Released [1.2.4] Terraria Save Game / Inventory Editor

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  1. atom0s Voodoo Demon

    Terraria Save Game Editor
    by atom0s

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    What is TSGE?
    TSGE (which stands for 'Terraria Save Game Editor') is a save game editor that allows players to modify their save game files (profiles) and adjust their characters. TSGE supports and targets the latest version of Terraria, currently: 1.2.4

    What can TSGE do?
    TSGE is a FULL save game editor. It can edit all parts of a save game file.

    TSGE can edit the following:
    • Player Tab
      • Edit the player name.
      • Edit the player difficulty.
      • Edit the player male / female flag.
      • Edit the player hotbar locked flag.
      • Edit the player hp and mana values.
      • Edit the player colors.
      • Edit the player hair style.
    • Buff Tab
      • Edit the player buffs. (Add / remove.)
      • Max all buff duration's to their known max values.
      • Hack all buff duration's to int.Max value.
    • Inventory Tab
      • Edit the player inventory entirely.
      • Adjust item prefixes.
      • Max all inventory slots to their max stack counts.
      • Hack all stack counts to int.Max value.
    • Equipment Tab
      • Edit the player equipment, vanity set, dye set, and accessories entirely.
      • Adjust item prefixes.
      • No restrictions to equip multiple accessories of the same type.
    • Bank Tab
      • Edit the player bank and safe entirely.
      • Adjust item prefixes.
      • Max all stacks to their max stack counts.
      • Hack all stack counts to int.Max value.
    • About Tab
      • Display info, credits, links, etc. for TSGE.
    What is TSGE coded with?
    TSGE is coded in C#.
    TSGE is also open source, you can find the source here:
    TSGE uses .NET 4.0 to ensure it will run on Windows XP machines.
    It is designed, tested, and built using Visual Studio 2012 on Windows 7 Ultimate (x64).

    Thanks and Credits
    • atom0s - Core development.
    • Austin Andrews - Titlebar icons.
    • Terraria - Item textures and application icon.
    • Sinzfeldt - For buying me Terraria.
    • attilathedud - Original beta testing.

    [IMG] - Main screen. - Buffs screen. - Inventory screen. - Equipment screen. - Bank / safe screen.

    Download Latest Version Here:

    Past Versions:
  2. atom0s Voodoo Demon

    How To Download and Install TSGE
    This is a small post guiding players on how to obtain and install the latest version of TSGE. For some, this seems to be as hard as rocket science..

    Quick Setup Guide (For those that can read and take the time to look at what they are doing..)
    1. Click on the following link:
    2. Next, click the green button to download the latest version.
    3. Extract all the files to a new folder.
    4. Run TSGE.exe, you're done!

    Setup Guide For The Reading Impaired (With pictures and instructions! Yay pictures!)

    First, go to the Github page for TSGE found here:

    At the top of the page, find the link that says 'releases' seen here:

    On the left side of the site, locate the green box that says 'Latest Release' seen here:

    Next, the latest release page will load. Click the green download button to download TSGE:

    After the file downloads, open it in your favorite archiver program like WinZip, WinRAR, or my personal favorite, 7zip:

    Lastly, select ALL the files and drag and drop them into a new folder, for example on your desktop.
    Once you do this, double click the TSGE.exe and it will run as expected.
  3. Transcend Bunny

    Good job.

    First, for me the scaling isn't working quite right for the first screen:
    You can see the bottom color is cut off slightly.

    Second, when I click on existing items in the inventory, I think it should populate the Item/Prefix/Stack Amount with the slot's corresponding information.

    Third, you should make it so that the item selection isn't just a dropdown, instead it should be like a filter-able dropdown, where I can type 'Bomb' and the list should shorten to just contain "Bomb", "Sticky Bomb", etc.

    Besides that, it looks nice. Thanks.
  4. atom0s Voodoo Demon

    The scaling problem is possibly due to your DPI settings.
    Try the following:
    • Right-click your desktop and choose 'Personalize'.
    • On the bottom-right, click 'Display'.
    • On this screen, make sure '100%' is selected.
    • Click the 'Set custom text size (DPI) on the left.
    • Make sure it is at 100%.
    • If you are able to, make sure that the Windows XP style DPI scaling is selected too.
    • Save and close all screens and try again.
    As for the feature requests, I'll see what I can do in the next version(s).
  5. Transcend Bunny

    Thanks for the fast response. I don't believe my text size settings are incorrect..
  6. atom0s Voodoo Demon

    Are you on Windows 8 or 7? On Win 7 both machines I have to test with work fine. Might be something with Win8.
  7. Transcend Bunny

    Windows 8, no big deal though. Just thought I'd let you know.. Since the whole point of using WPF is to allow for scaling in any situation.
  8. atom0s Voodoo Demon

    The size of the overall window is still static either way. Just something on Win8 is causing things to become wider or something it seems. I don't have a Win8 machine available currently to test with though. I'll look into getting a VM setup with it soon though.

    Quick Edit
    • Uploaded a new version (same download link) to fix a small bug.
    Had a small bug that couldn't save new profiles if the file didn't already exist. Fixed now.
  9. rjcline Giant Worm

    I click on the buffs but nothing happens...Idk how to fix that issue. I make sure I have a slot selected then click on buff but nope nothing.
  10. atom0s Voodoo Demon

    Double click them to add a buff.
    rjcline likes this.
  11. rjcline Giant Worm

    I tried that too. I have 2 characters RJ and RJ.plr Idk which one to open. But either way both of them still wont let me click the buffs
  12. atom0s Voodoo Demon

    File -> Open and select the .plr file.

    Then on the buff window, click the buff slot you want to edit on the left once.
    Then click the buff you want to add, on the right, twice.
    rjcline likes this.
  13. rjcline Giant Worm

    I appreciate the fast responses but ya I did exactly what you said and it's still not working. I can use everything but the Buff window. Idk why but eh...
  14. atom0s Voodoo Demon

    Mind showing me a screenshot of how it looks for you?
  15. rjcline Giant Worm



    There you go...Alil bit is cut off, im using Windows 7. I tried the personalize thing you mentioned before and it didn't work. but i didnt think it was a big deal.
  16. atom0s Voodoo Demon

    Thanks, from the look of it your font(s) are larger than they should be. I'm wondering if the fonts used with MahApps.Metro aren't stock on Win7/8. Pretty sure 1/3 of them are though.

    If you can, mind checking your system fonts for:
    Segoe UI
    Segoe WP
    Zegoe UI

    I know the last two are for Windows Phone / Zune but shouldn't be used with TSGE anyway. The first should be the font that is being used.
  17. rjcline Giant Worm

    I only have the very first font...Segoe UI. But would this really matter on why my buff tab isn't working?
  18. atom0s Voodoo Demon

    No, the font shouldn't effect that.
    Do you have TeamViewer by chance that I could take a look and test things out?
  19. rjcline Giant Worm

    yessir. I do, if you want you can add me on skype real fast. redhawk0993
  20. atom0s Voodoo Demon

    I don't give out skype sorry. You can send me a pm on here or add me on Steam if you wish:

    (The second 0 is a zero!)

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