. He hits for nothing, and if you have a Dao at your feet it'll deal loads of damage and kill the drones that run into it, healing you. Trying to avoid the worm gets you hit by lasers, which deal incredible amounts of damage in comparison.
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  3. dennux

    dennux Doctor Bones

    Which is actually the point of my destroyer guide. So i'm not sure whether you're agreeing with me or if you mistook my thread for something else and tried to tell me something i knew already.
  4. Adam PVP

    Adam PVP Demon Eye

    With full Hallow armour + all warding accessories he hit's 1, so it's so easy to farm endgame :D. Im not sure with cobalt armour though, I usually get recked by him in that armour since I have -60 defence. I found it best with first kill using a Mythril Repeater
  5. Patchumz

    Patchumz Dark Caster

    Making a special arena and specifically killing certain things isn't needed, is what I'm saying. Sit and afk in some random place in the world is all that's required.
  6. dennux

    dennux Doctor Bones

    So you didnt read the guide or watched the video. It's ok but then please do not post here. I've said exactly the same thing.

    My guide explains how to kill him without endgame equipment by the way.
  7. Aersaud

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    Very good guide. I will be trying this. =]
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  8. Rafnel

    Rafnel Squirrel

    Your guide was very very helpful. I failed at the twins until I watched your video and with the destroyer too.Thanks a lot :)
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  9. thefizzle656

    thefizzle656 Green Slime

    I signed up just to say thanks so much and that your guide is spot on. I was able to beat the Destroyer on my first try and at no point did my health ever even drop below 300. I beat him so quickly that I had enough time to fight him twice in one (game's clock) night.
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  10. Sydneian

    Sydneian Green Slime

    Thankyou! This guide is incredibly helpful and informative! Also, I'm glad that there's at least on other person who can actually spell properly on these forums!
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  11. NexusRus

    NexusRus Bunny

    Wow this helped me so much in my battles. Thanks for the guide!
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  12. Jubba

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    Sorry for the god awful quality / sound ect. Just used my laptops cam recorder to take a quick vid. Used Necro Armor + Star Cannon on Destroyer.

  13. dennux

    dennux Doctor Bones

    Uhh that sound hurt in my ears. I didn't like the video, really. You should at least cut the sound off or switch it with something else. Starcannon is not a solution on the bosses because most people wouldn't want to farm all the stars. Though it's up to everyone themselves.

    I don't really undestand why you posted it here because it isn't really a guide, but more a video of someone using the most powerful weapon in the game to kill an easy boss. I would have appreciated a real guide here.(Edit: would have been easier to just post "Destroyer is easy with necro armor + starcannon.")

    If you don't know how to record and cut a video on your computer here are a few nice programs for that:
    avidemux + kazaa lite codec (first one is free as in opensource, second one is just free if you choose to get the free full package) are propably the best programs to do simple cuttings and convert the video (and mute the sound with it ;) )
    Hypercam and fraps are propably the best programs (it's called screencam) to record a video.
  14. Jubba

    Jubba Green Slime

    Thanks for the program suggestions, will look into them.

    Really just recorded the vid to show just how easy the boss is, since I know a few people who have struggled with the boss. Instead of farming ore for a day or so for armor & weapons you can pretty much just use what was already available to you pre-hardcore. If you don't throw things away as you progress 50-100 stars shouldn't be unreasonable to already have.

    Taking this boss out as quickly and painlessly as possible allows some to get a great weapon fairly soon. Megashark ^_^

    Edit: Post here since this is an all in one guide on the bosses. The place where people should look & post rather than multiple threads with minor variations. I can remove the video from my post if you'd like, no problem there. :)
  15. dennux

    dennux Doctor Bones

    Of course you can leave the video here, but as i said it's not really a "guide" ;) would be happy if you made one with better quality though ;)
    The thing is you would at least need 150 stars or so to get the 80k HP down and makes the boss look quite hard to beat as the starcannon is still even better than the harp on this boss.
  16. Jubba

    Jubba Green Slime

    Uploading a by far better quality (Used Fraps) thx for that ;P.

    Down to 4,992 hp after the 100 stars were used followed by a bit of whacking from a cobalt sword. I was just thinking of what you have available to you, nearly right of the bat going into Hardcore minus the cross amulet really. An extremely valuable accessory. Never tried the harp, think I first took this boss out with Scythe, but that seemed like a pain at the time.

    Edit: 1.06gb file as opposed to a 25mb file. x_x There damn well better be a drastic change in quality. xD
  17. Hevimetal8

    Hevimetal8 Demon Eye

    Oh my god man I love you thanks alot for the guide I was literaly stuck at normal gear if it wasn't for you!!!!
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  18. dennux

    dennux Doctor Bones

    you can downscale the video before uploading it (i play at windowed mode at approx 1280x1024, and fraps records uncompressed so thats about 30 pics per sec at this size. Of course thats quite something ;) ). Avidemux works nice for that, use xvid encoder or something (left side in avidemux -> video -> mpeg-something(xvid) for example. use the filters to downscale the video to 480Xsomething or 720Xsomething because youtube will do so anyway ;)
  19. Kiofspa

    Kiofspa Cave Bat

    Reading this and watching the videos really bolstered my confidence on these bosses. Most other videos are just gravitation potions and flying around. But this actually had some strategy so... well done.
    Especially how you did the Twins in cobalt.
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  20. The Rawrcake

    The Rawrcake Green Slime

    The biggest thing for the twins: GET! CRYSTAL! BULLETS! (or unholy arrows)

    I ran out of time and could not push the twins for my life with cursed bullets. switched to crystal and WOW

    ALSO DENNUX!!!!!

    For the destroyer I have another great way to kill him though you will dislike it because it uses grav. pots but maybe you could add something including it to op but no if you dont want to anyway here it is simple explanation:

    Fly above the worm with grav pots spamming up and down to remain in a fairly static elevation, move left to right if needed to avoid lazorgs. use piercing bullets / arrows. As you fire down, position yourself above the flying adds whicch are above the worm as well as swoop down to assure you are piercing the boss. this way you hit both adds and boss and most importantly, hearts drop to the ground. If you ever run out of potion time or health, go to the ground! there will be hearts like its nobody's business! it makes me smile seeing so much red. then once healed go back up. Don't heal too much! since you will collect hearts while at full health watch your hp.

    An important note to this tactic is using piercing bullets,its important to find the curve in the worm (take an upside down "U" and think of the worm like that stickin out the ground) you want to shoot down the sides of the upside down "U" to try and position the bullet to go through as many segments as possible before exitting the worms body. If the upside down "u" is more like a flattened dome shape (think sideways " ( " then in that case you should position the bullets going at the correct angle to get as many segments hit by one shot or arrow. all that good stuff

    I am very sorry if i didnt make sense - just think fly up grav pots hit adds while in air while downing boss and ground will be covered in hearts for emergency purposes.

    Also please add: if you EVER find a heart statue, wire it on a platform to use during a boss fight! I have just one that helped me kill the twins to the point i didnt need to pot that much

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