Official 1.2 Update Issues on Console: Patch Update Thread #2

Discussion in 'Console' started by 505Games, May 2, 2014.

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  1. 505Games

    505Games 505Games

    Hi Terrarians,

    Heading into the weekend, we want to give you all another quick update on the status of the 1.2 patch for consoles.

    We are nearing completion of our internal testing this weekend and plan to have a solid submission (aka "certification") ready patch to send over to Microsoft and Sony in the first half of next week. :D

    Please keep in mind that we do not control the release date and must wait for approval from Microsoft and Sony after they complete their process before we are able to give one.

    So, at this point we cannot give you a release date and ask that you do not speculate on your own. Speculation and guesswork tends to cause a lot of drama here in the forums and we want to keep the conversation on track. However, at this point we do not expect any significant delays and hope to announce certification very soon.

    Thanks for being patient and please continue to report any issues you have to us via:
  2. The 978

    The 978 Yellow Slime

  3. Beetey

    Beetey Clinger

    Thanks for the update! Sounds like everything must be going well with it. :D
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  4. tec_rawr

    tec_rawr Demon Eye

    Thanks for the update 505!

    EDIT: I feel like post ninja.
  5. The 978

    The 978 Yellow Slime

    Read all post and learned that is next week's half :(
  6. Whatofit PS3

    Whatofit PS3 Corruptor

    So what is going to be fixed with this patch 505 ?
  7. UnLeAsH Torture

    UnLeAsH Torture Green Slime

    Good to hear some news on this. Been waiting for some good news on this subject since the post last Friday.

    [Off Topic]:I already reported this, but did anyone notice that the pharaoh robes have no run animation when you're holding a torch?
  8. Chaos_Lord

    Chaos_Lord Giant Worm

    Seems like we'll finally be able to enjoy the actual 1.2 update with less bugs to worry about soon. But has anyone confirmed that Ocram never shows up even though you used his summoning item? I don't have the Suspicious Looking Skull so I can't confirm that myself yet.
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  9. Loki ISP

    Loki ISP Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks 505 - appreciate the regular cadence of updates.

    Pushing this to the front page
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  10. Doylee

    Doylee Slimed Zombie

    Nice job 505 and Engine, we appreciate all the hard work you guys are putting in now and for future of Console Terraria.
  11. tec_rawr

    tec_rawr Demon Eye

    There's a link to a bug list on the previous 505 post. It shows what's been fixed and what hasn't.
  12. ppowersteef

    ppowersteef Illuminant Slime

    this weekend: massive terraria update
    a huge console bug fix and (probably) 1.2.4 for PC, man, i can't wait anymore :D
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  13. Beetey

    Beetey Clinger

    The one on Engine's website? It needs to be taken with a grain of salt.
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  14. tec_rawr

    tec_rawr Demon Eye

    I had no trouble summoning ocram. However I've only done it twice since the update.
  15. lesnor

    lesnor Demon Eye

    Hi are we going to get any complimentry gift for all our lost hours and hard work we put into this game that is now down the drain
  16. Chaos_Lord

    Chaos_Lord Giant Worm

    Well, one of us posted about a bug where he never showed up even though you used the skull and the message "Ocram has Awoken" appeared. It was on the first patch update thread so that's why I wondered if it has been confirmed as a possible bug or not.
  17. tec_rawr

    tec_rawr Demon Eye

    True, but something is better than nothing. Nothing = wild speculation :p
  18. Sssjim7

    Sssjim7 Mouse

    Ocram always shows up for me when I summon him... and he dies really fast, too... :)
  19. tec_rawr

    tec_rawr Demon Eye

    Honestly, this update feels like a gift. They could have easily branded it dlc and charged money.
    I do understand your feels though, lost my super cool characters.
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  20. Jetstream

    Jetstream Wraith

    The broken hearts of players.

    Actually, the demon hearts were bugged xD
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