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Do you want the haloween update to be ported to the console version?

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  1. ChaosSlayer

    ChaosSlayer Snatcher

    This thread will just be me posting news about the 1.2 update for Terraria on PS3, Vita , and Xbox 360. my first start is to inform you that the update for console will be free so there's no need for everyone to beg and rage about it. terraria.jpg

    terraria news.jpg

    terraria news 2.jpg

    news 3.jpg




    Here is a picture of part of 1.2 update on Ps-Vita. News 7.jpg

    lol i know this is not new but EVERYONE if you cant download the ps3 and xbox versions of terraria its at retail stores for $39.99 and even $29.00. It costs more because it has cool items inside like

    --------------------------------Both PS3 and XBOX 360
    *Terraria pick axe usb
    *exclusive new items poster
    *3 velum character stickers
    **The ps3 retail one has a digital download card possibly because of blu-ray im guessing
    ------------------------------------------------Xbox 360
    --------------------------------------------UNBOXING.. sorry for advertisement:rolleyes:

    For those of you wondering if all of pc content will go to the console version i asked if 505 games and engine software will compensate for items they cant add heres what they said :);):cool:
    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Terraria News update.jpg
  2. Tw2Brick

    Tw2Brick Mouse

    Thanks for keeping us up to date. I plan to get the CE if I ever get the extra funds, but being retired and on a fixed income, I am looking at Christmas on that. I do already have the Console and PC versions so I am enjoying those.
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  3. Cyrman

    Cyrman Piranha

    Yes! My VITA will soon be par with my PC :)
  4. ChaosSlayer

    ChaosSlayer Snatcher

    yep terraria will be released with part of 1.2 update for vita.

    Unfortunately their was no news today:(
  5. Chaos_Lord

    Chaos_Lord Giant Worm

    Will the Console version of the update have console exclusive enemies? Like maybe multiple variants of the Wandering Eye enemy? It's the only Demon Eye NPC so far that doesn't have any variants right now and it's supposed to be the Hardmode version of the Demon Eye.
  6. ChaosSlayer

    ChaosSlayer Snatcher

    Engine software stated that their has been no content that wasnt able to be ported so far but if their was some content not able to make its way 505 and engine are considering making their own content for 1.2 this is unconfirmed but its a possibility;)
  7. Chaos_Lord

    Chaos_Lord Giant Worm

    It's good to know that 1.2 is being ported to consoles. I bought the Xbox Live Arcade port of Terraria and got all 30 achievements. I was hoping the update would be as DLC for extra achievements to obtain like maybe one of them being for getting all the boss trophies. ;) But now I am just glad that we're getting it.
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  8. Viyl

    Viyl Cursed Man

    Has there been a release date for this update yet or no? Sorry if I've misread something or haven't even found it. :\
  9. ChaosSlayer

    ChaosSlayer Snatcher

    Cool I got the psn version only because I had minecraft for 360 but its cool you got all the trophies im close. Also dont worry about the trophies their probably going to add trophies ill ask if not your right its not the end of the world.

    No there has not been an official release date but dont worry their will be one soon.;)
  10. Viyl

    Viyl Cursed Man

    Ok thanks! :D
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  11. Chaos_Lord

    Chaos_Lord Giant Worm

    I'm glad that we're finally getting more dyes than just the Purple and Black ones, I can finally make a Luigi's version of the Plumber's Clothes, and Wario and Waluigi versions too. The Plumber's Clothes still reference Mario even though the colors are swapped. It references one of Mario's alternate costumes in the Super Smash Bros. series.
  12. Chaos_Lord

    Chaos_Lord Giant Worm

    Heh, excellent. Once the update comes, I'll be moving my castle to a new world again so that I can make some changes to the castle like a bridge that takes you directly to the above ground Mushroom biome as the castle will have a room for the Truffle NPC there.
  13. Dutchman141

    Dutchman141 Slimed Zombie

    505 is talking about a first wave of content, wouldn't it be better to port everything and then release it ?
    I mean wouldn't it be a bit odd that when you play a game with just a portion of the new content and then you'll have to do things over again to find or make the later added content from the next wave ? Btw how many waves will there be ?

    This is no critisism I realy appreciate it that 505 brings 1.2 to console and I'm looking forward to it, just asking that's all :)
  14. ChaosSlayer

    ChaosSlayer Snatcher

    I agree with you fully but SO many people are pressuring them to release it, and from the sound of it this seems like it will take a LONG time. They may not straight up say it but engines always mentions how much content their is. I was joking when I said it would be near november because that is my birthday :) but I think 505 should post videos and pictures of their progress so that the ones pressuring them are more relieved, and that way they can focus on porting ALL the content........and I dont know how many waves they have to go through, but i do know they will probably give out an update soon. It really doesnt matter to me as long as everything is ported;)
  15. Dutchman141

    Dutchman141 Slimed Zombie

    I think it's very generous to answer to those pressuring to release 1.2 content for the console.
    However personaly I think I'll wait starting a new game untill all content has been added, if I can hold up that long I mean :)
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  16. ChaosSlayer

    ChaosSlayer Snatcher

    Same i got all items a cool tree house and to much money. Im focusing on the trophies and building a booby trapped castle:cool:
  17. Dutchman141

    Dutchman141 Slimed Zombie

    My son and I made a huge underground house with traps on the surface. We've got no money problems either :D
  18. Buddha

    Buddha Undead Viking

    I hope the price for the PS Vita stays below 10€.
    But they lost me already while keeping up that long.
    PS Vita version was announced before iOS and Android. And where are we? PS Vita is still not released, nor has an estimated release date.
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  19. Blu

    Blu Moderator Staff Member

    CS- In the future please just edit your initial post instead of continuously commenting every few minutes to a few hours later with "new news". I just merged ten posts together that were all from the same day and there's no reason I can think of that you couldn't have just gathered them into a single post.

    Please review our forum rules when you get the chance, thank you.
  20. ChaosSlayer

    ChaosSlayer Snatcher

    Oh ok those were just old news I posted didnt know posting stuff idiv idually bothered people:rolleyes:
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