PC 1.2 All Items Map

Discussion in 'Released Maps' started by Raganzei, Oct 4, 2013.

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  1. Raganzei

    Raganzei Demon Eye


    Formalities: Credit to Gamemaster879 for original map.

    Link provided below has file for map.

    To those who have been harassing this thread:
    I did not "steal" anyone's work. Nor did I try to take credit for making it. I was simply providing a file I found somewhere on the web which I did not believe to be on this community website. Despite the rather unkind approach of those below, they are right in principle. I am making this effort as a peace offering and because I do not wish to compromise the credit of anyone's original work. However, I stand beside my statements that I did not know who to credit originally and NEVER attempted to take credit for the creation of the map. My original intend was simply to put on this community website a map that I found helpful.

    ~By the way, if any moderator reads this feel free to delete the thread all together.

    ~AND, to those above. Thanks for pointing out my fault. Now let me point out yours. You do not need to jump to conclusions and accuse me brazenly of digital theft. Next time point out your concern and allow me to make an adjustment.
  2. Linkman3211

    Linkman3211 Green Slime

    I'm one of those people trying to get that last melee items.
  3. Jobuscus

    Jobuscus Cave Bat

  4. Raganzei

    Raganzei Demon Eye

    Didn't say it was mine and actually that was how i downloaded it. The map wasn't on this website when I uploaded it and thought others may benefit for it. Nice attempt at being a whistleblower or whatever it was you were trying to accomplish.
  5. Jobuscus

    Jobuscus Cave Bat

    You didn't give credit to the creator, which is just as bad as claiming ownership (It's also against the forum rules) . Also, the forum post I linked was on the website a full day before your post, so why take away from someone giving the proper credits. Lastly, you said that you downloaded it from that post, then you immediately say that is wasn't on this website, which is a blatant lie.

    If you're going to act like you aren't doing something wrong, at least make it sound believable.
  6. Raganzei

    Raganzei Demon Eye

    I didn't realize that that post was already on the website. I downloaded it off another website. I clearly did not try to take credit for making the map. You have no idea where I downloaded it from. I simply thought it would be beneficial for others, was not trying to take credit for somebody else's work. I did not know who to credit, but posted the map. Secondly I did not know that other post was already up. Simple mistake, but I did not lie. Don't throw around accusations like you think you are the end all, be all of human knowledge.
  7. MLP

    MLP Corruptor

    Reporting thread. Please credit owner.
  8. Raganzei

    Raganzei Demon Eye

    If you re-read my first post, I edited it to give credit to the original maker. There's no need start a witch hunt over a simple map.
  9. Jecoconono

    Jecoconono Mouse

    Sir, remove this thread. You do realize that there is a updated version posted by me? Well delete this thread cause its classed at stealing.
  10. Blu

    Blu Moderator Staff Member

    Guy deleted his link, ya'll can chill out now.
    Thread locked.
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