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Discussion in 'PC' started by MahBucket, Oct 1, 2013.

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  1. SkyPaladin

    SkyPaladin Green Slime

    Not sure if it's been mentioned before but i found ice skates, they don't seem to be worth taking up an extra slot though sadly.
  2. Voldemort_5

    Voldemort_5 Cave Bat

    You should research as well. In the exact same page as his semi-insult, he states he was sorry for being rude and that he tried to fix it but it was buggy.
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  3. The Warlocke

    The Warlocke Yellow Slime

    Last night I found another Extractinator in the jungle, and it was in an area absolutely lousy with silt, so I dumped a little over 1k into it and got the Amber Mosquito. It was the third or fourth time I'd done that, and it's a 1 in 5000 chance to get one, so I think I did pretty well.

    I just had a goblin invasion, solar eclipse, and meteorite landing happen on the same night. The invasion and eclipse messages actually came up simultaneously.

    And, all I got was a Broken Bat Wing and my Nth harpoon.

    Wiring teleporters is a massive pain. The vertical stretches are easy, because you can just keep jumping up and floating down as you lay the wire, or you can run a rope down and use it as you wire. However, the horizontal stretches, as with mining, are more tedious. If you're stretching that wire across your world, you're either digging through obstacles to run the wire, or you're running it through the sky, which presents its own issues.

    FYI: Using the Ice Rod to 'lay wire, ice block, hop, lay wire, ice block, hop' is probably not the best way to go...

    That 2k limit for wiring is bigger than most people's limit for patience, so my guess is it won't come up as often as you'd think. :p

    They're useful if the ice biome is the first thing your character explores, so you have no accessories yet. Mine was right next to my player spawn, so the skates were the first thing I found.

    Maybe they'd seem more valuable if they could be combined with the other boots...
  4. bkteer

    bkteer Squirrel

    Damn my bad. When i went back to check, both my knives and scourge were only at godly modifiers. In the end it was my terra blade and paladin's hammer that were at legendary mods. Got mixed up with the money i spent of reforging.
  5. TeshloGaming

    TeshloGaming The Groom

    how do i get to 500 hp i don'k know what item to use
  6. Nahtanbecker

    Nahtanbecker Mouse

    Life Fruit. found randomly around the jungle after entering hardmode.
  7. TeshloGaming

    TeshloGaming The Groom

  8. BlueDragoon212

    BlueDragoon212 Squirrel

    Definitely screenshot it that's the case. It wouldn't make any sense for vamp knives to get legendary. A size% increase on something you throw? Should mean light disc, chakrams, and boomerangs can get Legendary as well then.
  9. The Warlocke

    The Warlocke Yellow Slime

    I've posted pics of what to look for here, if you need them.

    MFW the Painter says there are tons of different shades of gray, but you can't craft deep gray paint. :confused:
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  10. 5hadow

    5hadow Undead Viking

    But does it has 50 Shades of Gray
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  11. Strifefire

    Strifefire Dark Caster

    I discovered how disappointed I was after realizing that the Moon Stone and Sun Stone cannot be combined to make something not useless.
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  12. Voldemort_5

    Voldemort_5 Cave Bat

    So does anybody know how to get the "antidotes" faster? That is, trifold map, armor polish, vitamins, that kind of stuff.

    In fact, those specific 3 are bugging me. I've killed ~100 corruptors, both underground and above, and not a single one has dropped vitamins, not to mention at least 300 blue armor knights with no polish.

    Also, though I'm pretty sure it's been mentioned before since it's so useful, you can combine a Neptune's Shell and a Moon Charm to get a Moon Shell, which unsuprisingly has the effects of both of the ingredients - mermaid/merman powers in water, and werewolf powers at night.
  13. SpiralGaming

    SpiralGaming Squirrel

    Keep going. They do drop. I must have over 5 of those Armour polish when I don't need them lol.

    **Random Talk**
    I must say I'm surprised RED didn't allow the combining of the Sun and Moon stone.
  14. Strifefire

    Strifefire Dark Caster

    Has anyone discovered an upgrade to the Flamethrower? Like a Curseflamethrower ... that'd be neat. I love the weapon, but it's no longer usable if I feel like fighting anything from the update ... and it wasn't even that great on the old enemies.

    I've got an extra Trifold and Armor Polish.

    I'm still looking for Blindfold, Megaphone, and Adhesive Bandage :(
  15. bkteer

    bkteer Squirrel

    yeah posted above that it was my imagination. Got confused with the prefixes while i was reforging the vampire knives, the scourge, paladin's hammer and terra blade.
    Vampire knives, scourge and paladin's hammer are all at godly.
    Terra blade though is at legendary.

    For that matter, can paladin's hammer actually get the legendary prefix?
  16. bkteer

    bkteer Squirrel

  17. Mythril Guy

    Mythril Guy Bone Serpent

    He just wanted no ruckess over a simple thing. That's all. He probably wasn't sorry, it's just he knew he was wrong and thought why cause a fight over something simple? I wouldn't want to start a fight either.

    And no need to interject yourself into something you didn't get invited to. Even though it's open for anyone to reply, it doesn't mean you have to post your opinions on something of your feelings. Just leave it alone instead of causing commotion.

    Besides, does anyone think the Vampire Knife or thingy is overpowered even though you have to grind for the key? In my opinion it is as it is overpowered by the looks as you can kill the Dungeon Guardian in about 10 seconds or less.

    Me too, as they are both completely the same in a way they should b combined.
  18. X-Treme

    X-Treme Doctor Bones

    The ice mimics are fucking awesome.
  19. Voldemort_5

    Voldemort_5 Cave Bat

    I've actually got a spare of those exact three items, funnily enough. If we could find a server or something, I wouldn't mind trading.
    I think there's a substitute, albeit fairly expensive. The Destroyer Emblem, crafted with an eye of golem (12.5% drop from golem) and an Avenger Emblem (Ranger, Warrior, Mage Emblem combined).
    Of course, this is purely based on what the wiki says, so it might not be quite the same.
  20. Dolgaris

    Dolgaris Green Slime

    Hrm.. didn't know that ancient cobalt armor drops in pre-hardmode. Probably gonna farm a ton in the Jungle to get the full set.
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