Official 1.2 Conversion Status Update

Discussion in 'Console' started by MrRudi, Jan 9, 2014.

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  1. Renyoudie

    Renyoudie Giant Worm

    Oh God no... please just... no...
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  2. monkburns

    monkburns Mouse

    Arch wyvern resprite is sick! Maybe an arch wyvern pet can be added at some point.;)
  3. Jetstream

    Jetstream Wraith

    That would be incredible
  4. Crownregent

    Crownregent Angel Statue

    Lobotomy would be much more pleasant than this wait... And best of all.. after the procedure I wouldn't feel shit about anything anymore. Nor care if it took a decade+ for a update (think Dukenukem :p )
  5. Godoft42

    Godoft42 Giant Worm

    Hey Rudi have you considered adding ad-hoc to the vita version because that would be swagastic!!!!!!!
  6. yrakcaz

    yrakcaz Zombie

    That is so awesome! Made me smile, "tree game" indeed! thanks for sharing!
  7. chaotictony

    chaotictony Angel Statue

    Any word if they are going to keep up with pc updates, or are we console gamers going to have to wait 6 months for a huge update again?
  8. Hundjager18

    Hundjager18 Blazing Wheel

    They'll tell us after the 1.2 update..

    SOME MUSTARD Slimed Zombie

    Yeah, i know. i dont think itll fail, but that still leaves us with a while to wait. im assuming since rudi said they were bug fixing last week that it should hit cert by this saturday. if it gets to cert by saturday then we can expect to see it as early as march 20th and as late as March 25th. But thats only assuming that it gets into cert by the 9th.
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    i make a lot of assumptions, but i would assume that after 1.2 the updates would be a lot smaller and more frequent. maybe every 3-4 months. but thats just a guess and thats only if they keep updating.
  10. Renyoudie

    Renyoudie Giant Worm

    Okay... I've decided to calm down and I have just realized that patience IS existent...
  11. stevensonS89

    stevensonS89 Snatcher

    You know man you really can't just assume you'll know when theyre finished bug testing. I mean they couldve been bug testing for days prior to saying theyre working on debugging. They didnt say "oh hey, were beginning the debugging today". they couldve been debugging for at least a week now, guess we wont know unless Rudi tells us when they started. he seemed pretty busy during the week last week, he dropped by the forum every now and then but he didnt really say much until Thursday, so. He couldve been doing the debugging then.
  12. Jetstream

    Jetstream Wraith

    Hopefully :)
  13. stevensonS89

    stevensonS89 Snatcher

    Dangit i accidentally said "i mean" three times in that post. Then you quoted me and now everyone can see it even after i edited it all out. Damn you, jetstream!

    SOME MUSTARD Slimed Zombie

    It doesnt really matter. the bug testing is trivial. the important factor is WHEN the update is DONE being bug tested and sent in for cert testing. once cert testing is announced we can make solid gueses at a 3-5 day window of when itll be out(assuming it doesnt fail)
  15. stevensonS89

    stevensonS89 Snatcher

    I know man im just saying, the bug testing is the second to last step, seems more problematic than the certification stuff. Hopefully theres not a ton of bugs.

    SOME MUSTARD Slimed Zombie

    True true. ive been on the forums waiting for every minecraft update for console, hence my extensive knowledge on the cert testing process, and they never fail a cert test. The thing we have to worry about is the fact that the terraria update is HUGE in comparison. theres a lot more that can go wrong. im just sitting here with fingers crossed...
  17. FiReStOrM^

    FiReStOrM^ Angel Statue

    Stuff Microsoft.

    PLEASE At least add Trophies to PS3/Vita.
  18. Zwift

    Zwift Cave Bat

    This taking.....too....long. Must mind off of it.
  19. stevensonS89

    stevensonS89 Snatcher

    Youre dreaming if you think they'll do that for just ps3. I know a lot of people on this forum play on ps3's, not me, Im a 360 player. Honestly not only i but a lot of other people would be pissed if that happened.
  20. FiReStOrM^

    FiReStOrM^ Angel Statue

    You'd be pissed if they added Trophies to PS3/Vita ?

    Yeah well blame Microsoft it's their fault that Achievements CAN'T be added. So go ahead, be pissed at M$.

    EDIT: BTW I am also a 360 player with over 100K Gamerscore. while not OMGWTFBBQ style gamescore but enough to show I am a pretty active xbox user.
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